10 Common Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death and there is one death by suicide in the US every 13 minutes. At some point in our lives, we face problems that seem impossible to overcome, but some choose to take a big step of killing themselves to escape the situation. Suicides happen everyday and the life of families change with it. Suicide sometimes proceeds from cowardice, but not always; for cowardice sometimes prevents it. Many live because they are afraid to die and many die because they are afraid to live. Being a human, we all have the will to live, but when problems arise some people seek suicide as the permanent solution to their temporary problem. Let us have a peek at the reasons why people resort to suicide. 

1. Depression

Reasons Why People Commit Suicide


It is one of the leading causes of suicides around the world. People who suffer from depression feel like their existence doesn’t matter anymore. You can often hear them saying things like, “my friends will be better off without me”, “I’m a burden on my parents”. They are unable to feel happy about anything, nothing really interests them. They are convinced that they are worthless and that they will never get past this stage. They feel heavy in their chests and they have no desire to talk to anyone or go out. Their days are spent in the confines of the four walls of their room. It’s not like they don’t try to make their days fulfilling, but no matter how hard they try, they are unable to connect to anyone or anything. Depression is different from sadness as the depressed individuals don’t always cry, they simply feel numb.  Suicidal thoughts dominate their minds and they think that’s the only way to escape the agonizing pain.

2. Hopelessness


Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

A person has many hopes and expectations in life, the hope to get promoted, hope to perform better, hope to lose weight, and the hope to have a happy relationship are the most common ones. But often, not everything goes according to our plans and most of the times our hopes are shattered. But some people cling to their hopes so tightly that when they fail, they feel miserable. They feel as if there is nothing that can improve their situation. Hopeless people give up on trying and take their defeat to the core. They have a negative view of the future. It includes personal dissatisfaction, failure, and continuous pain and difficulty which leads to the belief that nothing can get better for them. They have low self-esteem and little to none self-confidence. They are unable to cope with life and all their dreams and motivation crash. They seek to shut themselves out of everyone’s life.

3. Fear


Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

We all have fears. There are certain things that make our knees wobble and sends a chill down our spine. We hope that we never face them. However, facing fear can have two effects, in some cases, it leads to overcoming of the fear and in other cases, it multiplies the fear to the extent of insanity. Some people do things that they regret later, and fear their consequences, like stealing or murdering. The fear gets rooted in their head and they try to avoid suffering by escaping life.

4. Perfectionism


Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

Some people have a tendency to set unrealistically high standards for themselves and are likely to be overly critically in their self-evaluation. Perfectionism may increase the chances of suicide more than hopelessness. Suicide is an attempt to escape shortcomings of self rather than accepting them. The problems begin with one or more stressful life events in which the person’s expectations and standards are not met. The individual takes these failures personally and creates a negative mindset towards problems that may lead to depression and hence leads to suicidal thoughts.

5. Regrets


Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

Regrets are a part of life. Everyone has some regrets in their lives, all of us have made mistakes in our past that we regret. We can either make peace with our regrets or keep on sinking by thinking about them. While many of us choose to move on, rest of us may not that efficient at coming to terms with our mistakes. They keep lamenting about their mistakes and drown in guilt. They perceive their mistakes as their biggest crimes and the feeling becomes tough to deal with. They cannot overcome the anger, embarrassment and feel ashamed of their deeds. Anxiety plagues them and the present or future holds no importance to them. All they can think about is their mistakes and how things could be different if they had not done that one thing. They submerge so deeply in guilt that they can go as far as committing suicide to get rid of it.

6. Traumatic experience


Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

People who have been through traumatic experiences like wars, sexual assault, losing a loved one or any terrifying ordeal may develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some people experience trauma at such intensity that it affects them both mentally and physically and leaves them scarred for life.   The symptoms include flashbacks, racing heart, sweating, frightening thoughts. Things that remind the person about the experience triggers avoidance symptoms like feeling emotionally numb, depression, guilt and worry. They feel tensed and are easily startled which can make them angry and irritable all the time. It wounds a person’s sense of self, their value, their worth and they no longer feel secure in this world and thus they are driven to the idea of suicide and sometimes end up taking their life.

