10 Explosive Chemicals in Everyday Items

A number of some common items that can be seen around the house that are used for sanitation, burnishing and medication contain hazardous chemicals. As we’ll see, under the right situation, a large amount of these items can be hazardous.

From these products, terrorist discover to make dangerous ammunition. The internet perhaps is the main responsible for this because it gives smooth access to significant information. One of the examples is the movement that favors security of substances initiated by the Australian government. Two of their goals is to increase consciousness about the typical hazardous chemical and report any disruptive behavior to their security hotline.

There are 96 hazardous chemicals that are listed which were approved in Australia to be used. A lot of people think it’s a wrong move for it to be published. Before the campaign starts, all the data was accessible online as per the people in charge. However, some suspects that it is found by the terrorists and they wanted to report that suspicious activity.

Below are the 10 explosive chemicals that you encounter in your everyday items.


10. Ammonium Nitrate

explosive chemicals

In the 1940s, a large amount of ammonium nitrate was first used and it was consumed for explosives. After World War II ends, it became on hand as typically used fertilizer. This fertilizer basically the origin of ammonium and nitrogen because it contains high nutrient level and manufactured at low costs.

In West, Texas, a plant fertilizer can be fatal while burning as seen at the company of West Fertilizer that was happened last 2013th of April. The agricultural society becomes depressed with deaths of 15 people, injury of 200 people and 500 houses that became debris. A certain area that stores hazardous chemical which includes ammonium nitrate, left a mark of 28 M (93 ft) crater. The explosion created a force that is comparable to an earthquake magnitude of 2.1.

Ammonium nitrate explodes intensely when having a contact in an open fire, thus it still remains resistant in most circumstances. It also provoked the most fatal agricultural accident in the history of USA. A ship that carries ammonium nitrate with 2,300 tons was burned due to an irresponsibly hurled cigarette in Texas City, happened in port last 1947.

A chemical reaction was caused by the explosion with the adjacent ship that also carries ammonium nitrate. The forceful explosion, 10 miles (16 km) away, knocked the people down with extra damage at Galveston, Texas. Approximately 581 deaths were reported in this tragedy.

In countless terrorist attacks, ammonium nitrate was also used. In the City of Oklahoma, the year of 1995, a truck that carries the fertilizer killed 168 people. Bombing in Bali Nightclub, the year of 2002, the substance was handled to kill 202 people. And last 2011, the death of 8 people was reported in the City of Norway (Oslo).

A rule was made reducing the demand for the chemical in 2011 by the Department of Homeland Security.


9. Butane

explosive chemicals

Butane, a gaseous compound that technically came from petroleum. It came from naturally decaying matter that is made by fossil fuels distillation. The main usage of butane are courtyard cooking, camping, and lighters of cigarettes. Vehicles and heating equipment use deliquesce petroleum gas, which is formed by combined butane plus petroleum.

If leakage goes unseen and was inflamed by fire, butane can explode in places that have limited ventilation. Last 2018 6th of March, in the City of Michigan (Greylord), a lab hash of butane exploded. It was suspected by the authority, that the main principal of the crime was creating an undiluted chemical by bursting the plant made from Marijuana with butane.

People who manage the laboratory attained physical trauma. The two-person involved in the crime was sent to the nearest hospital before the officials arrived. Because of their physical injury, the two principals of the crime were transferred to a Specialize Burn Unit via airplane. The apartment that shelters the house was destroyed because of the burst that pushed the apartment’s walls adjacent to their units.

In Singapore, last 2017, a man in his existence of 32nd year had his suicide pursued by financial and relationship issues by inhalation of gas. He lightened the canister of butane in his car with lighter while lighting his cigarette.

The explosion destroyed nine wheels including his Nissan Dualis which he rented. He was proven guilty in doing the action rash for counts of two, one for mischief and four irrelevant cheating infractions.


8. Nitromethane

explosive chemicals

Racing fanatic tested every kind of ammunition and power enhancer to boost the performance of their vehicles for almost 75 years. Nitromethane was considered as the most powerful chemical. To place the machine at the peak of annihilation, a large amount of nitro is needed to equip enough power.

This chemical possessed its oxygen individually. It can ignite even without air makes a possible monopropellant that can lead to combustion even without air. Because of this, it was utilized once as a fuel for rockets. Cleaning the solvent, refining the pesticides, varnishing and medicaments are some of the industrial benefits of nitromethane.

