10 Dramatic Things we do Post Breakup

Bidding adieu does bring soreness in life but reacting to it in ways that bring out the craziest, creepiest and most lunatic side of you doesn’t do much good. People have been noted to react to breakups in the most dramatic ways ever just like a Bollywood flick packed with drama, romance and action. Funny yet true, right? But the things I am talking about are funnier but we all do them. There is a range of weird things we indulge in post-breakup but there are some which are a complete no and one should abstain from, at all levels. Let’s have a look at some of these.

Things we do Post Breakup

  1. Fling into a new relationship/ Rush away from love.

It is very usual to see people either hastening into a relationship or cascading away completely from love as if it is the most bizarre thing in the world to do. It is important to have faith in love and not jump to the conclusion that things can’t ever be fine in your life. People are observed making new bonds for passing their time and getting over their ex by enjoying with their so called ‘new counterparts’. On the other hand, there are a bunch of them who start hating the feeling of ‘love’ and try to shun away from any such situations in their life afterward.

Things we do Post Breakup

  1. Indulgence in drinks.

Drinking down your sorrow won’t relieve you of it. But most of us resort to alcohol as our sole friend in this tragic situation which can help us get over the unbearable pain of this heartbreak. It will just deepen within you and make permanent scars of grief and wretchedness. It does soothe you of pain momentarily but who does not know the harm it causes to your physiological health. It will only cause pain in the long run and desist you from getting over your misery.

Things we do Post Breakup

  1. Stalking your ex.

It is not uncommon to see people stalking their ex not only on social networking media but even at various mutual places of hanging out. They will start following their accounts and taking note of various things like who did they recently become friends with, where did they go, with whom did they go, when were they last seen online and other stuff. What results out of it is a mind which keeps thinking ‘Is that new person in their id their new soulmate?’. What if they are? You can’t do anything about it so take a chill pill and relax. Their happiness will only ignite the fire in your heart making you feel more morose over the issue.

Things we do Post Breakup

  1. The “Can we still be friends?” intention.

Do not ever reawaken a broken bond. Staying friends with your ex after the breakup may sound to be a child’s play but it isn’t really so. Sitting alone at your place just thinking about the good old times you both had, people keep thinking what if we can still be friends, there isn’t any harm in it. The thought of ‘I will hangout with their new buddies’ is the most common one that has been noted in people post breakup. What is it for? Just to spend time with them even after the breakup. The presence might make you feel low. So, just avoid it.

Things we do Post Breakup

  1. The Makeover Plan.

One tries to take refuge by changing one’s looks, getting some hairdo or tattooing oneself but such acts of momentarily pleasure cause exorbitant changes in a person’s personality which may not be acceptable at all times. Such things will lead to repent in life later. Googling hew hairstyles, ways of changing looks like new glasses for your face, changing the way you dress. The idea of looking different can fetch us bubble happiness but then a bubble bursts in less than even a second. But no doubt it’s a great way to pass time and let your mind busy.

Things we do Post Breakup

  1. Give up on everything.

Just look at yourself in the mirror. You’re a pretty/handsome soul who did not come into this world to lament over someone who just doesn’t care about you. You came to live your life on your terms and not on terms that give a random XYZ the right to be the boss of your happiness. Never ever lose faith in yourself. It’s only cowards who give up and no one of you out there is one, I guess. Just breathe in some air, hold your head high, put on a smile and live your life like a king/queen. Some things are just not meant to be. We need to let go of certain things so that better ones can find their way in our lives.

Things we do Post Breakup

  1. Texting your ex when high.

Penning down your thoughts is a great thing to do as it helps you to relieve your mental stress but texting your ex the same is just not the thing to opt for. You do not have to look like some desperate person who just wants to keep that person with him/her at any cost without them being interested in the same. But who knows what they do when high. However, it has been observed in some cases that people tend to speak out their frustration to their ex when high which actually makes them feel so happy.

Things we do Post Breakup

  1. Chucking away your ex’s stuff.

There will be a point when you would be so frustrated and perturbed that you would just want to throw away anything and everything that your ex might have gifted you or had always appreciated but then chucking away those things out of your room or house won’t take away with them the memories and the pain of that separation so just let them stay. In women, it is very common to see them throw away the stuff gifted to them by their boyfriends or just packing them up in a carton and keeping it away in the store room.

Things we do Post Breakup

  1. Connecting yourself with sad music.

Like really? Do you want to do that? This is the most agonizing thing you could ever do to yourself. If you play a whole list of sad songs or just put one in a repeat mode and keep shedding tears for hours, it won’t do you much good. Lamenting over and over again is the most frequently observed response in both men and women. It would only fetch you an ugly looking face with lots of dark circles around your eyes that would stay for long.

Things we do Post Breakup

  1. ‘He/She was not my type’ explanations.

When you are sitting with your friends and this subject of your breakup suddenly pops up and you just don’t have anything to say, you knit up a web of reasons supporting the typical statement of ‘He/She was not my type’. Then starts a big fat list of times you both had disagreed on things, the fights you have had, the things that sometimes irritated you, the things that now look funny to you about the person and the list goes endless.

Yes, it’s absolutely okay to be sad over your breakup but when this separation becomes the tragedy of your life, it is high time that you take a stand for yourself and instead of feeling pity, realize that you are the boss of your life. Nobody has the right to dominate you or tell you what to do. If the separation I meant to be it will. Neither you nor anyone else can put it to freeze, the ice has to melt. Take charge of your life and turn it to be better than what it was when in a relationship. Post breakup, smile more so that you can live more. And shun this drama off your life. It’s reality and not some entertaining flick which is only meant to make people shell money from their pockets. The drama doesn’t take your life anywhere.

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