10 Important Travel Tips for First Time Backpackers

“WE TRAVEL NOT ESCAPE FROM LIFE BUT FOR LIFE NOT TO ESCAPE US”. Sometimes I really wonder what life would be without travelling. Each one of us have perceptions related to travelling some travel to experience, some in search of solace and some due to WANDERLUST. For me travelling is a medium to experience life and self-improvement. But this means of self-improvement and self -exploration needs a proper planning and organisation. Planning a trip with a family can be fun but travelling alone can be journey full of experiences and learning. If you actually give a thought about travelling alone to some place this itself indicates that you have the courage to say “I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF ON MY OWN.” Oh wait! Have you taken the decision to travel and don’t know what are goodies that you have to carry along? I can help. If you are excited about the independent trip decision that you have taken and you are a new bee in the travel world and want to enjoy your travel without the pricks of gravel you need to keep in mind some daily life hacks to make the memories of first trip everlasting in a good sense.

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Before I advise you about what all you should keep in your bags before travelling, travellers must know what kind of bags they should buy for travelling purpose. Buy a bag that has good capacity and separate pockets for different purposes, this divides the weight and you find it easy to carry. Check the strings and zippers of the bag. Your bag must be water-proof and should have expanding capability along with the cushioning effect to make to feel comfortable while carrying it.

While packing your bag your aim should be pack as light as possible. Choose your clothes wisely. Instead of carrying Jeans carry convertible pants you can zip them off from the knee area to make them shorts and they get dry easily as compared to denims. Full or mid-cut boots are the traditional backpacking choices. You can even get hiking shoes or even trail-runners. These types of shoes can tolerate any type of surface. Getting other type of footwear can tire you up easily and can also get useless very soon.

Many people amongst us want to travel but the question that comes to their mind in the very first place is about HYGIENE. “WILL I BE ABLE TO MAINTAIN MY HYGIENE EVEN DURING THE TRIPS?” for all such people here are some advices. Carrying everything that you use at your place is surely not a good measure. Our home is our personal space where we are the kings and queens but while packing for a trip you need to be smart. Carry a sanitiser in your hand bag, you are not going to get water every day and everywhere. Carry wet tissues, facial wipes and napkins for instant “DRY CLEANING” of yourself if you don’t get enough water to bath. Try to stay as clean as possible.

No one really knows what next is coming in your way especially if you are travelling alone. You may get help from different people but read the sentence carefully there is a “may” in between which means you are still not sure about getting help. So just don’t be dependent on that “someone” and carry a first aid kit and emergency medicines along with you. See a doctor before the trip so that he can guide you well about maintaining your health. I can really understand we all are super talented and some of us believe in “TAKE THE MEDICINE AND KICK THE PAIN” But again I would say don’t be a “NEEM HAKEEM KHATRA E JAAN” (self-proclaimed doctor) and let the specialist do his/her job. For the people who are suffering from hypertension and diabetes please carry emergency stashes of your medicines and for all the travellers do carry sprays, ointments, antiseptics, bandages, doctor tapes etc. and keep them on a safely don’t put heavy loads on them to squeeze them up before using. Don’t be careless towards your health.

We all are aware about the cases of thefts and burglary. The act of snatching is again something which is very common be that any country or state or just a random place. Be a smart packer. Don’t keep all the money at one place. Keep emergency stashes of money along with you, this will help you not only when thefts or something like that happen but will also help if you face the shortage of money anywhere. And even if acts like thefts or burglary takes place at least you would have that much amount that you can return back to your place safely. And for “Shopaholics” these emergency stashes can help you too.

You must carry a sewing kit along with you if you actually want to avoid the cat and mouse chase with tailors of the new place. Oh-Oh but the male stereotypes while find it difficult to pick up thread and needle as they are the daily jobs of a “Woman” and how can they do it being a “MAN.” Am I right? Anyways just forget them. Make sure your bag has one otherwise get ready to fight with buttons or get a habit of wearing shirts and pants without buttons and hooks.

First ever trips are always very interesting as they are the first step of your exposure. I think all of us plan such trips to enjoy and nobody goes there just to show off the stuff we have. Please carry only those things which are actually required and also keep an eye on the quantity of things while packing your bag for the first time. Keep only that much clothes which you yourself can afford to carry, learn washing cloths while taking shower or in the sink. This will save your time and effort both. Do not carry unnecessary beauty products or cloths with you instead of that carry that stuff that weighs less. Be travel SMART.

Some people while reading the sub-heading might think that the column is for the female travellers, for them, guys this is not only for the female travellers but for all. Carry pepper sprays, cutters or you may try some kitchen hacks carry a lemon or dry chilli powder with you. You might use them while preparing your instant food which is must and for protecting yourself too.
People take too much time in preparing food taking packets of instant food with you can save your time and can surely satisfy your hunger. Carry water containers and don’t throw them after using once, you can refill them and save your money.

When you are new to a place you can easily get strayed and you might realise when it’s too late. Always carry a route map, flashlight and compass to give to give you accurate directions. These things can really save your time and effort.

Carrying a tent and a sleeping bag with you is great indeed. Try carrying foldable air sleeping bags so that you don’t have to carry extra weight throughout the day. Taking rest after long and a tiring day is important after all. Tent will protect you from the outside weather.

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