10 Perks of Dating an Introvert

What are the perks of dating an introvert, you ask? Here is a list that will answer all your questions on this important topic.

Yes, they are awfully quiet and shy, but if you have an introvert for a partner, you are lucky. To extroverts, they might seem aliens from another planet but the truth is that they are simply people who have their own needs. Introverts are highly mistaken people, their silence is often taken for arrogance and their denial to go out might seem rude. But they simply wish for the extroverts to understand them and their needs to spend some time alone. While extroverts gather their energy from others, introverts draw their energy from themselves.

1. They are supportive and sensitive

Dating an Introvert

An introvert will never leave you on your own, if you trust them enough to tell them about your problems, you can trust them to stick to you through thick and thin. They will be ever supportive and will try to help in every way that is possible for them. You can always count on them and you will never be disappointed. They are the ones who will find their happiness in yours and will always cherish your happiness and share your gloom. You will never find yourself alone in any situation and they will never let you feel low about anything, they will understand your situation and act accordingly.

2. They are readers and sometimes writers

Dating an Introvert

Interestingly, introverts are bookworms and you will always find them obsessing over books. They like to curl up in a corner with a good book; how is that a perk, you ask? They will always have something delightful to say to sweep you off your feet and words that are full of wisdom. They will give you the best advice over everything and you can talk to them about almost everything. An introvert partner is no less than a miniature library. And, they sometimes tend to be writers; they will write sweet nothings for you, which will make your day and describe things in a way you could have never thought.

3. They are keen-eyed

Dating an Introvert

Though their eyesight is as good as yours, they can see things that you don’t. They have a curious gaze; they will look at you like you are some wonder on this earth and will tell you things that you didn’t know about yourself. You will discover something new about yourself very often and when you’ll see things from their eyes, everything will seem different. Their perception about things will be different and you’ll be amazed at how they can associate so many thoughts with simple things in life.

4. They aren’t quitters

Dating an Introvert

Introverts have a hard time fitting in socially. They aren’t very good at socializing and making friends. What’s piece of cake to extroverts is a struggle for introverts. They don’t have many friends as they are very selective about the company they want to keep. However, if you are among their chosen friends, they will put their best efforts in bonding with you. They will be your friend in true terms and will never leave you. You might have your differences with them, but they will try their best to sort out those differences and will never quit on you. They will value your relationship with them and return the favor by being an inseparable part of your life. If you have an introvert for a partner, you can be sure of their commitment and their loyalty towards you.

5. They are attentive

Dating an Introvert

Once you are a part of an introvert’s life, you will have their undivided attention. Whether you want to talk to them or simply hang out with them, you will notice that they will never waver from you and will focus on your presence. One thing you can be sure of is that, you will never be taken for granted. For them, you are one of the few people they are comfortable with, and they will direct all their energies towards you. They will appreciate all of your efforts whether they are big or small and you will never feel left out with them.

6. They are one-person people

Dating an Introvert

When they tell you how important you are to them, listen to them carefully, because they are speaking with soul on their lips. Their heart and soul will be dedicated to you in every way and they will never divert from you. All they need is a single person to share their thoughts, emotions and life with, they will confide in you and find a home in you and dwell in it. And if you are that person, you can have full faith in their loyalty. The thought of cheating on you will never occur to them as you are the most important person in their life and losing you will cost them more than you will ever know. They will be like clear water to you, there will be no mind games from their side and will keep everything out in the open.

7. They are patient listener

dating an introvert

Sometimes you don’t need words of wisdom, but a shoulder to lean on and a person to listen about your bad day. Introverts are the people to-go; they are patient listeners and they are all yours when you need some solace. They know when to use words and when to stay silent. They will not judge you on your mistakes and will never turn deaf ears when you need them to listen to you. What can be better than a partner who understands your needs and knows how to respond to them.

8. They are possessive

dating an introvert

Yes, they are the kind of people who tend to get possessive. They will absolutely adore you and will keep you to themselves. Just a mere sight of you with someone else can upset them to the core. They will try their best to the ideal partner for you and will shower you with their care and concerns about you, but they may get jealous easily when they will find that someone has been trying to get near to you. Yet even so, they will not plunder your personal space. They will be cool-headed about everything and will adjust with your needs.

9. They are unpredictable

dating an introvert

Their mind is full of thoughts and day dreams. They keep thinking about far-away things and have their own theories about everything. You can never guess what is going in their mind and what are they up to. They have a creative bone in them and they are always trying to figure out ways to surprise you. They can act silly with you or take your hand to lead you to dance (of course, only when you are alone); there will be a little touch of unpredictability in their actions when they get comfortable with you.

10. They are thoughtful. 

dating an introvert

Introverts will always think a thousand times before acting in a situation. Fights with them will be more like an intense discussion over a certain topic and instead of yelling at you, they will speak calmly and make their point. They will weigh their words before saying anything and the conversation that you are having with them might be well rehearsed by them in their mind. There will always a reason behind why did or say something to you. While you are worrying about where the relationship is going, they are already thinking of ways to save it.

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