10 Romantic Unique Ways to Confess your Love

Who doesn’t like the feeling of being loved? Love is one thing which can sweep you off your feet. Be it any season, recession or inflation, day or night, love can never fail to make you feel blissful. But to confess your love to your partner can be a bit strenuous. Now relax, sit back and be tension free as we bring you 

confess love

10. Flash Mob

Meeting friends and relatives can bring a smile on anyone’s face. And nothing can be more joyous than the close ones giving us a love message of our partner. Flash Mob can be a great idea to confess your love. The idea here is to gather your partner’s close friends and relatives and set up a flash mob. It has to be about three to five minutes on your partner’s favorite song.  At the end of the session, each member of the flash mob holds a card. Each card would have one letter written on it which would make ‘I LOVE YOU’ sign if arranged in a sequence. Trust me, a teardrop in your partner’s eye is guaranteed.

confess love

9. Hot Air Balloon

Confessing your love for someone while you both are up in the middle of all the clouds. Who wouldn’t like this idea? Hot Air Balloon love confession is one of the best ideas to take your partner’s breath away. You need a lot of planning for executing this idea. Gather a few people like your friends and relatives and make them stand on an open ground in such a way that the arrangement makes ‘I LOVE YOU’ sign. Once you set that up, take your partner up in the Hot Air Balloon. When you are at a considerable height, let your partner rejoice the moment when he/she looks down and sees your confession.

confess love

8. Movie Theatre

Give a twist to your normal plan of watching a movie together. The next time when you take your partner for a movie, take her by surprise and watch her cry tears of joy. All you need is to make a video for your partner. The video will have all the friends giving a message to your partner and at the end of the video, you, confessing your love. Once, you make this video, make arrangements to play that video on the screen in front of all the audience during an interval. Your partner would be in awe after watching this video. The best thing to know is that our partner is not ashamed to show his/her love in front of everyone.

confess love

7. A walk along the Beach

The most serene place on Earth is a Beach. A Beach can be a romantic place to confess your love. All you have to do is just write a few notes explaining what things you like in your partner. Place those notes along the beach, at a distance such that one note leads to another. Place the note of your confession at the end and wait there for your partner to come. Let your partner takes a blissful walk down the beach, reading your notes. As soon as he/she reaches you, give a tight hug and express your feelings to your partner. This confession is surely worth cherishing for the entire life.

confess love

6. Treasure Hunt

It’s playtime. No, literally. Someone has rightly said ‘Never let the kid inside you die’. Maybe you should try to apply this to your love life too. Games can bring out the best in you. And confessing your love for someone in a playful way can do wonders. A simple treasure hunt game would do just fine. Set your clues all over the place and let your partner find the treasure. At the end of the game, your partner is all curious to know what is in the treasure. And when he/she finds the treasure i.e. your love confession, your partner’s joy will know no bounds.

confess love

5. Candle lit Road

Climbing up to her place through pipes has become old. No need to take such risks. Simply lit the part of the compound with candles below the window of her apartment. The candles to be placed in such a manner that they make the letters ‘I LOVE YOU’. As soon as you are done with the setup, call her to the window and let the candles do their work. I bet she will come running down to hug you.

confess love

4. Road Signs

Who doesn’t like a long drive? And if you see personalized messages along your way, then you would be held responsible for the tears of joy. Make three small boards, just like a sign board or a direction board. Write ‘I’ on on,  ‘Love’ on the other and ‘You’ on the last one. Place them at a considerable distance and at a place where it is easily visible. Take your partner on a long drive or a long ride. Pretend to forget the directions and ask your partner to keep a check on the sign boards. As soon as your partner realizes that there is a confession hidden in the form of these boards, get ready for some screams of joy.

confess love

3. Key Confession

This can be the key to a perfect confession. Send a wrapped key to your partner without any note attached to it. Let the confusion and curiosity rise. After 2 days, send a note which says “Did you receive the key?” And once the curiosity is at its peak, send another note in a day saying “That is the key to my heart. You own my heart. I LOVE YOU”. After reading the last note, nothing can make your partner stop the big smile on his/her face.

confess love

2. Confessing on YouTube

YouTube is a platform where people can express themselves in the most creative manner. Make a video of yourself singing for your partner and upload it on YouTube. (dubsmash !) Send an E-mail to your partner containing the link to your video on YouTube. your email should be a vague one, not giving out much details about what is in the link. Once your partner clicks on the link, he/she will be astonished to see you sing. You can be creative and use some romantic one liners too. Or you can simply record a love message after the song. You simply cannot beat that feeling of seeing someone sing for you.

confess love

1. Scuba diving

Nothing can match the feeling of being underwater and experiencing the aqua. Plan to take your partner for scuba diving. With the help of a professional, place a flag with ‘I LOVE YOU’ written on it under water beforehand. Build up the curiosity by asking the guide to tell your partner that he/she is going to experience the most unique thing ever. And once you are into the water, get ready to experience the most memorable moment of your lives.

Love is an amazing feeling and it demands to be felt. Let go of yourself and break the barrier of imagination. Grab every chance to cherish memorable moments with your loved ones throughout your life. Make your partner feel special because little things matter the most. So go ahead and confess your infinite love to someone special. Make your own story.

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