For almost 50 years, the company of Dow Chemical produced nitromethane products. Having a knowledge of its hazardous component is a must and risky conditions must be avoided so that this chemical can be managed safely as per their substance safety assessment. Contamination of acids, amines, bases and other sensitizing substances are constituted in dangerous conditions. If the substance is handled at high pressure and increased temperature it can also be dangerous.

A catastrophic degree of contamination across the air while the nitromethane is evaporating can be easily overtaken in case of a chemical spill. The only thing that should be used to gather and keeping the spill is the burst-proof apparatus.

The toxic level of nitromethane is low. Central Nervous System (CNS) like dizziness, drowsiness, headaches, death, unconsciousness and it also irritates respiratory tract are some it’s effect. In addition, nitromethane can cause cancer according to animal studies.


7. Picric Acid

explosive chemicals

Picric acid is a mass of moist crystal which is color yellow. It became slurry when dumped by mass with water with more or less 10%. If allowed to sear, it can be harmful however having it moist to water lessen the possibility of ignition. Synthetization of dyes matches production and colored glass creation are some of its utilization. Because it’s toxic in nature, picric acid was advised to avoid its usage.

This chemical was engaged in one of the biggest explosion which is man-made before Hiroshima. The USA was exporting weapons to their accomplice in France and Britain all along World War II, year of 1917. 3000 tons of ammunition was placed on a 310 ft (98 m) ship known as SS Mont-Blanc, basically weighing 13 times more the Statue of Liberty. The substance devices that were included are Picric Acid and TNT including Airplane fuel which is 400 barrels, hauled at the very last minute.

That morning, SS Imo which measures 430 Ft (131 M) cargo ship was directed away of Halifax Port. To compensate for the time that was lost since the IMO was delayed, it moved against the law of maritime fleeting slower ships adjacent to its left.

Thus, if you pass on the left just like wheels, someone will move across your lane eventually. This time Mont- Blanc got ahead first. A possible collision was seen by both captains and the two captains frequently blew their horn to argue about who has the right passage. Even though both captains turned their engine in reverse, it was actually too late for the encounter.

Due to the collision, a few barrels of gas were force-out. Ignition of fuel and sparks hitting the deck were the result of resistance in the middle of the ships’ steel frame. Members of the ship who knew the secret content of the ship immediately found their escape by scrambling for lifeboats, paddled on dry land, and ran towards the woods.

Additional 18 minutes, the ship continuously burn. Since it was still early, 9 AM perhaps, an adult moving towards their workplace and kids who will go to school huddle around the harbor to witness the Mont-Blanc burn.

Around 9:04, at 5,472 km per hour (3400 mph), four times more the acceleration of sound, the ship exploded. People nearest the ship were killed and some of them were wrecked by the debris and building that are collapsing. Because of the burst, a gigantic tsunami was created and some people submerged.

An estimation of 2000 people died, 9000 were injured and 25,000 were left roofless. From Mont-Blanc with the distance of 2 mi (3.2 km) away, an anchor was seen. After the Tsunami a shock wave was developed and the plates were awakened in the Prince Edward Island 177 kilometers (110 mi) away.


6. Erythritol Tetranitrate

explosive chemicals

Increased in temperature or percussion can cause concentrated erythritol tetranitrate to explode. To minimize the hazard of explosion, erythritol is mix with lactose. This chemical is typically made in the home by beginner experimenters since its availability is high and has ease of productivity.

Being a vasodilator as one of its action. It helps in widening the blood vessels. One of the active ingredients included in “nitroglyn”, the original maintained tablet is erythritol tetranitrate.

At Northern Ireland, in 2017 of April, a teenager who is at the age of 14 encountered a terrorism allegation. He was charged with having a document which contains the instructions on how to make the chemical and for having submachine gun possession which is called Soviet-era. Prior that year, he was also accused of attempting to own a weapon of 100 rounds.

Court’s bail condition was to ban him to access the computer. However, for study purposes, he was lifted to use the internet. With parents’ guidance or teachers within the school vicinity, he was permitted to utilize the computer between 5:00 PM until 8:00 PM. Intimidation of the third party was actually the teenage boy’s intention.

At Escondido, California, in the year of 2010, a man born in Serbian who is at the age of 54 was taken into custody. Homemade explosives that were found somewhere in the USA were seen under his possession. Explosive substances were found and a floor-ceiling which was made of maze inside his home.

Approximately 9 lbs. (4 kg.) was detonated and evacuated by bomb experts. However, the continuation of it may be too risky given the number of hazardous substances. A firewall of 16 ft. (5 m.) was constructed around the area. With fireman in the vicinity, the house was burned within 30 minutes.

