10 Precautions and Remedies for Cervical Pain

The long hours of sitting in office glued in front of the computer can be very exhausting. Your condition simply worsens if your tiredness is accompanied by pain around your neck area caused by the extreme strain. The pain could be anywhere around your neck, it can be the jaws, or head, or the upper area of the spine. This is referred to as cervical pain. It can be one debilitating experience to deal with given the fact that you cannot take leaves and holidays because of your cervical pain. It would hence be better to opt for precautions and remedies to tackle the effects of the same. Here are 10 ways to help you deal with the problem. Remember, late is better than never.

Remedies for Cervical Pain

  1. Say bye to that thick pillow

You might be sleeping on a thick fluffy pillow, much larger for your head, every night. That for sure must be feeling nice, but it becomes one of the main reasons for the deep shooting pain that you feel in your shoulders and neck region the next morning. Always prefer using a thin pillow, one which will not cause your head to be laid in an elevated position. And, if possible do not use a pillow at all. Of course coming to that would be a long procedure. If brought into a habit, it would save you from a lot of pain.

Remedies for Cervical Pain

  1. Avoid wrongs sitting positions

Reading while lying on the bed, or sitting on the bed with a laptop in your laps causes muscular strain and discomfort. Opt for a table while working on a laptop. Your main motive should be to prevent your spine from stooping for long hours. While sitting adopt a straight posture without allowing your back to be bent. Initially, it might be painful sitting in an erect stature, but you have to transcend into healthy habits before it is too late.

Remedies for Cervical Pain

  1. Take little breaks

A 9-6 job becomes very tiring after a certain point of time. Your enthusiasm might be high initially, but you see it fading away slowly, all because you cannot help feeling strained and lethargic. Your body feels stiff and your muscles hurt, having sat in the same position for multiple hours continuously. Well, here’s a little tip. Take a five to ten-minute break every two hours. Grab a coffee or take a walk in the office lobby. That would give you a chance to stretch your body, and your muscles would get a chance to stay off from strains.

Remedies for Cervical Pain

  1. Do a small exercise

No, we are not talking about doing those twisting exercises, but a simple one to relax your cervical cords from the hours of torcher. All you are required to do is to move your head in a circular manner, first clockwise and then anti-clockwise. Then, tilt it left and right, stopping for few seconds at each tilt. Repeat the process for forward and backward tilt. This simple exercise would help you keep at bay from the muscular pull. If possible stay away from using soft cushioned seats.

Remedies for Cervical Pain

  1. Hot bags or ice

This is an old technique. People suffering from swellings as a result of injuries tend to use ice or hot water bags to reduce the pain and swelling. Even in intense cervical pain, you can opt for either of the two, depending on your preference. Use it on the paining area for about 15-20 minutes at a stretch. It is not a remedy from permanent relaxation from cervical pain. These methods could rather be looked upon as emergency tools when the pain escalates and becomes unbearable.

Remedies for Cervical Pain

  1. Change your mattress

That soft feathery mattress that you like to submerge in every night will have to be put away. It causes your spinal disc to be in an uncomfortable position. What is required of you is to allow your back and neck to have a firm support even while sleeping?  Get a firm mattress to sleep on. That might be a slightly difficult adjustment to slide in. But once you get into the habit of sleeping on a comparatively harder mattress, you’ll realize that early morning muscular pain and stiffness fading away gradually.

Remedies for Cervical Pain

  1. See a Chiropractor

Chiropractors are like therapists or more of a physiotherapist to provide you relief from your muscular or cervical ailments.  They practice hands-on spinal manipulation and a host of other treatments. Their main purpose is to put the patient’s body’s musculoskeletal structure in correct alignment, mainly the spine. This would help your bent spinal cord to be relaxed and lie in an erect posture. They try to restore the mobility in your joints which have been hampered by stressful sitting positions for long or any other injury. Go and see a chiropractor if you feel that any other remedy is not being able to bring relief to your hurting spine.

Remedies for Cervical Pain

  1. Wear neck collars

If you already are suffering from cervical pain, then wear a collar. It would support your neck and keep it in a neutral position which is exactly what you require. The muscular spasm needs to be kept in check from escalating any further. Not wearing a collar would aggravate your condition. If sitting in a low-temperature room or one which is highly air conditioned, wear a high collar shirt or sweater beneath. Often one suffers muscular spasms and stiffness due to cold and low temperature. Avoid sitting directly in front of the air conditioner for long hours.

Remedies for Cervical Pain

  1. Massaging with oil

This is one easy and effective home remedy. Warm mustard oil, olive oil or liquid paraffin should be used. You need to massage the ailing area thoroughly with either of the above-mentioned ingredients. Massage daily for two-three times a day. Continue this for three-four days until you receive relief and relaxation from your cervical pain. For quicker results, you may also apply pain relief gel that is easily available in chemist shops.

Remedies for Cervical Pain

  1. Avoid lifting heavy objects

If you are already undergoing cervical pain, then refrain from picking up heavy objects. There should be no pressure on your spine as that would trigger further problems. Carry a light backpack while going to work. Avoid bending with a sudden jerk while attempting to pick up something. Bend slowly towards the object and get up slowly as well.  Ideally, you should try to squat while picking up something and then get up.

You need not rely on drugs and surgeries while you still stand the chance of improvising your condition by following these simple yet effective measures as precautions and remedies for your cervical pain. With slight adjustments in your diet and lifestyle, you’d be able to get rid of your complaints.

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