10 Powerful Colors that Increase Sales and Why

Marketing enthusiastic, graphic designer and advertising experts are aware that color is a key factor for the success of any campaign in marketing. There are several colors that evoke particular emotions and would stir patrons to purchase a particular product or allow them to frequent a particular business establishment. Here are ten colors that can truly contribute to the success of one’s business.

1. Red

There is power in red color! It attracts people and allows them to be mesmerized by it. No wonder, it is the favorite among all colors for any marketing campaign. Chinese must know it very well.

Colors Increase Sales - red


2. Blue

Blue evokes trustworthiness and coolness, especially when mixed with complimentary colors. In any business, trust is a must. Go for blue.

Colors that Increase Sales - blue


3. Green

Green, as we all agree, is soothing to the eyes. It also connotes life and well-being. Best of all, it can mean wealth to many whose color of money is green!

Colors that Increase Sales - green


4. Gold

Gold is the color of opulence. It evokes power, prestige, elegance and wealth. It can be truly attractive to customers, as well.

Colors that Increase Sales - gold


5. Pink

Pink is something that never goes out of style among the girls, of course. Think of the iconic Hello Kitty? This lovely hue is, no doubt, every girl’s color.

Colors that Increase Sales - pink


6. Black

Black is beautiful, so to speak and it holds true even as a hue, as it can be matched with a variety of colors and would still look good and attractive. Versatile as it is, black can be classy and exudes sophistication, too.

Colors that Increase Sales - black


7. Purple

If you want your marketing campaign to have a touch of class and royalty, purple is the best choice for you, especially when mixed with a tinge of gold.


Colors that Increase Sales - purple


8. Orange

Orange is tantamount to energy and vigor. It is very attractive and vibrant and gives customers that feeling of being simply cool and fun.

Colors that Increase Sales - orange


9. Yellow

Yellow evokes confidence in one’s abilities; hence, it is a powerful color, too. But a word of caution though as yellow also connotes treachery.

Colors that Increase Sales - yellow


10. Brown

Brown may not be very common but it is a comfort hue as it is an earthly tone. And comfort means relaxation.

Colors that Increase Sales - brown

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