10 Happiest Countries in the World

Maybe your idea of happiness is a fresh beach off the Maldives, a cup of vintage wine on the Bahamas or an unanticipated hotel upgrade. But what about the joy and delight of a country?

For the past years, United Nations used the data by the independent survey group Gallup in reporting ranks of countries on how joyful their citizens are based on revenue, liberty, trust, healthy life expectation, social assistance, liberality and interpretation of corruption.

Below are the 10 happiest countries worldwide.

10. Austria

Austria has been chosen to be the tenth happiest country because of its attractive mountain village, rich history, bizarre architecture, and refreshing mountain air. Many classical composers and waltz were born in Austria. The locals benefit from the rich culture of the country and superb social life.

Happiest Countries - Austria

9. Canada

The country has sublime valleys, sparkling lakes, and crisp pine forests. Canada is known for its sweetness because of the maple syrup. Even the people in the city are the happiest on the planet. This country in the north of America is excellent in providing healthcare, stable infrastructure, and the rate of unemployment is very low.

Happiest Countries - Canada

8. New Zealand

New Zealand was chosen as the setting of the box office and mythical movie Lord of the Rings because the country has the best lush wide pastures and stunning ravines. Aside from nature, other factors make the country one of the happiest. New Zealand encountered a devastating earthquake and terrorist attack, but it did not break the uniting Kiwi community’s resilience.

Happiest Countries - New Zealand

7. Sweden

The stylish design, clear coastal air, and a united community are the best of Scandinavia. Nordic countries are known for their strong emphasis on physical and mental wellness and Sweden is an example. Also, Sweden is very supportive of sporting activities during public holidays.

Happiest Countries - Sweden

6. Switzerland

A vacation in Switzerland is not only about hot cheese, melted chocolate and alpine pastures. Dig down, and you’ll discover that it’s has a tough community spirit, good family values, and fun outdoor life. Even though foreigners may not accept the strict rules and regulations in Switzerland, it is justifiable because the country has excellent healthcare, efficient public transport, and a lower crime rate.

Happiest Countries - Switzerland

5. Netherlands

There is a lot in the Netherlands than water channels, canals, beautiful tulip flowers, and windmill alone. It’s a growing, environment-friendly nation sparkling with political liberty, social equality, present time creativity. The diverse nation scored mostly well on immigrant happiness and on the top rank concerning life expectancy.

Happiest Countries - Netherlands

4. Iceland

Iceland is a majestic site because of its spectacular view of volcanoes, hot springs, and lava fields. The country is also tagged as one of the happiest countries in the world. The country is a great place to live because, aside from its striking nature, the place is very clean, plus social equality is present.

Happiest Countries - Iceland

3. Norway

Norway has a fair welfare system and excellent social equality, the reason it got the third spot. The country has an ideal setting of well-known pastimes like fishing, hiking, and skiing because of the beautiful mountain range, breathtaking glaciers, and deep seaside fjord.

Happiest Countries - Norway


With the country’s stable government, minimized level of corruption, and high caliber education and health system, Denmark is consistently on the list of the happiest countries in the world. A lot of people argue that it’s a more Danish concept that contributes to its advantage. Danish ‘hygge‘ refers to pleasant and harmonious experiences such as family gatherings like a picnic and a glass of wine with close friends.

Happiest Countries - Denmark

1. Finland

Regardless of not having the biggest GDP of the Nordic countries, Finland won the happiness list. Its strong social safety net, personal liberty, and best work-life balance give it an advantage in its nearby Scandinavian countries. Some say it’s because of the nation’s passion for nature and the outdoors, while others said its happiness depends on its culture of being kind to others.

Happiest Countries - Finland

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