10 Best Things to do When You’re Feeling Lonely

Anyone can feel lonely even in a crowded environment. Loneliness can strike anyone, anytime and anywhere. But if you want to break the negative feeling inside and want to connect with others to break the loneliness, here are the 10 best things to do.

1. Connect Online

Things to do When Lonely - connect online

Opening our phones everyday to check messages, inboxes and chats becomes a normal routine nowadays. Online chatting is one of the best and fastest ways to combat loneliness. Whether you are playing your favorite online games or joining forums or groups, try to communicate with like-minded people and share interests.

Here are the 5 top reasons why social might be good to your kids.

2. Start a Small Talk

Things to do When Lonely - Start small talk

Break the ice by having a small talk. Try simple chitchats by sending a text to your friend or talking to someone while riding a bus. It seems awkward at first but this will help you feel less isolated and alone.

3. Be Active

Things to do When Lonely - Be active

Did you know that aside from the health benefits that you can get from exercising, it is a good way too to meet other people?

You might want to join a fitness class, do a competitive sport or go to your nearest gym. Or ask some friends who are interested to go for a walk or run.

4. Join Like-minded Individuals

Things to do When Lonely - join like minded individuals

Joining a club is a great way to meet new people and connect with them. If you are into music or online games, go with a group that has the same interest.

Try to check your local community center or school that has groups you might be interested in.

5. Socialize at Least Once a Week

Things to do When Lonely - Socialize at Least Once a Week

Once you are depressed or lonely, you might cancel plans and turn down invites without realizing it. Make an effort to push yourself and socialize with others at least once a week. Plan and organize, so you don’t miss any activity.

6. Find your Own Hang Out Spot

Things to do When Lonely - Find your own hang out spot

If you feel awkward asking someone to meet up with you, no worries! Get a book or order your favorite coffee and chill in your most comfortable hang out place. It might feel uncomfortable at first but eventually, it will be worth it! Your regular hang out place can help you meet new friends and even mates!

7. Volunteer

Things to do When Lonely - volunteer

Many charities need volunteers. Start to engage yourself and help someone. Volunteer in childcare centers, shops or nursing homes.

8. Write it Out!

Things to do When Lonely - Write it out

Many find comfort and joy in writing poems, letters or jotting down simple ideas. Try to make a journal, planner or download an app that can let you record and keep important notes.

9. Share the Love with Non-humans

Things to do When Lonely - Share the love with non humans

Pets, especially cats and dogs, can help reduce anxiety, stress, loneliness and depression. These non-human friends can make you feel connected, loved and cared for. Try to own one!

10. Nothing Worked? Get a Support!

Things to do When Lonely - get a support

If you’ve tried some suggestions above and still feeling empty, get some professional help. Don’t be afraid to ask someone the help that you need.

Keep in mind that everyone can experience loneliness at some point in life. But taking the suggestions above can help you feel better and ease the feeling of isolation inside you.

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