Hexamethylene triperoxide diamine (HTD), erythritol tetranitrate (ET), and pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PT) were hand-down as shoe-bomb airliner pursuit in 2001 are found inside his home. Nine detonators, 13 unfinished shrapnel grenades, human faces molds, a blue shirt of police, and handguns were also found by the officials.

A previous software engineer had been condemned in prison for 30 years due to breaking in 3 banks and making dangerous devices. He was bailed to be in jail for 30 years.


5. Gunpowder

explosive chemicals

The most lethal weapon was made while searching beyond eternity, prior to the atomic bomb. Last AD 850, Chinese scientists invented gunpowder while doing an investigation on deadly elixirs.

Potassium nitrate (a.k.a. saltpeter) was experimented by the discoverer. One person tried to combine it with charcoal and sulfur. After the attempt of the combination (black powder), faces and hands of the scientists were burnt according to a book from the middle of 9th century. Smoke, flames, and ignition of the house was the result of their experimentation.

Up to 13th century, Chinese monopoly was their combustible discovery. Via silk trade ancient route, it proliferated to Europe. From that point on, gunpowder was known worldwide and basically become the ground of every firearm used in battle. It followed by grenades, rifles, cannon, and fiery arrows.

Even though gunpowder is not considered as the most volatile substance available, it is still considered the ground for modernized ammunitions. The cartridge which is self-contained is used to a modern weapon to efficiently package the gunpowder, to project it properly and to ignite the gunpowder in one.

Gunpowder does not easily burn in a confined space that is tightly packed, that’s why it is regarded as “low” ammunition. It usually burns rather than explodes. Last February 2018, near Thiruvalla, India, an illegal storage of gunpowder flared up. Two people died and five were injured even if only burns more than explode.

To offer vedi vazhipadu, the gunpowder was kept in for devotees at the sanctuary. Within the radius of 328 ft (100 M) explosion, buildings’ window panes were destructed.


4. Lead Styphnate

explosive chemicals

A chief explosive device used in compositions in bridge wire that was initiated, primers that is non-corrosive percussion, detonators, and devices that stab-initiated is lead styphnate. This substance is used preferably in all US commercial primer. Since it allows the turnover of heat from a bridge wire, innovates vigorous output, and deflagrates, this substance is extensively used as initiators in military electricity.

Having said that this is very useful electric substance, it’s a lead (heavy metal) containing chemical, that is toxic when released into the surrounding during usage. Among gun enthusiast, lead, a toxic metal, has turned out harsh in health concern.

Since owning firearms is legal in US households, a combination of gunpowder and lead styphnate are commonly used in bullet and gun manufactured products. There is approximately 16000 up to 18000 firing ranges indoor in the USA. One million estimated law enforcement train at the ranges and a number of 20 million practice shooting as one of their hobby.

Using of firearms can lead to poisoning as per research. In shooting ranges, lead exposure from airborne particles and bullets are too dangerous to health if it reaches levels in shooters’ blood.

Primer of the bullet is composed of lead styphnate and lead dioxide approximately 35%. The severe heat that is felt after blasting of bullet annihilate some fragments of the lead, thus after inhalation, it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Dust of lead that comes along in shooters’ clothing can lead to contamination in their home and their vehicle. It can also be transported while eating, smoking or drinking from hand to mouth.

Three people died in Vlasim, Czech Republic last 2015 due to an explosion because of lead styphnate happened at Sellier and Bellot plant ammunition. To investigate the incident, bomb experts were called and used a robot that was designed specifically to ensure their safety.

Huge explosion can happen if lead styphnate engages in static electricity and fire and even in a small amount because it is very sensitive to these two components.

If lead styphnate is dry, immovable discharges can make it continuously explode from the entire human body. Cartridges of greater than two million were produced by Sellier and Bellot a day and they also exported 30% of weapons to North America.


3. Nitrocellulose

explosive chemicals

Nitric acid that reacts with cellulose produces nitrocellulose. If nitrogen content exceeds a percent of 12.6, Nitrocellulose can be classified as an explosive. This chemical exhibit low toxicity and considered as highly flammable.

Within the 19th century, nitrocellulose has been used in explosives, fireworks, nail polish, plastic, paint, propellants, medicaments, balls of ping-pong, gunpowder without smoke, paper flash and more. In the previous days, it also benefits film production, photography, and x-ray.

