10 Bad Hindu Rituals that must be Abolished

Hinduism is a religion of nearly 900 million people. It is one of the oldest religions in the history, dating back to 1400 BC. Hinduism is effectively diversified culturally and religiously. Hinduism recognizes nearly 330 million gods where Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva are majorly celebrated deities. It is considered to follow the eternal duties also known as Sanatana Dharma which is also an eternal Law. Mythological writings are wholeheartedly followed by Hindus; such as Vedas, Upanishads, Bhagwat Geeta, Mahabharata and Ramayana. Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksa are considered to be Hindu beliefs and objectives of human life. Hinduism is divided in numerous sects with differentiated religious traditions and rituals. Rituals are major part of any Hindu devotee. Rituals are performed with great faith. Pujas, festivals, sacred ceremonies, prayers, namaste are common rituals which can be observed in Hindu society. Some of these rituals are so offbeat that they need to be stopped for the sake of humanity. Here is a list of 10 bad Hindu Rituals that must be abolished.


  1. Bull Taming and Fighting in Tamil Nadu:

Bad Hindu Rituals

Jallikattu is a sport played in Tamil Nadu during harvest thanksgiving festival of Pongal. In this ritual Bull is released in an open ground so that players, young adults, try to tame them or hold them to get reward. Nutritious food and proper training is given to Bulls so that they remain healthy and strong. Bulls are outraged by sprinkling chili power in their eyes, they are fed with alcohol and their testicles are pinched before the fight. Bull fighting is believed to be existed 2000 years in Tamil Culture.

  1. Baby dropping Ritual:

Bad Hindu Rituals

Babies are thrown from the height of 30 ft from the ground in a ceremony. Married couples who wish to gain some good luck take part in this ceremony. Villagers assemble in Sri Santeshwar temple (Indi in Karnataka) to perform this ritual in the month of December. More than hundred babies are thrown from temple roof and are caught in a sheet held by people. This ritual is claimed to have existed over seven centuries. Few villages in Maharashtra also practice this ritual.

  1. Fire Walking ceremony of Thimithi:

Bad Hindu Rituals

Thimithi is celebrated, in months of October-November, in Tamil Nadu. In this ritual several scenes of Mahabharata are re-enacted in honor of Draupadi. Devotees walk though bed of fire in order to gain blessings by the goddess. It is performed for good harvest, purity from heinous crimes and to prove innocence. Devotees believe that only faithful will be speared from the ordeal.

  1. Tongue piercing ritual of East India:

Bad Hindu Rituals

Beinon village of West Bengal observes an ancient practice of Tongue piercing. Long and sharp metal rods are pierced in tongues of young boys in order to cleanse their souls. After piercing these individuals have to collect alms and wear garland around their necks. The iron rod is removed once they have walked around village. This ritual is basically performed by low caste Hindus. Iron hooks are also inserted into skins and placed free falling from high platforms.

  1. Rolling over Brahman’s Leftover food:

Madey Snana’ ritual is performed in Kukke Subrahmanya temple of Karnataka. In this ritual lower caste people roll on the floor over leftover food by Brahmin’s on banana leaves so that they can get rid of various sickness. It is also believed that performing such ritual would bring good luck, cure them from diseases and lift family curse. People blindly follow this ritual which portrays caste-based inequality. It is against human dignity and hygiene.

  1. Cow trampling ritual:

Bad Hindu Rituals

Govardhan festival is observed on Ekadashi, a day after Diwali festival. This festival has a ritual of men laying on ground so that their cattle can trample over them. Ujjain region of Madhya Pradesh and Bhidawad village of Maharashtra are some of the places where this ritual is performed. Cows are decorated with colors, henna and flowers. The whole village gather to witness the ritual. It is believed that all prayers are answered by Lord Pashupatinath during this ritual. Cows are worshipped and are considered sacred in Hindu religion.

  1. Thaipoosam: Hooking flesh and body piercing:

Bad Hindu Rituals

Thaipoosam is a festival that honors Lord Kartikeya, son of Shiva and Parvati. In this festival , evotees pierce their bodies with skewers, lances (Vel) and hooks with heavy objects. Tongues and cheeks are also pierced in order to gain full concentration. They are known as ‘Kavadi-bearers’. Devotees also shave their heads and undertake pilgrimage in their acts of Devotion. It is celebrated in Tamil Nadu in month of Thai. Regular drumming and chanting make the devotees to enter in state of trance.

