10 Qualities that Make You the Ideal Boyfriend Material

While every woman has different preferences when it comes to their ideal boyfriend material, there are some common qualities that they are expecting from men to be a boyfriend material.

Men often claim that women are hard to comprehend but actually, they’re not. Women have a checklist of key characteristics of men that they date to see if they’ve passed the test of being a boyfriend. These qualities are straightforward, every man can do it though it might require a little practice.

1. Good Hygiene

Good hygiene is necessary. If you want to impress a woman, better take a good shower, brush and floss your teeth well, and use deodorant before going on a date. Although some pheromones may turn out to be a turn on, BO is definite not! Taking care of your self, home or your car is vital if you want to show to the girl that she is respected.

Qualities of Ideal Boyfriend - Good Hygiene



2. Honesty

Today where there are a lot of players, be the guy who can be trusted. Women love honesty even in simple things like being truthful about your feelings, honesty in time and fulfilling things that you told her you would do.

Qualities of Ideal Boyfriend - Honesty


3. Attention

Women, generally, are vocal. They love engaging in a conversation. So men should care for their women genuinely listen to them, giving full attention instead of lapping up to whatever she says. Learn how to keep the conversation going the opposite sex with these tips

Qualities of Ideal Boyfriend - Attention


4. Sensitivity

You need not express your emotions constantly; however, you must allow her to see your softer side even you’re concealing it from others.

Qualities of Ideal Boyfriend - Sensitivity


5. Humor

Women love men who can make them laugh and can show them the brighter aspect of life. Not only help them to boost your confidence and make you happy but you also let her regard you as a true friend or even better as a lover.

Qualities of Ideal Boyfriend - Humor


6. Integrity

Man with principles, values and who stands up and defends their beliefs are respected and admired by women. Some women are not all into a man’s physique and strength but every woman loves men who can protect her, defend her and be there for her when she needed somebody.

Qualities of Ideal Boyfriend - Integrity


7. Respect

Women, even how feminine or liberated they are, love men to treat them with respect. Which means caring and thinking about her feelings and supporting her.

Qualities of Ideal Boyfriend - Respect


8. Desire

Women love to be admired by their men, and women will lose attention to a man who only desires her in bed. So, let her feel that you desire her because you love her and not just because of what you can get from her. You can express this by showing affection and by giving her compliments.

Qualities of Ideal Boyfriend - Desire


9. Thoughtfulness

Offering help and doing simple tasks even if she doesn’t ask for help. Also, letting her know that you’re thinking about her and making her feel that you also care for things in her life. These are some ways you can show your thoughtfulness.

Qualities of Ideal Boyfriend - Thoughtfulness


10. Willingness to Commit

Some women like men who are unavailable emotionally but for women who want a serious relationship, they want someone who can commit. Being on time, sticking to your promises, consistency of your feelings, stability and consistency with your family, friends and in your work can assure her that she can depend on you.

Qualities of Ideal Boyfriend - Willingness to commit

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