10 Countries that are Famous for Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has become a practice and it is a disgrace to the existing society. Some countries have laws regarding this and some don’t. These laws do exist but they somehow don’t happen to be enforced very well.

For all those who don’t have an idea about what this is, it is basically a practice where individuals are trafficked from one country to the other for the purpose of either forced labor, or sexual labor or commercial sex practices.

This is an increasing concern in a lot of countries where this had already existed. So, here are 10 countries where this is still being practiced:

10. India

Famous for Human Trafficking

As shocking as this may sound, India is one of those countries where human trafficking is highly practiced. This is one country where human are misused to a very large extent. To extents where children and women are forced into prostitution. Kids who are as young as 8 years are forced into prostitution. However, there are worse situations. Everyone, including men, is forced into begging. There are cases where people run their own rackets and force men and women and even children to sell off their organs for money. And these unfortunate people are just fooled by people like these. It is a growing situation in India and needs to be given extra attention to.

There are laws in India regarding human trafficking (Immoral Trafficking Prevention Act (ITPA) and¬†Sections 366(A) and 372) that are used in order to prevent trafficking and such inhumane practices. However, they don’t seem to work very well when it comes to actually implementing them.

9. Russia

Famous for Human Trafficking

Russia is known for this trafficking practice. It has the history of trafficking women and children to a lot of other European countries. It still has this practice going on. Long back, men and women had a little shortage of money. So mostly, they didn’t have an option of being employed anywhere else, or to a lot of places also because of the fact that there was no money for them to get themselves educated. The situation got worse when this practice took place. And since there wasn’t much option, they were forced to go to other countries and become slaves and women were usually forced into prostitution.

8. Ghana

Famous for Human Trafficking

The work environment and the situation in Ghana aren’t that good. It isn’t even that bad if looked into closely. However, the price you pay for being in this condition is sad. The solution to their problem is human trafficking. It is sad to know that since there are a lot of mines in Ghana, children and men are forced into working here. They aren’t paid and they aren’t even given any holidays. It is the worst form of slavery there is and it is shocking when it comes to women. It creates a very disturbing environment for them as women are just used for prostitution and commercial sex.

A lot of women and children are also used as laborers to work in mines. Often, these people lose their eyesight and are not taken care of. It situation worsens day by day.

7. China

Famous for Human Trafficking

The most overly populated nation, China also hits the list when it comes to human trafficking. Because of its population, the country’s labor is cheap. Here’s a problem. In China, the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer and so the gap between these two classes keeps increasing. China looks as developed and bright on one side and as broken and damaged on the other. Women are forced into prostitution and forced labor. It is a shame for the Chinese societies to live in a place where technology is touching the sky, but the worse problems are worsening.

Spain has its own trafficking racket. It was just recently seen that in collaboration with another country, Spain would buy Chinese labor for VERY cheap.

6. Nepal

Famous for Human Trafficking

Another very important concern for India is the cheap labor that it gets from Nepal. Yes, it is a country which doesn’t send less than 10,000 individuals to India on a yearly basis. It is a shame to a country like Nepal as they take advantage of the fact that India is a fast growing and developing country and so, they will earn more by selling forced labor and women to this country. Usually because Nepalese are hardworking, they’re put to use as soon as possible and this is only because they were forced to do so. Women are forced into either forced labor or commercial sex.

5. Pakistan

Famous for Human Trafficking

Prostitution is a huge problem in this country. It may come across as a country where globalization and development is taking place, but even here, human trafficking is an issue among women. It is a huge concern for this country as there are women here to are trafficked to other countries and women trafficked from other countries over here in order to become sex slaves and workers.

4. Sri Lanka

Famous for Human Trafficking

Due to a lot of government issues and problems going on in Sri Lanka, there were areas of this country that kept getting damaged by time. Since they were not looked into, it created a sort of helplessness among a lot of other citizens of this country. However the military forces of Sri Lanka have always been strong and helpful. This was unfortunately one issue too. Individuals were being trafficked from other countries to this country to join the forces.

3. Slovenia

Famous for Human Trafficking

The problem in this country is of FORCED LABOR. Construction and a lot of other development keeps taking place here and there isn’t enough labor to get work done. Therefore, there’s a lot of trafficked labor that comes from other counties and takes the character of ‘forced labor.’ Often, they aren’t even paid.

2. Brazil

Famous for Human Trafficking

Being a part of BRICS, it is one country that has almost taken this up as a BUSINESS. Prostitution is an on going process in Brazil and again, because of problems of there being a huge margin between the rich and the poor, this country has developed this way. Even the tourists that come to Brazil want prostitution to run for their own wish and desire.

There are laws against this in Brazil, but the government needs to try harder in order to make them work.

1. Bangladesh

Famous for Human Trafficking

This almost comes as a shock, but Bangladesh is the hub for human trafficking. It is a port that connects other countries for their trafficking as well. People over here are ill-treated, never taken care of, forced into begging, children as young as 10 forced into prostitution and sometimes they’re even forced to sell off their organs. This country has rackets that force people to beg for them in order to earn them some money. People here, especially children are tortured and are told to beg and become slaves.


Human trafficking is growing everywhere. Take your own step and help the government in order to prevent such inhuman things from happening. Life is priceless.

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