10 Characteristics and Personality Traits of an Aries

Zodiac signs have become the basis for carving out one’s horoscope. Depending on your zodiac sign you are attributed and aligned with certain characteristics that tend to stick to you forever. Undoubtedly every person is an entirely different individual with her/his own traits and behavioral patterns. But, there is for us a wide array of personality traits under which all of us fit. As per astrology, our personality and our outlook towards life depend upon the sun-sign that we are born under. These signs as we all know are distributed according to the months that the person is born in. Likewise, Aries, the first of all, includes people born under the dates of March 21st to April 19th.  With Mars as their ruling planet, their lucky color is red and scarlet. Here are 10 characteristics and personality traits of an Aries. Read ahead to find how far can you relate with the following, being from the same zodiac sign or help yourself to know more about someone dear.

Personality Traits of an Aries

  1. Independent

Following a mad rat race is not what you opt for. You do not fear being left out alone in a group as you know how to handle things by yourself and take good care of yourself too. Looking forward to seek out assistance from others or wait for them to come to your rescue is not what you indulge in. You have a strong belief system and that enables you to believe eminently in your capacity to do things on your own. But, do not forget learning to be a group member is important too.

Personality Traits of an Aries

  1. Self-involved

Being independent, you are pretty self-involved. You are so grossly engaged in carrying out things in a perfect manner that for a while it becomes all about you; you, your hardwork and dedication. Anybody proving to be a hindrance to those attributes is dismissed by you for that time being. It does not imply that you are selfish, but highly driven towards an achievement. This puts you in a position to be your own confidant(e) and not trust many around.

Personality Traits of an Aries

  1. Impatient

You will fret and worry, but work tirelessly till you get closer to your goal. All the constant fidgeting and worrying often gets to your head, overwhelming you in the course. Then, it becomes difficult for you and nearly impossible to not lose your calm. It is here that you become impatient. Being impatient could be your greatest negative trait for if not controlled, it possesses the power to ruin your hardwork and efforts that you have put in your work and achievements till date. Be cautious on that front.

Personality Traits of an Aries

  1. Impulsive

It is in action where your belief lies. Thinking and pondering over a course of action to be taken is not really your thing. You rather plunge into the task with all your enthusiasm and courage. All that drives you to do so is a faint hunch in your heart. That becomes your greatest commander and you adhere to it. You listen to your heart and believe that it would guide you along the right path. Your well-wishers might be warning you to stay away from taking impulsive decisions in your life but that rarely stops you from going forth for something that has intrigued you already. Listening to your loved ones could be advisable, though.

Personality Traits of an Aries

  1. Courageous

Being an Aries you are more courageous as compared to others. You dare yourself and see to it that there is no failure after the challenge on your part. There is very little that you actually fear. In the face of obstacles, you stand still not wavering from your position and try to think of a way out of it without faltering much. Determination and will power acts like a cherry on top of a cake on your amazing personality. You know how to come out of a storm.

Personality Traits of an Aries

  1. Enterprising

You know what you are heading towards and still, you go for it without paying much heed to the consequences. The fruit does not entice you. This calls for the fact that you are infinitely enterprising, not fearing to take a risk in the name of difficulties. The amount of difficulty and risks involved does not stop you from achieving what you have set your mind upon. People praise you often for this attribute of yours. This would drive you to success in your life.

Personality Traits of an Aries

  1. Generous

There resides generosity in your heart and compassion for others. You are always ready to share your resources with those in need without giving it much thought. That points out to yet another plus point in you which is kindness. You like seeing everyone happy around being able to bring that happiness to their faces. Your goodness lies in your humbleness for showing no eagerness to attract the limelight and gain appraisal for your benevolence.

Personality Traits of an Aries

  1. Values friendship

For those looking out for people who’d always care for you and watch out for you, start befriending an Aries. An Aries knows and values the piety of friendship. S/he would be your side in the highs and even the lows of life while many might desert you in the face of a testing time. They would spoil you, love you like a child. An Aries would refrain from putting his valuable bond of friendship at risk. This is one place where s/he would stand no options of taking risks and chances.

Personality Traits of an Aries

  1. Talkative

Given the dynamic person that you are, you like to talk and chatter with people. When out with friends or families, your presence is likely to be felt because of your will to talk and communicate with others. This is a pleasing trait as it shows a desire on your behalf to know and be indulged in the life of others. That makes you a great social being and people love you for that.

Personality Traits of an Aries

  1. Enthusiastic

While lethargy, boredom, and laziness might overwhelm some people, you are certainly not one amongst then. It becomes easy for others around to notice your level of enthusiasm whenever there is a task or a chore assigned to you, be it at some social gathering.  You are always on your heels and do not rest until the work is perfectly done. There is an aura of optimism about you, and those who are close to you would affirm to this.


You know you are an Aries when people tell you very often how strong headed and self-driven you are. But then, it comes to rest upon you whether you’d believe in it or not. You never know you just might be carrying the characteristics and personality traits of all the Zodiac signs in you.

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