10 Reasons why you Should not Dropout of College

We have all heard the arguments as to why dropping out of college does not mean the end of life. After all, a lot of bigwigs in all major industries today were college dropouts in their day. People keep reiterating the fact that college does not mean you’ll necessarily have a good life after that.  So maybe attending college does not exactly equate to guaranteed success in life. However, it does have a lot of perks. It’s not surprising then that most people hanker after a college education instead of dropping out. Here are ten reasons why you should NOT drop out of college-

10- Society respects a college education.

Dropout of College

Now some may say that this is a silly reason, and one should do what makes one happy instead of blindly following the herd. I hear you. Doing certain things because society deems them appropriate might not be the best reason to do them. You should follow your heart, your dreams and not care about society. But in most cases, this is easier said than done. Man is, in the end, a social animal who must live and survive in social settings. This means following certain norms and codes of conduct which include getting a good education. It is no secret that society expects us to get a good degree and a job after that, and maybe following up on this expectation is not the worst that you can do.


9- You are confused after school.

Dropout of College

At the age of eighteen, most people do not have a clear idea of what they want to do in life. The logical thing to do is to get a good college, an education, a training and a job after that. Some people are lucky enough to know exactly what they want to do and enroll themselves in professional courses. Others go in for subjects they like studying and figure out what they want to do in life while studying. College is a good way to spend time while you are trying to figure out what you want to do in life. Maybe you don’t enjoy the subject you’re majoring in, but you’re still young and have time to decide after college too. Meanwhile, college is a respectable way to pass time until you do.


8- Who wants to live at home?

Dropout of College

Now, this is a more practical reason. What do you do after you drop out of college? Unless you have a job or a plan, which a very few of us do, you will most probably go back to your parents’ house to figure out the next step. And trust me, they will not be too pleased with your decision. Do you really want to live at home with your mom and dad always on your back, asking you to get your life together? I thought not. So maybe reconsider all the consequences of dropping out of college.


7- Change your subject.

Dropout of College

A very valid reason why students consider dropping out of college is that they realize they are not enjoying the subject they are studying and can’t imagine making a career out of it. It is, after all, extremely unfair to ask young eighteen-year-olds, fresh out of college, to decide on subjects that will decide the course of their life after that. If you feel that you do not enjoy or are not good at the subject you are majoring in, try to see if you can transfer to another subject. Maybe you enjoy your minor more, and your university or college has provisions for making a change to that subject.


6- Change your college instead of dropping out completely.

Dropout of College

Dropping out of college without a plan very rarely works out for anyone. If you find yourself not enjoying college, consider changing your college instead of dropping out and sitting at home. We often find ourselves unable to adjust to a new environment, not being able to make new friends or meet like-minded people and disliking our subjects. If you find yourself in such a situation and have failed and exhausted all other options, and are considering dropping out of college now, maybe do a rethink and change your college and course. That may work out better for you.


5- Giving up is not the answer.

Dropout of College

What if your parents gave up on you as a toddler because you cried too much? Or what if you had given up on kindergarten because learning the alphabet was just too damn hard? You have to realize that quitting is not the answer to your problems. College may seem tough and it will be tempting at times to give it all up and take a break, but that won’t solve anything. Instead, seek out for help if you think things are getting too hard.  Talk to your friends, teachers, college counselors and parents before you decide to give up on college completely.


4- Think of college as a three year holiday.

Dropout of College

Honestly, college is the best time of one’s life, and if you drop out now, you might end up regretting it later. College is that time when you are relatively free of duties and responsibilities and old enough to enjoy before real life begins. In three or four years, you’ll have to get a job and grind away on a 9 to 5 job instead of lounging on your couch with beer and Call of Duty like you can in college. Does that sound very appealing? I don’t think so. So instead of dropping out of college, make the most of it.


3- College makes you independent.

Dropout of College

College is that time where naive young people learn to be adults in their own right. Living away from home and attending college can teach you a lot like making your own decisions, managing money, waking up without your parents asking you 50 times, cooking food, attending lectures with a hangover, getting hurt in relationships and moving on and other such life skills. You do not want to drop out of college and miss out on all of that, do you?


2- An education is important.

Dropout of College

Say what you will about the advantages of dropping out, you can’t deny that a good education is an important asset in today’s society. Consider yourself lucky to be able to attend college, it is a privilege that a lot of people do not have. College trains your and imparts important skills and knowledge for the career you choose after this. Dropping out on college means missing out on a degree and a lot of learning that happens both inside and outside the classroom.


1- College is Fun!

Dropout of College

Seriously though, think about it. College means minimal responsibilities, a few lectures, interesting people to meet, a lot of good friends and memories, alcohol flowing freely, freedom away from your parents, a platform to voice your thoughts and opinions, new subjects to learn, hooking up casually as well as meaningful relationships, college trips, some awesome professors, clubbing, living with your best friend just 5 minutes away, late night movie and video game sessions, beer, junk food and great metabolism because you’re young and don’t gain weight easily, a free gym membership, a library at your disposal, educational workshops and seminars, fun outings- why would you drop out of all this?

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  • You say video games and late nights like students have the time for those things… Sounds like propaganda. Actually in college you’ll be filled with assignments from all your courses, you also need to revise just so you can pass your midterms. This takes 90% of your free time… No one ever mentions how much academic work you’re going to have to do.

  • You just mentioned that college teaches us a lot with minimal responsibilities and max fun. I am in my Final year and I don’t remember for the past 3 years when was the last time I even enjoyed my festive season. Secondly, you mentioned that a college degree is respectable in terms of society’s vision and our parents. With all due respect, society’s respect cannot guarantee you a safe job and skills. We all are busy in filling up assignments and studying the subjects that we do not like and that has no connection with the professional market either. We torture ourselves for 4 years and then we go to companies and we hear that we don’t have the “working attitude”, “creative thinking”, and we lack “self-motivation”. 50% of this country’s graduates are still unemployed and working as janitors. So where is the use of all that college education?? Why is that so that companies and firms feel that we don’t have the skills necessary for promotion when in fact we have a qualification after studying for 4 years??
    P.S: I’m a final year undergraduate in CS and currently working on my 3rd paid internship.

  • About 7 out of 10 of these are also reasons why one might want to drop out, and also college is not fun. It’s just highschool, but now you have to pay for classes you don’t care about for about two years until you get to the classes you do care about, and the teachers are more strict. Honestly this “article” is just offensive to people who are seriously debating dropping out. Like financially I could make a lot more with my current job because with the job that I’m seeking in college I won’t make profit and will be in debt until I’m at least 40, and that’s literally half of the average life span of a female.

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