7. Mental illness


Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

Mental illnesses are easier to detect, the behavior varies from normal behavior drastically. They feel like they are caged in their own world as no one is able to understand their emotions. They fail to express their emotions hence their emotions are interpreted by their behavior. They are termed as ‘psycho’, ‘mad’, ‘nuts’, but these words inflict pain on them worse than the illness. They deny the signs of illness and worry about what others will think, because of the stigma related to mental disorders and hence, they try to conceal it. Concealment hampers social contact and they are constantly worried about whether they should remain quiet or open up to others.  Sometimes they are abused and bullied and they become dependent on others and hence develop a sense of inability. If they are not given timely treatment, they might attempt suicide.

8. Stress


Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

Everyone thrives for success and works hard to lead a happy life. But success never comes easy, you have to put up with a lot of stress. While stress is good in certain situations where it encourages us to work harder, finish things on time, but in other cases, it deteriorates a person and might lead to poor performance. If the stress reaches to the brim of a person’s bearing capacity, the person breaks down. It makes everything seem twice as difficult. People experience stress in many ways, it might be due to the continuous piling of work, marriage, kids, moving to a new place and also a failure. There comes a point when a person cannot take it anymore, they get fed up of trying and finally decide to end their journey of life.

9. Bullying


Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

Teenagers are children who are most vulnerable to attempt suicide because of being bullied. Bullying can take place in many forms from picking at someone for their appearance to leaking nudes of a person. The cases of people killing themselves after experiencing bullying are not rare. People who are bullied experience tremendous pain and are also prone to mental health issues. Many educational institutes have anti-bullying policies to banish bullying from the grounds, but young children and adolescents are scared of reporting the bullies to the authorities. A close eye on them is necessary to detect any signs of distress which can be low self-esteem or depression. If ignored, it might cost a life of a loved one.

10. Unemployment


Reasons Why People Commit Suicide

Finding a decent job to make ends meet is not as easy as it sounds. Unemployment is a major reason for suicide among the youth. With the competition so high and the number of opportunities so less, it becomes a tedious task to bag a job. Around 45,000 people commit suicide each year because of unemployment. With no money and many bills to pay, a person is drawn towards the idea of committing suicide as an escape. Further, it increases the risk of suicide through depression and un-affordability of mental health care.

Anything can push a person to end their life. When somebody you love is in pain, help them before it’s too late.

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  • The above may be the common reasons for suicide, but in my case, I want to kill myself because, of some one misbehaving and cheating me , a person from the family and one more person abusing me. Feel suddenly very tired of life.

    • My cousin sister kille dherself 6 years ago, feels like yesterday. Didn’t leave behind a note, I spend hours wondering why she did it. I can’t begin to understand your problems, but you have many more people who love you and care about you than these people who cheat and abuse you, who’re going to be like me if these lose you. Think of the ones who love you and power through this, things will only get better.

    • My cousin sister killed herself 6 years ago, feels like yesterday. Didn’t leave behind a note, I spend hours wondering why she did it. I can’t begin to understand your problems, but you have many more people who love you and care about you than these people who cheat and abuse you, who’re going to be like me if these lose you. Think of the ones who love you and power through this, things will only get better.

  • People must speak with nearby living those who r poor, or seeking for help from us or try to meet us for help in any mode, we don’t know they r happy or not, (normally we thought very happy) at least listen and try to help us, but don’t convey others.

  • suicide is not the solution of a problem.it is a cowardance that ones afraid of the situation…

  • I wanna die. I always rejected by friends, groups, people amd now terminated from job. I am always trying to be good but I am always ending up outcasted, terminated and rejected. I don’t want this me who is always rejected and outcasted.

    • Wait wait. It’s okay to rejected. Just don’t be hard to yourself. Don’t take any wrong decision. There is more to life.
      If you wanna talk , Twitter id beyou7060

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