10 Health Benefits of Regular Milk consumption

Milk: an individual’s initial food. Milk has been long believed to be a source of good health and is the inevitable component of human life. All of us are bound to consume it either in its pure form or in some form of its derivatives and items made of it. It is in a regular consumption fashion when young, however; as people grow they tend to devour it in lesser amounts for the fear of increasing fat in their diet. But most of us are unaware about the abundant benefits milk has in store for us. Let’s have a look at the pros of this salubrious liquor.

milk consumption

  1. Enhances complexion.

Milk helps keep skin agile, soft and glowing. All types of milk contain lactic acid and vitamins A and D which do wonders for the skin.  Lactic acid found in milk helps even skin tone and keeps the skin soft and smooth. Vitamin D which is an antioxidant helps in the growth of skin cells. Both retinol and beta-carotene forms of vitamin A help make the skin glow. Even a lot of cosmetic companies use vitamin A for their face products. To avail of this benefit, one must consume at least two glasses of milk every day.

milk consumption

  1. Fertility booster.

Surprised? Yes, milk does boost fertility. Regular consumption of whole milk reduces the risk of infertility in women. The calcium and vitamin D in low-fat milk do not get properly absorbed and thus deteriorate reproductive health. Avoid skimmed milk as it is devoid of the milk’s female hormones which are bound to milk fat and provides only the male and sex-neutral hormones. This interferes with the mechanism of ovulation causing fertility problems.

milk consumption

  1. Benevolent for Skincare.

Milk is an invincible treatment for dry skin. The milk solids help smoothen the skin. The lactic acid present in milk alleviates in removing the dead skin cells thereby brightening the skin. The antioxidants present in the milk help eliminate the free radicals which are the hazardous by-product of cellular metabolism. These free radicals are culpable for premature aging of the skin which results in wrinkles and age spots. So, ladies milk should be your true best friend to delay the signs of aging.

milk consumption

  1. Reduces stress and depression.

Milk is the most recent cure for stress. The protein, lactium found in milk has been found to have calming effects on the body by lowering blood pressure and decreasing levels of cortisol which is a hormone that the body releases under stress. Milk works as a stress reliever by allaying muscle tension. Vitamin D is known to elevate the production of serotonin, hormone related with mood, appetite and sleep.

milk consumption

  1. Assuages PMS symptoms.

PMS refers to the physical and emotional symptoms that ensue one to two weeks before the onset of menstruation. Recent studies show that milk relaxes the body and curtail the negative effects that women suffer during their menstrual cycle. These studies suggest that calcium and vitamin D reduce the risk of encountering PMS and its severity and for that milk is the best food to bank upon. About four serving of skim or low-fat milk per day can considerably lower the risk of developing PMS in women.

milk consumption

  1. Interim Antacid.

Many foods contain acids that may cause heartburn to some people. The simplest remedy is to drink a glass of plain ice cold milk. The thick consistency and cooling nature of milk help glaze the esophagus and stomach lining to prevent heartburn. Milk is a weak acid and acts a buffer. As a result, when milk acid and stomach acid combine, the resulting mixture is less acidic than the stomach acid which gives relief. However, not everyone can be given milk for heartburn as some people might be allergic to the same.

milk consumption

  1. Boon for hair.

Hair is made of proteins and milk is rich in casein and whey both of which can benefit your hair. Whey protein helps prevent hair loss, strengthen it and assists in growing faster. Casein contains hefty amounts of the amino acid glutamine that stimulates the growth of hair follicles. Both these proteins help make the hair strong and shiny. Moisturizing scalp with milk makes it strong and hair healthy preventing hair fall and damage.

milk consumption

  1. Aids Muscle growth.

Milk is terrific for improving muscle growth and the credit goes to the proteins found in milk in copious amounts. Whey protein and casein are high-quality proteins so they make an ideal blend for the growth of muscles. Whey protein is an ideal protein for those who workout as it is often referred to as a “fast protein” because it breaks down into amino acids quickly and gets absorbed into the bloodstream. Milk also helps forestall muscle soreness and replenish the fluids that get lost during physical work.

milk consumption

  1. Manna for blood pressure and heart health.

Hypertension is guilty for innumerable deaths and disabilities worldwide. Several milk components are vital in blood pressure management. Minerals like calcium, magnesium and potassium help regulate blood pressure. The most important of all are the bioactive peptides found in casein and whey protein. These produce the inhibitory effect which is a key process in blood pressure control. Most experts suggest DASH diets to those who suffer from hypertension which has approximately 3 servings of milk every day.

milk consumption

  1. Makes teeth and bones strong

Teeth require calcium and that is what exactly milk offers in abundance. But one must remember to fortify milk with vitamin D which boosts the absorption of calcium. Besides this milk contains multiple proteins that are crucial for oral health. Casein which comprises of 80% of milk protein helps repair the cavities. It averts the clinging of cavity-causing bacteria to the tooth surface. Other components like whey protein, lysozyme and several antibodies are known for their antibacterial activities. They nor only prevent bacterial attachment but even help avoid demineralization which is essential to guard against dental caries. Regular physical activity along with a complete no to smoking and incorporating a diet low in sodium and high in potassium contribute to overall effect of milk on bone health and a reduced risk of osteoporosis.


Milk is a blessing in disguise, a better alternative for energy drinks which are no doubt good but not natural. One must consume at least 3 glasses of milk everyday irrespective of their age. Children and elderly should make it a point not to miss out on this benign liquid as it is just one of its kinds. However, one must avoid its consumption if allergic to milk as it may have fatal effects. In such a case it is always advisable to abide by the other dairy products which bestow on us similar perks. With such power packed benefits of this nature’s manna embrace it as your best friend and see it do wonders for your health and beauty.

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