In a factory of chemicals at Tianjin, China, a series of explosions occurred. 173 died or nowhere to be found people, 12000 crashed cars, 300 crashed buildings and 1.1 billion dollars economic losses in this tragedy. It was considered the most devastating accident in country’s history.

Most people who died are fireman and policeman, some of them were not retrieved. The origin of explosion according to an investigation was nitrocellulose. The main reason for the explosion is because the component was ignited and the flame spreads thoroughly to the fertilizer of ammonium nitrate.

49 government official and staff were arrested for being involved in the firm’s illegal operation. To escape to illegal business practices, Logistics chairman Ruihai was convicted of bribes payment. He is also the primary reason why safety regulations for keeping hazardous chemical were “sidestepped”.

Suspended death notice from authority was received by the head of the chemical factory. Power abuse to illegal storage of dangerous chemical were some of the charges that were accused to others.


2. Acetone Peroxide

explosive chemicals

In 2005, the chemical to cause the government of United Kingdom to grasp down “internet abuse” was acetone peroxide. Via internet, instructions in making a bomb were found and it was recognized as a serious hazard.

To identify the individuals’ responsibility and to tackle the sites, the spokesperson of the Home Office worked with G8 and European partners. According to the Act of Preparatory of Terrorism offense that was made this year, anyone caught to download and follow the tutorials in bomb-making will be accused guilty.

When mixed in the right proportion, common ingredients seen in the household can produce crystals – acetone peroxide which is color white like antiseptics, bleach, and powerful drain unblockers. Products for First Aid and cosmetics are also its purposes. Acetone peroxide was considered as the suicide bomber’s firearm of choice since it’s easily accessible.

Triacetone peroxide (TATP) is the right name for acetone peroxide chemically. Among Islamic extremists, another name for TATP is “Mother of Satan. Wrong usage of the substance was the cause of dozens of deaths and devastating instability. With high sensitivity to friction, heat, and shock mechanically, TATP has powerful explosion close to TNT.

In the attacks of Paris terrorist happened last 2015, Triacetone Peroxide was used. 130 people died and 99 were injured in the setting off explosive packed bomb vest by seven out of eight terrorists. TATP was the secret ingredient in making bombs for having the quality of ironic detection, it may be easy or hard to detect. Last 2001, it was used by not-so-famous “shoe bomber”. In London, Texas City, and Oklahoma, the strike of TATP occurred later in the year 2005 and the year 2006.


1. Nitroglycerin


Nitroglycerin makes the heart pump smoothly due to its capacity to widen the blood vessels. It’s frequently used in preventing or treating chest pain and usually acts as a vasodilator.

Bloody diarrhea, confusion, cold skin, dizziness, fever, fainting, headache, increased heart rate, difficulty in breathing, seizures vomiting, and even death were some of the effects when the chemical was an overdose. Quick and crucial blood pressure decrease may happen if nitroglycerin and erectile dysfunction medicine are used at the same time.

Using nitroglycerin alone can be a medication for erectile dysfunction. 220 male volunteers were experimented to use the gel product and nitroglycerin was the secret ingredient. By applying a pea size of gel among 50% of the attendees, the gel can make the erection 12 times quicker compared to Viagra, within five minutes as per UK researchers. After ten minutes, 70% of them had their erection.

Erectile dysfunction affects 40% of American with past 40 of age. 30 up to 60 minutes time is needed for Viagra and medications to relieve impotence to be effective. With the help of this explosive substance, a number of male individuals can be delighted.

The drugs were reported to be ineffective according to men of 30% who have used it. A headache and stomach upset are some of the complaints. The gel would be an alternative for this and researchers are finding their way to twist the formula of the gel to eliminate its side effect like a headache. By 2019, the gel can be available commercially.

Nitroglycerin technically used as an explosive aside from its medical elements. Ascano Sobero made the nitroglycerin, which became the first ever vigorous substance compare to black powder in 1846. After a detailed study, the first one to discover nitroglycerin on the scale industrially was Alfred Nobel.

His first major discovery was a cap that is blasted, wooden plug that was sufficiently filled by gunpowder, that can explode when lightning a fuse. For the nitroglycerine that is surrounded to blast, his invention was technically used.

To enhance mining ammunition was Alfred Nobel’s priority. Combined Kieselguhr and nitroglycerin and which can be turned out to kneadable paste was his most important invention.

To be suited for infusion to drill holes, the paste was rod in shape. Nobel entitled the paste dynamite and he invented a cap that is blasted that allows explosion under contained conditions.

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