10 Qualities you can Learn from very Smart People

Walk in a class and there you would always find a broad bifurcation of students into categories. There would be a group that would prefer sitting by the window lost in their own little world, oblivious to what is happening around. Some others would be quick to march in a class and reserve their seats on the front benches. There will be some who are more than happy and at peace to be able to save for themselves and their friends the entire last row. The remaining few are totally okay to find a seat anywhere in the class. This fourth category of students has no comfort zones. They manage to be relaxed and at ease no matter what the situation is. Secretly every student in the class envies them, for they wish to adopt their easiness and adapting attitude. These students are more so labeled as the ‘cool’ lot of the class and of course, they are smart too. They are liked and admired by everyone. Here are 10 qualities that ought to be learned from the smarter ones in your list of acquaintance.

Smart People

  1. Mix with everyone and anyone

It is good to mix with a variety of people. For once shed your prejudices against others based on their caste, color or creed and strike a conversation. Even a friendly smile would do. Being smart also includes being considerate and friendly to others. It is in no manner allowing yourself to be cold and ignorant to those around you. Smartness is a part of personality and while adopting it you will be enriching your worth and value.

Smart People

  1. Confidence

As humans, we all are equally prone to have fear and inhibitions in some form or the other. But the degree of being able to master that aspect is variable to everyone. All the smart ones that you notice around yourself have one thing in common. They are brimming with confidence about themselves. They are confident about themselves not because they know that they will not be wrong but because of their fearlessness of being wrong. Thus, by the end, you should be more concerned with being sure and confident about yourself regardless of the fact what others think about you.

Smart People

  1. Strong aura

Their aura seems to be stronger than them. You end up feeling energized and high on motivation with them around. Their powerful aura makes you feel rejuvenated and brings you back to life. Even the most boring office meetings pick up a momentum and get transformed into an interesting one merely with the presence of that one person. The situation becomes somewhat synonymous to that of a bee being attracted to honey. One of the biggest methods to develop a strong aura around you would be being optimistic.

Smart People

  1. Intimidating

This is one negative as well as a positive factor that we come across in smart people around us. Unknowingly though, but many times their presence turns out to be pretty intimidating for the others. However, in the corporate sector, this would be looked upon as an authoritative technique. And here it becomes a quality worth adopting. The strategy behind this should not be to make others feel lesser than you but to make yourself looked upon with respect and awe.

Smart People

  1. Best of both worlds

Those who think wisely are very well aware of the fact that how important it is to recreate. They avoid stressing about one aspect of life and balance it out with fun and enjoyment in a whatsoever form available. You often would be taken by surprise on noticing how diligently they are able to juggle between their social as well as professional life. That is the kind of life that one must look forward to living.

Smart People

  1. Time management

They are able to excel in professional as well as personal front only because of their excellent time management skills. It even fetches them a lot of praise and appreciation as the work quality and performance that they produce is up to the mark.  You might not be thinking of them as a careful planner and one who make a time table. But the truth is that s/he doesn’t even need to make one, they have it all in their heads. Learn to be good at time management and you would prove to be your own savior.

Smart People

  1. Dressing

So, you go to expensive showrooms, rob yourself of all your pocket money. If you have been doing so thinking that it would enhance your style quotient and make you look smarter, then it’s time someone told you that so is not the case. Smartness cannot be adopted by putting on branded clothes and shoes. It is rather an internal quality and speaks about you. No matter, whether you don an ethnic wear or something casual, if you are smart, you will be. All you have to know is to know how to carry yourself.

Smart People

  1. Sitting and walking posture

It is your posture that grabs the most attention while you are having a conversation with someone important. Smartness calls for not being awkward in your body postures while sitting and standing. You possibly cannot make a lasting impression on someone only on the basis of your talks. Body language counts too. Remember, you are strong and nothing can deter you from achieving what you want to. Let the same reflect in the way you carry yourself. That would be some real smartness.

Smart People

  1. Listening and then commenting

Yes, using your brain is smartness too. The ultra smart ones do not blabber. You must have noticed that. You ought to listen, comprehend, frame your take and then utter something. Good listening and comprehension skills can make a large impact on the way you would be perceived by others. While sitting in a group discussion pay close attention to what all points do have others got to say and then ponder over what all points have you got to put forward. Make it sound as interesting as possible. You are how you behave, be it in something as simple as good communication skills.

Smart People

  1. Accept the criticism part

Let others’ opinions about you, make you, and not destroy you. Be open to criticism. How do you think do the smart ones manage to put on their best smile and brave the world?  It is because they are prone to negative criticism. They absorb all the appreciation and positive criticism coming their way and work upon it to make themselves better, without compromising the cool of their mind.  Once you learn to accept the criticism coming your way with grace, you would unconsciously be training yourself to be strong and one power packed person.

You know you are smart when you stop looking for affirmations from people of your choices and beliefs in life.

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