10 Bizarre Cat Breeds in the World

Almost everyone loves cats to be their pet. People’s fascination with these cats can be seen on the internet with millions of memes and videos available online.

There are familiar cat breeds like Persian and domestic cats, which are commonly seen in our community. But, there are more other breeds in the world and some of them are quite bizarre. From weird looking felines to something extra adorable. To show you those unique breeds, here’s the list of 10 bizarre cat breeds in the world:

1. Sphynx

Have you seen a hairless cat? Well, this cat breed is famous because of the absence of fur. The Sphynx doesn’t have eyelashes or whiskers. This cat has large ears, too.

Bizarre Cat Breeds - Sphynx


2. Devon Rex

The Devon Rex has a slender body with a soft, short coat. This medium-sized cat has too fragile fur, so brushing is not advised. It has large eyes, large ears, and a triangular head. The Devon Rex is an active breed and energetic.

Bizarre Cat Breeds - Devon Rex


3. Peterbald

This dog-like breed is called Peterbald, a Russian origin. It has wrinkly skin, oblong shape head, and long front toes with webbing. The Peterbald cat is definitely affectionate and loving to their human family.

Bizarre Cat Breeds - Peterbald


4. Lykoi

Due to its werewolf-like appearance, Lykoi is also called the Werewolf cat. Lykoi has short to medium-length fur. Some are totally hairless, while others are full of fur. This cat breed is highly intelligent and a great problem solver.

Bizarre Cat Breeds - Lykoi


5. American Curl

The American Curl breed is known for its unusual ears. These ears at birth are straight but eventually curl after birth. It has a silky coat texture that can either be long or short. This type of breed loves daily exercises and interactive play.

Bizarre Cat Breeds - American Curl


6. Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex, unlike with other cat breeds, has soft and wavy coat, large ears, arched back and long slender legs. This cat is playful, adventurous and loving.

Bizarre Cat Breeds - Cornish Rex


7. Donskoy

This hairless breed of cat in Russian origin is a Donskoy cat. This breed has almond-shaped eyes, wrinkled skin and upright ears, which make it really different from the usual cats we normally see. The Donskoy cat is sociable, cuddly and a playful breed.

Bizarre Cat Breeds - Donskoy


8. Ukrainian Levkoy

Ukrainian Levkoy has noticeably unique appearance. Just looking at this breed, you can see the ears that are folding inward with little to no hair. This cat is sweet, outgoing and friendly. Like dogs, it likes to follow his owner around the house.

Bizarre Cat Breeds - Ukrainian Levkoy


9. Minskin

The Minskin cat has a small stature and also considered as “mini cat”. It was developed from crossing the Sphynx with the Munchkin. This type of breed is an ideal indoor cat. Its level of intelligence is above those average cats, so it is easily trainable.

Bizarre Cat Breeds - Minskin

10. American Wirehair

The American Wirehair cat breed has a wiry coat and with large bright eyes. This cat tends to follow the owner around the house. The playful and friendly nature of this cat makes it a popular choice with children and families.

Bizarre Cat Breeds - American Wirehair

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