10 Qualities you can Inculcate to become more Humble and Nice Person

The crudity of life and the various situations that it puts you in, tends to make you arrogant. You end up becoming harsh and mean to others. Their life and emotions become of least importance to you for you are so consumed by your own set of issues. While you are out there not being able to dine at your favorite restaurant for as long as a month, there would be somebody next to you who might be thinking how to get hold on the next meal of the day. While you are busy being moody and cranky, somebody might be figuring out how to feed his hungry stomach. The least you can do here is widen your perspective and look around yourself.  It is time that you turned into a better version of yourself being more humble. Here are 10 qualities that you can look forward to inculcate in yourself for the same purpose.

Humble and Nice Person

  1. Thank Him

Learn to say a little prayer every morning as soon as you rise, and every night, just before going to bed. It need not be anything elaborate and ceremonious. Simply thank Him in your sincere prayer for everything He has offered you till date. Express your gratitude to Him for showering you with His blessings and for having given a wonderful human life where everyday brings in new avenues. Acknowledge His great gift to you. Be sure to do this everyday for it would always remind you that you are blessed even in the simplest of ways.

Humble and Nice Person

  1. Accept your faults and limitations

There is no shame in accepting your faults. No matter how it surfaces, whether you discover it yourself or it is shoved on your face. Remember, nobody born so far is perfect. So you would be no exception here. Admitting to your faults is no timidity but highlights your capacity and desire to improve yourself as a person. The more you would try to run away from coming in terms of your mistakes and limitations, the more you would have to suffer in the later phase of your life. So why not now, than never?

Humble and Nice Person

  1. Don’t show off

Bragging should be abandoned at all costs. It is a blessing that you have been bestowed with larger opportunities in your life. All you need to do is remain humble to it and give your best shot to utilize that chance. Bragging about all the comfort that you have would make you appear very shallow and mean to others. There is absolutely no goodness in showing off your success at something.  Just imagine, would you like others on a higher stature doing the same to you?

Humble and Nice Person

  1. Don’t praise your own self

Believing in your capabilities and praising yourself are two different things. While you surely deserve to congratulate yourself for gaining success at something, avoid becoming too boastful about it. Nobody likes to be around those you praise their own shelves for their achievements.  Be warm and humble to the all the prosperity that is coming your way. You must not be proud of it. Always keep in mind that everything is transcendent and thus is temporary. What stays forever is your bond with others and how you behaved with them.

Humble and Nice Person

  1. Be quick to praise others

If you find others succeeding in life, make sure that you do congratulate them. Praise them for their achievements without any hint of malice and taunt in your voice. If you find anything good about the other person, then acknowledge it. Often we do go ahead and praise the other for their establishments in life, but that is done without a noble heart. What we lack there are pure intentions. You must understand that everybody has a different life with their own ups and downs. You have absolutely no reason to hold yourself back from being a part of other’s happiness.

Humble and Nice Person

  1. Jealousy is evil

The more you get jealous, the more unsettling and unhappy your life becomes. From every perspective, it is advisable to refrain from jealousy. Why be envious of others when you have a large bounty of blessings in your life too. A comparison would always cause you to look upon your life as a degraded platform. Learn to be content and happy with your availabilities rather than prying on what others have or don’t have.

Humble and Nice Person

  1. Be considerate

Be cautious of others’ feelings and emotions. A very subtle remark can even make a huge impact on somebody’s psyche, thereby enhancing or debilitating her/his self-confidence and esteem. Choose your words very carefully in order to not hurt other’s emotions. The way you treat others would convey a great deal about your personality. Be kind and understanding when it comes to deal with other’s problems and tragedies of life. Hear them out in their time of need.

Humble and Nice Person

  1. Help others

Be sure to come to other’s rescue. You might not be able to eradicate their tensions but you would definitely amount to a great help. Sometimes what others need is someone with whom they can share their pain with. Reach out to others and talk to them if you sense them dwelling in a cloud of gloominess. It is always noble to be of use to others. You would lose nothing here by helping the other person, but if you don’t then the person might lose his only chance to receive help from someone.

Humble and Nice Person

  1. Give credit to others

Often working in a group, we tend to overlook others’ efforts and declare it as an individual project. Learn to acknowledge others’ credits too. It is highly wrong and unethical to rob off someone’s opportunity to gain limelight by making it focus entirely upon you. If you started off as a group, then every praise and criticism that comes should be accepted on behalf of the group. It is a part of being a social creature. Do a fair play and don’t cheat out on your teammates.

Humble and Nice Person

  1. Be close to nature

If you spend considerable time in nature’s lap, you would get closer to your real value and worth in life. All your success and achievements so far would seem smaller for in the large and magnificent picture you have a really negligible role to play. This would be a really humbling experience.  Climb a hill and witness the breath taking view from the height. You would experience a certain belittling of yourself and it is that feeling which is very imperative for all of us to have.

Live your life to the fullest being modest and thankful for all the happiness and opportunities to excel that comes your way.

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