10 Benefits and Uses of Lemon in Daily Lives

Lemon i.e. Citrus Limon is a yellow oval-shaped fruit with high juicy acidic content in it. It has wide use in the culinary and non-culinary affairs of the world. The acidic juice of this fruit is made of 6% citric acid and is sour to taste. Lemon is divided into three parts- juice which is contained in the inner body, rind, and zest.


Lemon has strengthened its roots since centuries because of its useful properties in food, baking, skin cleaning, age neutralizing, drinks like lemonades and soft drinks and much more. Besides this, lemon is also used for an industrial purpose in the development of fermentation process, in medicine it is used in aromatherapy and making of essential oils. Lemon contains high potassium, calcium, and iron, rich in Vitamin C, low in pH content and good antioxidant. 100g of Lemon gives 121 kJ of energy.

China is the largest producer of Lemon in the world with 15.21% share of total. While India stands on second place in Lemon production with 2,200,000 tonnes of the lemon production.

There are many uses and benefits of Lemon in our daily lives.



Lemon water has various uses in our daily lives. It is been popular in throat infections due to its antibacterial property. Add lukewarm water, squeeze ½ of lemon and pinch of salt and do gargling. It is amazing and simply treats the throat infection. The lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water and pinch of salt used as ORS. This solution is effective in avoiding dizziness and dehydration. Drinking the lemon, warm water and 1 tbsp honey mixture early in the morning helps to shed off your weight in just one month. Its results are proven with many people drinking it have helped them to reduce their weight. As lemon is rich in Pectin fiber so keeps you hunger-free and doesn’t let you starve for a longer time, thus reducing weight. Its daily usage purifies the blood and gives rise to new red blood cells.



Lemon is a richer source of vitamin C and antioxidants, which are essential elements in fighting skin problems and cure to them. Lemon can be directly applied to the skin to reduce pimples and acnes. Its juice is so acidic that easily kills a pimple causing germs without effective the facial skin. It can be used for a fairness purpose. Mix the ½ tbsp of lemon juice with ½ tbsp of honey and massage the mixture gently on your face for five min and leave it for 10 min, it will reduce tanning and pigmentation, thereby making glowing, fair and youthful skin in just 15 minutes. Can be used as an astringent and moisture when mixed with glycerin. It helps to reduce the melanin cell on our skin.

It easily clears up the skin and pores. Scrubbing the Lemon zest regularly reduces blackheads. Drinking Lemon water regularly purifies blood and provides you inner cleanliness. It encourages the growth of new red blood cells, thus reducing the free radicals on the skin. It also acts as a bleaching agent. Squeeze half a lemon in 1 tbsp of milk and massage the solution of it on your face and neck; it is an easy home prepared solution for bleaching your facial hair naturally. Help in softening dry and itchy elbows. It helps in easily getting rid of darker skin on elbows and finger joint, all you need is to scrub the lemon zest regularly on the skin and see the result in just fifteen days.



Your scratching hair scalp with flaky and itchy dandruff. No solution? Just apply the mixture of coconut or olive oil with few drops of lemon and warm it and pamper yourself with the head massage and go to sleep, wake up and wash your head with a mild anti-dandruff shampoo. Just do this thrice a week and see the result in. Flaky dandruff all gone and your hair feels so soft and shiny like never before. Squeeze half lemon in hair pack for getting a voluminous hair, strength and shine.  A mixture of oil and lemon juice also helps in thickening your hair and combats all problems to increase your hair length easily.



Lemon juice, sugar, soda, ice, mint leaves and cold water is all you need to make your summers the refreshing ones. Lemonade keeps you dehydrated always, providing you with energy and strength. It can be used in making various Mocktail at home. In India, it is widely popular as Nimbu-panni. It is easily found fruit juice on the streets and most easily made recipe.  So step out in the summer in a cooler way as it acts as a cooling agent and beat the heat of the sunlight. This mixture reduces the stone formation in people whose body are easily susceptible to kidney stones. As lemons are rich source of citric acid, it has shown its effects to reduce stone formation.



Lemon and lukewarm water mixture fights the problem of acidity and constipation. It is an effective method in curing these problems easily. It improves the digestion, fighting heartburn, belching, bloating, and indigestion. Lemon act as a cure to various blood-related issues like purifying blood and high blood pressure. It effectively treats the problem of high blood pressure as it contains 3% of potassium in it and helps with nausea and dizziness. Helpful in respiratory problems like asthma, the patients can easily breathe. It hydrates our immune system in the smarter way. It is also helpful in stimulating and purifying the liver.



Scrub lemon zest it removes blackheads, scars and age spots easily. Lemon water is calorie free in its content and richer source of antioxidants which is essential for removing the aging signs of skin. It removes fine line near the eye and other facial parts, helps skin in maintaining its shape by not letting it to sag easily. Lemon tightens the skin pores and upper epidermis layer of the skin. Dabbing lemon onto your skin daily reduces pigmentation, scars, rashes and making skin look fresh and young for always.



Fill the tub with ½ of water in it, add rock salt and squeeze one lemon; then dip your hands and legs for fifteen minutes in the solution and rub them with a scrubber. It washes of the dead skin and tightens the pores, making the skin of legs and hands softer and smoother. Scrub lemon zest on nail cuticles to add strength and shine to them.



Lemon helps in cleaning oily utensils which are stained and immensely oily and sticky, rubbing off the utensils with lemon juice make the ware stainless and shiny. It removes the dirt from all kind of metal utensils of copper, aluminium, and steel. It also helps in reducing stains from the clothes. Rubbing over the lemon zest with juice easily removes tough stains, thereby giving a nice odor to the clothes. Lemon is good for washing vegetables and fruits and making them free from pesticides and insecticides. Besides it, lemon in our daily lives is commonly used by mom for freshening up the refrigerator and keep insects from popping out in the kitchen.



Lemon rind or zest directly applied on teeth makes them white and stain free from yellowish color. It is also useful in gaining fresh breath from bad smell and odor of the mouth. Mixing lemon juice with soda gives you long lasting effects in keeping your gums healthy, teeth white and odorless mouth. It also combats the problem of bleeding gums of the mouth and slowly reducing toothache and gum bleeding.



Lemon squeezed in water gives you fresh bathing experience for a long lasting day and helps in removing itchiness and bad odor from the body.


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