Top 10 Foods every Pregnant Lady craves for

Mums-to-be are at the benevolence of their taste buds.  The unquenchable longings at this most beautiful phase of life of a woman have no specific reason associated with them. Some researchers say that it’s the body’s way of demanding nutrients that may be deficit in it but the body does not demand a spicy treat of golgappas or a bar of chocolate or for that matter even pickle, it is how the taste buds decipher the craving. However, there can be other hormonal or psychological reasons as well. Personal fondness for some foods can be attributed to the same.

Some foods are in general craved for by almost every pregnant woman. Here’s a list of a just a few.


  1. Cheese

It could be body’s another signal for low levels of calcium which is the most vital nutrient to intake to avoid demineralization of the lady’s bones. It isn’t bad for health but definitely adds weight to the body. It can be taken along with calcium rich vegetables to balance the cons. However, be sure that you consume cheese made of unpasteurized milk or else skip.


  1. Bacon

The fat-protein-iron trio gets the bacon to this list. One must skip the fatty cuts and instead prefer the round ones. A doctor would never say no to its consumption but may not brief you on how it should be consumed. Primarily, it should be properly cooked and absolutely no red spots should be left. Leftover bacon should be reheated properly and its sodium nitrate content should be monitored as it may prove to be carcinogenic and increase the risk of miscarriage and stillbirth. Proper hygiene should be maintained in handling it may it be raw or cooked.


  1. Soda

To provide amelioration for the very commonly experienced morning sickness, one craves for a fizzy, carbonated soda which eases the stomach and takes away the prolonged squeamish feeling. However, it does more than harm than good. Most of them have a nutritional double fault with excess sugar, caffeine and artificial colors and flavors. It elevates blood sugar levels really high and triggers an insulin burst. The more high and easy you feel due to caffeine, the lower you will feel once you get over it so be careful before slurping a glass of it.


  1. Fruits

To yen for fruit can be body’s way of signaling the need for vitamins or simply a healthy diet. Fruits like watermelons and grapes should be consumed in considerable amounts as they are cool and refreshing and serve as a rich source of vitamin C for both the mother and the baby. The vitamins not just monitor the development of the fetus’s organs and immunity but even promote healthy birth weight. The fiber in fruits prevents two major problems during pregnancy i.e. constipation and hemorrhoids. Fruits should, however, be taken in balance with protein to avoid mitigation in blood pressure.


  1. Lemons

The craving for sour foods is best met by lemonade or even eating raw lemons. It is found to occur dominantly post the first trimester. It delivers a considerable amount of vitamins and minerals and may prove to be a magic wand to keep away the morning sickness as lemons help minimize nausea. However, they should be not consumed in elaborate amounts as their high acidity content exacerbates gastrointestinal discomfort and the citric acid may cause damage to the tooth enamel.


  1. Ice-cream

Milk products are the most that are craved for during pregnancy. This can be associated with their high calcium content which is not only essential for the mother’s body but even for the development of the fetus. If the fetus’s need for calcium is not met, the fetus starts taking calcium from the mother’s body which makes her devoid of the same and may lead to osteoporosis and several other problems. What’s more is it is cooling, rich and creamy and since is available in a list of flavors provides variety to the mother. However, one can always go for the low-fat one.  The serotonin produced by the sugar makes her feel at ease.


  1. Coffee

Doctors say a complete no to coffee but it is innate of almost all women to long for it especially for those who slurped it before conceiving. Coffee is a respite in headache and depression. Mood swings that are purely natural during this time can be healed well with coffee. However, limit caffeine intake to just 200 mg a day combined from other sources as well. Excessive exposure to caffeine can put a woman at a higher risk of miscarriage and the chances of stillbirth increase. One can opt for decaffeinated coffee every now and then during pregnancy.


  1. Spicy foods

The lust for spicy foods and pregnancy walk hand in hand. Curries and red peppers being the most longed for. Hot foods make the body perspire which lets the body cool internally which is a must during this period. Staying cool is really difficult due to consistent mood swings and uneasiness so a spicy meal can be your savior. It is okay to diet on a spicy meal if your stomach can stay fine with it. It does not pose any worse effects to the child and makes him exposed to a wider food palette early in life. However, a lot of spice can cause heart burns and other digestive problems and aggravate morning sickness.


  1. Chocolates

This period is exhausting. Chocolate helps cheer us up by releasing feel-good hormones to provide relief when tired and bloated. It can also be associated with one’s increased calorie needs. Dark chocolate satisfies craving better than milk chocolate. It is loaded with antioxidants and helps improve cardiac health.  Since alcohol is a complete no during this period women can rely on chocolates to make them happy and stress-free.


  1. Pickles

Pickles are an all time favorite of the expectant mothers. Since blood volumes increase during pregnancy so does the body’s demand for sodium which makes women resort to these. Since they are not too high in calories one does not pay any attention to the amount of it consumed. Excessive consumption can lead to dehydration so if one eats too much of it be sure to stay hydrated. Consume freshly prepared pickles as far as possible as they are low in chemicals when compared to the preserved ones. They must be avoided if one suffers from digestive disorders.

With a list of some of the most delectable items on the list, pregnancy cravings are the most trivial ones. While one can’t do away with them it is equally important to pay considerable attention to their amounts and the co items that we eat. For all the ladies who are in this most beautiful yet a precarious phase, make the most out of your cravings but remember the conditions and warnings they carry along to ensure that you and your child have a healthy present as well as future. Happy motherhood!

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