10 Amazing Facts about the Planet Neptune

If you’re a science geek or space lover, then these facts about Neptune will definitely fascinate you, so check this out!

1. The solar system’s most distant planet is Neptune.

The solar systems most distant planet is Neptune

You might be frowning after reading this because you suddenly think of, Pluto, the dwarf one, but we’re not mistaken that Neptune is the most distant planet. In the year 1846, Neptune was discovered, thus being recognized as the most distant. However, upon the discovery of Pluto after 84 years, the title of being the most distant was stolen. Unfortunately, after the requirements to qualify as a real planet were established, Pluto wasn’t recognized as the most distant one nor a real planet anymore. Due to its ecliptic orbit, which is way different from the orbits of its neighboring planets, its distance from the sun is inconsistent. In 2006, Pluto’s derecognition as the farthest planet from the sun happened; thus, the title was given back to Neptune as the most distant one.

2. Neptune has 14 moons.

Neptune has 14 moons

One of the most freezing cold places ever discovered in the solar system is the largest moon of the planet Neptune named Triton. It is so fascinating how the moon’s temperature can drop to -391F (-235C)!

During the Voyager 2 of NASA passed the moon Triton, they have noticed liquid nitrogen erupting from its volcanoes! Furthermore, Voyager 2 detected another six moons that are not evident or visible here on Earth. In 2002, another three moons of Neptune were discovered using a telescope (ground-based).

3. Neptune was initially called “Le Verrier’s Planet”.

Neptune was initially called Le Verriers Planet

After its discovery, Neptune didn’t really have its own unique name immediately, which made people just call it ”the planet exterior to Uranus”. It was also once named ”La Verrier’s planet” after Urbain Le Verrier, its discoverer. There were numerous suggested names for the planet, but La Verrier ended the issue after naming it, Neptune.

4. Triton is Neptune’s largest moon.

Triton is Neptunes largest moon

Ever wondered if there is a moon that orbits on the planet in a backward motion? In 1846, a British astronomer named William Lassell discovered Triton, the only huge moon that can do it.

5. Neptune is bigger than the Earth – 58 times more.

Neptune is bigger than the Earth

Neptune’s lower density, which is 1.6 g/cm3 causes it to be heavier 17 times than the planet Earth, which has a density of 5.5 g/cm3. However, the distant planet remains to be 58 times greater than Earth in terms of volume.e

6. Neptune has three rings orbiting the planet like Saturn.

Neptune has three rings orbiting the planet like Saturn

Neptune has three rings that are made of dust. Two are thick, while the remaining one is a faint ring.

7. A Neptunian year that lasts for 165 earth years!

Neptune is bigger than the Earth

Since the year of Neptune’s discovery which is in 1846, it had completed just one Neptunian year! This is due to Neptune’s distance from the sun and its orbit’s size, which makes its one-year equivalent to 165 years here on Earth. Since Neptune has the same tilt as our planet, it also experiences the same seasons with a twist. Neptune experiences it longer.

8. In the solar system, Neptune has the strongest winds.

Neptune is bigger than the Earth

With a speed of 2000 kilometers per hour, the wind in the planet Neptune is considered to be the strongest one ever recorded in our Solar System.

9. Others believe that Pluto was once Neptune’s moon.

Neptune is bigger than the Earth

Although there isn’t enough evidence to prove this theory, some people believe that Pluto was once a Neptune’s moon, that broke away from gravitational pull.

10. Neptune’s mass is 17 times greater than Earth.

Neptune is bigger than the Earth

Despite being smaller in diameter when compared to Uranus, Neptune is still greater in terms of mass. Uranus is just 14.5 bigger than the Earth while Neptune is 17 times greater than the living planet.

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