10 Safe Places in your House To Hide Valuables (Including Money)

With so many crimes happening around the world, you can’t be safe enough in your own house even with all the security installed. Most of your valuables are of course, safely deposited in the bank, but there are other important things that you might want to hide around the house. While storing things in your locker might be the first idea that would strike your head, but it is also obvious that it would be the first target for burglars. So, it can be a risky business to hide your valuables at home. But there are many clever ideas that allow you to hide your things in such a discreet manner that it can actually protect your precious stuff from being stolen. Here are some ways by which you can outsmart the thief and make your stuff hard to find.

1. Behind the wall art.

Safe Places in your House To Hide Valuables

All those wall arts that are adorning your living room can serve more purposes than you think; they can be turned into a clever hiding spot for your valuables. Hang it over a small shelf and get it installed with a lock and no one would suspect that the beautiful piece of art might be hiding secrets behind it. It can be used to store many things and if a burglar breaks into your house, you can be assured that a wall art wouldn’t be the first place he would look into.

2. Air vents.

Safe Places in your House To Hide Valuables

By creating a secret storage place on your wall in the form of an air vent, you can make sure that it can go unnoticed by the thief as it is very common. Get a fake air vent installed with a storing compartment and fasten it with screws. The idea is to make storage in plain sight so no one can suspect anything unusual about it and the chances are rare that a thief would look into them. The storage will blend in the surrounding and will not particularly stand out.

3. Fake books.

Safe Places in your House To Hide Valuables

If you are fond of books and happen to have a shelf or two dedicated to your books, you might like the idea of hiding your precious things in your books itself. Criminals aren’t wise, thus they resort to crimes like stealing. Hiding your things in a fake book is a nifty way to make sure that they wouldn’t go near them. To make your own false book, hollow out any book that resembles your other books. It will be safe for you to recognize but wouldn’t stand out to a thief. You can hide extra cash from the thieves or important documents. The main function is to hide your valuables in the cloak of an ordinary book.

4. In a flour/coffee container.

Safe Places in your House To Hide Valuables

Now you might be wondering, how can you hide things in a flour or coffee container? It is really easy to hide things away in a food container and it is unlikely for anyone to look for valuables in them. You can put your things in a plastic bag and secure it to hide it inside a food container. Though you can’t hide things in it for long, it would make an excellent hiding spot if you are away for a little while and want to keep something hidden.

5. Buried in your backyard.

Safe Places in your House To Hide Valuables

If you have a backyard full of beautiful flowers and bushes, you have yourself another smart idea to hide your things. You can dig up a little space and put your things in a little container and bury it in the ground. To mark your hiding spot, you can put a large stone over it or a pot. To avoid digging up frequently, store things that you won’t need as often.

6. Inside the refrigerator.

Safe Places in your House To Hide Valuables

If you have something that you need to hide away quickly, your refrigerator might come in handy. Apart from storing the left over from last night’s dinner, you can use your fridge to hide your valuable things. Simply wrap it in an aluminum foil and hide it behind any container to disguise it. Unless, of course, the burglar takes a break from stealing and decides on making himself a sandwich while robbing you, your things are safe.

7. Hole in the door

Safe Places in your House To Hide Valuables

Now, who knew that you can hide things in a door? But it is actually possible to hide your cash in your door and the chances of it being found are very slim.  All you have to do is drill a hole on the top of the door and size it according to the small cylindrical container that you can put inside it. You can use cigar tube or anything that can fit in the hole. The trick is devious and effective enough and is easy to reach for you. If you are looking for a place that can hold your things with guaranteed security, look no further than your bedroom door.

This trick works best if you have a solid core door or a fire door.  If your door is hollow core, the cigar tube might just fall inside the door.

8. Under the drawer.

Safe Places in your House To Hide Valuables

With so many cupboards and dressers in your house with their multiple drawers, it will not be easy for anyone to guess where your extra stash of money can be hidden. If you want to hide some amount of money, you can put them in an envelope and tape it under any drawer. But make sure that you tape it properly so that it doesn’t stick out when someone tries to open it. You can also do the same with wall arts or photo frames in your living room. Of course, don’t label it ‘money’ as shown in the picture.

9. False wall outlet.

Safe Places in your House To Hide Valuables

Do you have any wall outlets that aren’t working? Such outlets can make brilliant little storage for hiding small things. Make a little storage system behind it and install a lock in one of the holes, and you have yourself a little vault out in the open, going amiss by all the prying eyes. It would make an excellent spot to hide things other than money itself. But make sure it doesn’t have any live wires or is not connected to any other outlets.

10. Inside an old vacuum cleaner.

Safe Places in your House To Hide Valuables

Your old vacuum cleaner that no one touches can make one great anti-theft device. Since the vacuum cleaner is spacious, you can store all kinds of things in it. It is another great way to hide your things in plain sight. While the burglar is frantically searching in the closet, your treasure can stay safely hidden inside the old device that he would pass by without taking any notice. And if you don’t have an old vacuum cleaner, you can get one from the flea market that looks like it is from another century.

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