10 Healthy Foods to Add to your Keto Diet

Whenever someone hears the term keto diet, big consumption of butter and bacon is always what comes to their mind. However, if you really want to get and maximize the benefits of the said diet, you must include these 10 foods.

A ketogenic diet or most commonly known as the keto diet, is a high fat, low carbohydrate and moderate to low protein diet. When you reduce your carbohydrates intake, your body will be in ketosis, which is a metabolic state where the body uses ketones as a source of energy instead of glucose, which is what the body is used to.

It is important to choose the right and healthy foods to eat when you’re in a keto diet. Yes, you can consume a little carb and lots of fat by eating cream, bacon or sausages but this isn’t healthy and sustainable. It can cause carcinogenic and even inflammation.

1. Eggs

Foods to Add to your Keto Diet - eggs

Eggs are what they call superfood because of the nutrients they offer, making it a perfect food for the ketogenic diet. Egg contains 6 grams of protein, less than 1 gram of carbs, antioxidants and other nutrients.

2. Low carb vegetables

Foods to Add to your Keto Diet - cauliflower

Vegetables are a great source of minerals, vitamins and fibre. You can use cauliflowers, spinach and zucchini as a replacement for your starchy food. These are a must-have in our menu and are needed for a healthy colon and gut.

3. Meat and poultry

Foods to Add to your Keto Diet - meat and poultry

To get the most of the benefit, choose organic and grass-fed meat and poultry. These are great sources of fat and protein. One hundred grams of liver can supply 50 percent of daily mineral and vitamin requirements.

4. Avocados

Foods to Add to your Keto Diet - avocados

Avocados are high in fat and potassium content and are low in carbs. You can add this to your usual salad for additional nutrients and benefits.

5. Seafood

Foods to Add to your Keto Diet - seafood

Seafood is also a great source of protein, mostly fish. Aside from that, they are also a great source of healthy fat. Sardines, mackerel and salmon are some examples of seafoods that you must include in your diet.

6. Coconut and Olive Oil

Foods to Add to your Keto Diet - olive oil

Medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs are fatty acids that may help you lose weight; these MCTs can be found on coconuts. You can add coconut or olive oil for cooking, baking and cold dishes on your diet to lose some weight-ketones are converted quickly that other fatty acids on these oil.

7. Nuts and Seeds

Foods to Add to your Keto Diet - nuts and seeds

If you are looking for a snack or some toppings for your salad that couldn’t ruin your keto diet, you could use some seeds and nuts. You wouldn’t have to worry for carbs, these are also high in fiber and fat. You can use ground nuts for baking instead of using typical flour. Use almond meal, olive oil, eggs and zucchini for healthy zucchini bread.

8. Konjac Noodles

Foods to Add to your Keto Diet - konjac noodles

Noodles with almost zero carbs and calories are excellent partners that you could add to your keto diet.

9. Berries

Foods to Add to your Keto Diet - berries

Berries are high in antioxidants and fiber and also low in carbs. A perfect match for your keto sweet delicacy – especially when you blend or put them in your coconut cream or yogurt,

10. Cocoa powder and Dark chocolate

Foods to Add to your Keto Diet - cocoa powder and dark chocolate

Food with high percent of cocoa is most suitable for you, especially for your keto diet. You can start consuming 80 percent of cocoa first to get used to its taste but a 100 percent cocoa is preferably best for you. They contain antioxidants and other good stuff for you, though it is best to consume limited amounts on your occasional threats.

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