10 Dangerous Ways the Internet is Being Misused

WWW..World wide web. It is not just a term it is indeed the lifeline of most of us.  We have knitted this web around us in such a fashion that we bank on it for almost everything might it be work, school or college projects and for that matter leisure too. Who would in this era imagine accomplishing the academic or professional projects without the aid of this technology? But do we ever ponder about the malevolence it brings to us? They aren’t very clandestine. We might be a sufferer of the same. Are you one of them? Read on to find out the disparaging side of our best friend “The Internet”.



10. Jeopardy of identity.

Do you hold an account on any social website or ever posted an ad on any of these “Buy and Sell” websites? You might be completely heedless to the fact that the “Oh so long friend list” can fetch you a lot of trouble in many ways. You can’t judge whether everyone you add to your list is a genuine account holder or just a fake id. It is an easy platform through which criminals using malware can have all our personal information delivered to them at the wink of their eye and we are just helpless. This information can be used anywhere in any format. The pictures that we post can be squandered in multiple ways like being posted on porn sites, fake advertisement sites and you might then run for your life trying to track the act.


9. Cyber Menace.

There are a lot of fake ids and profiles all over the internet which can threaten you to demise either for fun or extorting money. It causes psychological disturbances and one might be on pins and needles without one’s fault. It not just disturbs a person’s mental state but even interferes with their daily chores. It can get you in lot of trouble.


8. Porn.

It is one of the most ignominious uses of the internet. The internet has made it a child’s play to access pornographic stuff. Exposure of such stuff to minors has a negative influence on their young minds. Their minds are not in one’s prime. Instead of understanding the importance of sexual intercourse watching porn at such an age creates a wrong impression of it in their minds and they are unable to value its purity and this is the reason why teenagers indulge in emotionally unhealthy relationships causing severe problems like teenage pregnancies and emotional abuse.


7. Bootlegging.

It refers to black market production or piracy. People get involved in such acts as it fetches them huge sums of money. Who would want to shoo away money earned without toil? But what about the loss caused to those who sweat hard to produce the original stuff. They suffer massive losses. That’s why the statement “Piracy is a crime” is promoted everywhere. While purchasing pirated stuff try and empathize with those who suffer losses due to public encouragement of the same.


6. Hacking.

Sharing your passwords, security statements with a friend, forgetting to log out at the cyber cafe can put you in this pit. It is one of the most widespread cyber crime now-a-days which makes it possible for criminals to hack security systems of companies and felony them of their assets.


5. Unsolicited mails.

Spam or junk mails are unwanted mails that are addressed to various recipients in bulk. Their major disadvantage is that they use a lot of network bandwidth. These include opening mails or downloading attachments which may infect your computer with a lot of viruses you unknowingly download and get your stuff corrupted and damaged. One must be really cautious with these mails.


4. Squandering.

Time and tide wait for none. We seek the internet’s aid to save time but while browsing the same we tend to forget the sole purpose behind it. The fact that the internet is the quickest way for winding up work is indisputable but what happens when a “SALE” ad suddenly pops out on your screen and you get drifted towards the same lured by the offer no matter you actually need it or not. But you get magnetized and tend to open the same wasting hours getting caught in the vicious circle of the offers forgetting what you actually had to do. Pop up ads of online games, chat rooms, porn, etc tend to distract us from our goal and we spend even more time than we could have saved by doing our task without the aid of this best friend of ours.


3. Exposure to negativity.

Just as we talked about squandering we might even get into the pool of negativism. It is so easy to get linked to websites which are not useful to you in any way but do throw you in the pit of negativity. Exposure to pornography, violence and criminal videos are ways of shifting your mind towards deprecation. In no time can you find videos which illustrate how to create explosives, how to commit suicides, and the list goes endless. Is it then a friend?


2. Bogus publicity.

People use internet as a platform for fulfilling their evil desires. We tend to get into traps laid for us getting attracted to posts offering us jobs, paying huge sums of money or say for that matter advertisements of products that we might not even need but their endorsement is done in such a fashion that we tend to buy it and submit our details while purchasing them online which can be really dreadful as the post might be fake. It is advisable to stay away from such offers.


1.Beware of jesters.

Similar to cyber bullying is the role of pranksters or madcap. People spoof just to derive pleasure out of disturbing people which is not only immoral but even causes loss to people which could be monetary or psychological. Turning the pages of my memory, I remember once I had been to a cyber cafe for some work and I overheard a group of boys laughing at their sheer act of ordering some stuff online and getting it delivered to their neighbor’s house ‘Cash On Delivery ‘. What pleasure could it bring to such demon souls? They would not just cause trouble to their neighbor but even to those who will be involved in delivering the products. Why should such fun be done when it causes misery to others?

Everything has pros and cons. The internet is created by man and if man cannot be perfect how can any of its creations be? The power to use it lies in our hands. Let this invention be a friend to the mankind and not a foe. The miseries caused to others will anyway travel back to you in some or the other form. However, it is always better to be precautionary. One must always be sure of the websites we surf, places where we log on to our accounts and elders must always be there to supervise on the stuff children access on the web.

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