10 Common Reasons Why Teens Fight With Parents

Are you quarry to your multifarious temperament? Forsooth, if you are in your teens. You are presumably a fragment of the teenage fleet if you love flaunting time with people who- for you- understand you pretty well. A palpable and barefaced exemplar are your friends.

As a teenager, children have the propensity of trust and understanding for their amigos and com padres rather than for their parents. Parents then are ratified and attested to be their worst adversary and antagonist.

Psychologists have listed and cataloged numerous accounts and explanations for the behavioral changes in the nature of the teens, justifying it with reasons like hormonal changes, mental confusions, different cognitive abilities and so on.  There are many extrapolations that can be wrapped up for this change.  An argument with parents being the foremost and paramount.

Here is the list of ten common reasons: why teens fight with their parents.

Teens Fight With Parents

Generation discrepancy and dissimilitude:

This is perhaps the vernacular and ubiquitous reasons given by the teens for their argument with their parents. what teens want to justify is that there is a lot of disparity and mere kindred notions and opinions between their generations. Parents in a way want to discipline the lives of their bairns, but end up mirroring themselves as the foes of the latter. this catalyzes arguments among the parents and their younglings.

Teens Fight With Parents

Obfuscated- child versus grownup:

This is the psychological emplacement of mind where teens are not grown up mentally in entirety, but they yearn for a treatment and delectation like a grown up. This turns out to be a chaotic situation which shoots into an argument with their parents. The keen forfend glace and observance hinders the liberty of the teenager which makes him/her cranky and crabby. They feel and find themselves stuck up in a situation where they are treated like a child but expected to behave like a grownup.

Teens Fight With Parents

Friends for life:

For teenagers friends are forever. The Facebook walls are jammed with lovey-dovey posts of amity and friendship. “Friends forever”, “BFF”, “Long live our friendship” and chunks of more phrases. The argument of experience of life hovers up between the originator and the offspring. Trust betides as a crux of the altercation because for the teen’s friends are for life and there is no cogent of doubt that springs up, it is blind faith that conceals everything. parents from their experience incite suspect to their belief which rankles their offspring resulting in an unaided argument. They find solace with their chums and feel undermined under the compliance and abidance of their parents. They feel cheesed off in the fief’s territory. They desire to groove on and relish the teenage life.

Teens Fight With Parents

Independent- but scared at the same time:

Teenagers regard independence to be their foremost requisite but at the same time are scared of their own independence. it is the trepidation of the parents which forbids and prohibits them from crossing the bars. They feel apoplectic staying back at home or even carry along with their parents.  They desire for a life exempt and facility. This fear of being independent infuriates them and bombs into an argument where they are drawn away from certain spheres of the franchise in order to trod over the right path.

Teens Fight With Parents

Dressy dress:

The expectation of the type of dress worn by a teenager is a keynote of an argument. The informal kind of dress that attracts them is objectionable to the others. teens are expected to follow a certain code of decorum as expected by the society,  the formal kind of dress code which is a generalized pattern to show up. The argument of the interference of society in the generic lives of people becomes a subject of irate and fuming anger among the teen fleet. They demand the liberty to dress up in a way that they crave for. this generally sums into an argument because of the diversified thoughts that prevail.

Teens Fight With Parents


The appetency to make their own decisions make them seemingly incongruous. They want to be treated as grown up which involves the task of their own decision making which is not apt at a particular time because it is the urge of being seen as an adult but they actually are not. they are in a process of moving towards maturity. For them, their own decisions are considerate enough unlike their parents. At this particular point of time, their parents are their biggest foes because they bar them from their desired freedom and liberty. Teens expect their parents to understand their point of view which is entirely different. Nothing satiates them, nothing seems right. they feel the world is against them, they are lonely and the only support they have is either their friends or they themselves.

Teens Fight With Parents


Teens demand their own space and privacy. A different room, aloof from parents and family. Fleeting time alone. Privacy assures their independence. They find solace in their own thoughts and own world. For them what is theirs is theirs. It is not to be used or owned by other people.

Teens Fight With Parents

Liberty from affiliation:

Accused of kinfolk are the teens and the latter accused of the former.They are impeached because of their diverse thoughts which do not correspond to their clan. it is the desire and demand for the privilege for the obligation and acceptance of their own consideration and deliberation. They look for their own arena where they can keep their views and thoughts.

Teens Fight With Parents

Pocket money:

It is the tendency of teens to have their own pocket money which acts as their own income and their freedom. the argument arises when there is a need for the disclosure of the purpose of the pocket money. How, when, where is it used is a point of discussion which is intrigued. when they are asked to hatch and reveal the way they use their money they get enraged.  They claim their right to the money and other commodities from their teens itself which bloom into a problem for the parents later on when children tend to forget their own responsibilities.

Teens Fight With Parents

Phone bills:

The economic aspect becomes crucial in a life of a teen. it is considered as a show off to friends like a status quo.  Calling friends for mere conversations pester the parents in their own ways.  When parents question their younglings on the huge amounts that is spent just on phone bills, it seems intolerable to them and arguments fume up.

Teens Fight With Parents

Against the cultural confines:

The cultural boundaries act as marring of liberty for the teens. They feel trapped and consider it as an orthodox way of thinking which cannot be given away by general people and so cannot be avoided by them as well. While attempting and avoiding to give away with the cultural, there spurs up agitating arguments on the difference of thoughts that persist and is also unavoidable.

lastly, what a teenager basically requires is own liberty and freedom. unbounded by boundaries of cultures and are expected not to be expected.

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