  1. Exorcise Ghost by Human-Animal Marriage:

Bad Hindu Rituals

Women with ‘Mangal Dosh’, natural deformity, cleft tooth are considered to be possessed by spirits. To get rid of such spirits many superstitious believers perform ritual of Human-Animal Marriage. To exorcise the ghost the possessed girl is forced to marry an animal such as a dog or a goat. This marriage is lavishly celebrated. Santhal tribe of Bihar, Odisha, West Bengal and Jharkhand perform this ritual to ward off evil spirits. After the ritual the girl is considered to be pure and eligible to marry some real boy.

  1. Hook Swinging ritual of South India:

Bad Hindu Rituals

Hook Swinging is also known as ‘Charak puja’ is a ceremony to appease Goddess of evil destinies. In this Ceremony men are swinging aloft by means of Iron hooks on the back with no other support. The chosen men are hooked and these hooks are tied at end of a pole which is then raised to about 40 feet from ground. A large gathering of devotees then observe these men carried out in a car through streets. This ritual is performed in Kali Temple by dancers dressed as Garuda (eagle) in some parts of Kerala. Festivals such as Makara Bharani Day, Kumbha Bharani Day and the Thookam festival observe Hooking ritual.

  1. Rituals of Aghori Tribe in North India:

Bad Hindu Rituals

Aghori monks are devotees of Lord Shiva. They are highly feared and respected Sadhus and believed to have precognition. This notorious tribe is well known for their bizarre rituals of using human skulls or ‘Kapal’, cannibalism and making love to corpses. They reside near cremation sites of Varanasi, cold caves of Himalayas, jungles of Bengal, deserts of Gujarat. They believe that Goddess Kali demands satisfaction through meat, alcohol and sex. They try to eliminate discrimination through their acts of eating feces, human flesh and fluids. Aghories have specific ritual of intercourse with an appropriate corpse which is believed to give them supernatural powers. They smoke Marijuana which helps them mediate and concentrate on Mantras.

Lastly, rituals are part of long-lasting Hindu traditions. Devotees are performing such unusual rituals in name of God from times immemorial.

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  • LOL how are these related to Hinduism? All you mentioned are small tribal rituals which has no roots to hinduism. It’s not that easy to find evil in Hinduism.

    • Yes,not a single thing you listed is related to Hinduism.So,you people must stop writing anything nonsense about Hinduism.And if you want to write then write something about Islam ..Then see what happens!!

      • In this natural universe, floating perhaps in a multitude of universes, a multiverse, you people have no work but to defend myths and inexistent beings. How better the world would have been without these divisions. How good it would have been if terror wasn’t countered by terror, atrocity not by atrocity, fear not by fear, and extremism not by extremism. Something only possible once we take up secular beliefs, and leave behind years old bigotry.

  • These practices are related to Hinduism but not the Sanatana Dharma. But untouchability is still practice based on Vedas and they innovate new things as they go on like sacredness of cows and worshiping idols.

  • These are some old tribal practices.We,modern hindus dont even know about all these!!!.These are not practiced nowadays. Even if done , only some ignorant and foolish people are involved in them. .Hinduism is full of great teachings. Anyone who reads Bhagvat geeta or the Devi Mahatmya with complete devotion gets MOKSH.
    Instead of wasting your time in searching foolish ,and wrong things in religions other than yours, you better keep quite and focus in your own religion.
    Better go and read bhagvat geeta and learn how to be devoted to God.
    Hinduism is not connected to such tribal practices. They are not approved by modern hindus.
    Sanatan Dharm ki Jay

  • They are not Hindu rituals they are tribal rituals please read Vedas and Upanishads the authorized books of Hinduism there is not even a single mention of these rituals. Also, you mentioned aghoris they are cannibal survive on corpses cannibals are present in every part of the world it’s a mental condition why are you associating them with Hinduism. Please note a normal average Hindu is also ignorant about Hinduism in general because the Indian government bans the education of Hinduism especially Vedas.

  • All the fool Hindus asking to write about Islam are so scared by Islam that even when a very short description of Hinduism is exposed they start pelting stones on Islam.
    I would like to draw the attention of the author to investigate and expose the facts of Hinduism like Kamakhya temple, where the devotees perform puja of kamakhya devi with her vagina evident right underneath her, which is called garbhagriha. The vagina of kamakhya is worshipped in this temple. Ironically, she menstruates each month.
    I would like to ask some questions about Hinduism and which have nothing to do with tribal traditions. These questions are related to the Hindu mythology according to their belief and no Hindu can deny these questions.
    1- Why the penis and vaginas of devi and devta worshipped in Hinduism?
    2- According to Hindu belief Bhagwan Krishna had 16000 girl friends and not a single girl (called gopis) spared by Lord Krishna who was not screwed by him.
    Why do you call him bhagwan when he was a rapist?
    3- Why was Dropadi raped by other four brothers of Arjun when Arjun won Dropadi in a competition of archery?
    4- Why Hindus drink cow’s urine?
    5- Why Hindus use Gonyl which is made from cow’s urine to cleanse the house?
    6- Is Shiv Lingum in fact Shiva’s penis?
    7-Why Shiva had to put the head of an elephant when could put the head of Ganpati on his beheaded shoulder?
    Why Hinduism is known to have introduced pornography in the form of khajuraho temples (these temples were built by Hindu kings Yashovarman and Dhanga depicting enormous ways of making sex with lesbianism and gay sex included)?
    I have many more questions to raise here

    • Learn to concentrate on your own religion and the defects in it. And put your house in order. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. And learn that Life means an understanding in the universal brotherhood of Man, and not a secluded brotherhood of Muslims. And give equal rights, status to women and do not treat them as chattels. There are many things we can also say, but we do not interfere in other religions. Introspect and clean your own environment.

      • Hahahahahah all hindues upset over the truth coming out lol 😂 there are million more dirty rituals of yours
        I sometimes feel Hindues should b banned in their own country to keep all the dirt filth pollution from Ll the fire (puja) all the time and those dirty way of life inside india

        Poor Muslims who didn’t move from the apparently dirt bhumi 😂😂

      • GOOD that you wrote this “concentrate on your own religion and the defects in it”.

        Yes, heed to your own advice and stop dragging some other religion in the middle to feel good about yourself. This is whataboutery!

    • Abbe REGISTAANI KEEDE , Hindus worship UNION of MATTER and ENERGY , No part of HUMAN BODY is IMPURE , Tu kya PEECHWADE se Paida hua tha and Those GOPIS are not GIRLFRIENDS but BHAKTS , they were KIDNAPPED by NARAK ASUR ,, Just like ur TALIBANI MO ASURS , he Rescued Them and PROTECTED them , and SEX is NOT HARAM, Khajurao Mentions Different Practices followed but DOES NOT ENDORSE all , SOUL has NO GENDER , LGBT is NOT SIN, Abbe HOW DARE U ABUSE KRISHNA , tu tere REGISTANI MESSIAH ke BAARE me PADD , Tumhara toh KAUM hi TERRORIST /RAPIST hai

    • Stop finding foults in religion . All religions are pure if impurities are exist then it is in human not in religion if you study all religion (hindu and muslim) then you know that these both are interconnected exept some differences and you know the purity of these religion.

  • It is a backward relegion that has no place in the modern world . Judaism , christianity and islam are the same and they have true meanings. Islam and christianity are in every part of the world. Hindus are terrified of their own beliefs. Its all coming out to the western world now . 3000bc relegion has no place on earth .

  • how about giving us a LIST of 10 COMMUNIST /ISLAMIC /CHRISTIAN rituals , As for those Mentioned , Most are ABOLISHED and OTHERS do hv MEANING , Try ur BEST , u CANT DISMANTLE HINDUTVA

  • This article is full of lies and has nothing to do with hindu as a religion. what they have mentioned are optional local practices, not religious mandates. I request to take this article down. It’s misrepresents me as apracticing hindu.

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