10 Scariest and Most Horrifying Deep Sea Creatures

Although on land we humans rule, in the sea, it’s aquatic creatures who rule. There’s a mysterious world deep below the ocean surface, which is beautiful but also scary. The deep sea is actually the largest habitat on earth.  But still, a lot of it is unexplored.

Deep-sea research is vital because this area is a part of the biosphere as well. Our researchers have explored few places and found few such sea creatures which are just beyond our imagination.  When you chill at the beaches, do you ever wonder what’s lurking under the water?  Of course, there are fishes and a few sea creatures. But there are also few mysterious creatures deep in the sea which might soon become your nightmares. The ocean is the earth’s last frontier, it’s full of sea monsters. In the seas deep there, the temperature decreases and pressure increases and no sunlight reaches there at all, but still exists a life. These creatures live at pressures where humans can’t survive and we should definitely be thankful

The ocean is the earth’s last frontier, it’s full of sea monsters. In the seas deep there, the temperature decreases and pressure increases and no sunlight reaches there at all, but still exists a life. These creatures live at pressures where humans can’t survive and we should definitely be thankful about that. Here are few such horrifying deep sea creatures which will not only amaze you, but also scare you.

horrifying deep sea creatures

10. Horrifying Deep Sea Creatures: Giant Spider Crab

Giant spider crab is also known as the Japanese spider crab since it lives in the waters around Japan. Its scientific name is Macrocheira kaempferi.  It has the largest leg span when compared to other arthropods and is also the World’s Largest Crab.  Giant spider crab is a species of marine crab. Tall footed crab is the other name for it. These are one of the scariest and creepy creatures since they have a leg span up to 12 feet and weight up to 42 pounds. It can also eat a human child easily if it wants to.  These spiders dwell in dark depths. Dark depths of the ocean are the homes of these creatures. They live in depths of 980 feet and even more.

horrifying deep sea creatures9. Horrifying Deep Sea Creatures: Blobfish

The Blobfish is a deep sea fish which belongs to the Psychrolutidae family and also a very rare species. Its scientific name is Psychrolutes marcidus. It is known as the World’s Ugliest animal. These are found in the deep seas off the coasts of mainland Australia and Tasmania and also in the waters of New Zealand. It is shorter than 30cm. The common name is fathead sculpin and also refers to the large, globular head and ‘floppy’ skin that is a typical feature of these fishes.

horrifying deep sea creatures8.Horrifying Deep Sea Creatures: Giant Squid

You might or might not have heard about this Giant squid. This is a deep-ocean dwelling squid. The scientific name of this giant squid is  genus Architeuthis. This creature is said to be scary because this creature can grow to a tremendous size. The estimated maximum size is 43 feet. And now I guess you can imagine how gigantic this creature is. And the picture defines how wild and dangerous this giant squid can be. Due to its large appearance, it is called the giant squid. And hence, this giant squid is one of the World’s Largest Animal.

horrifying deep sea creatures7. Horrifying Deep Sea Creatures: Toothy Anglerfish

The Toothy Anglerfish are the fishes which belong to the family  Lophiiformes. Its scientific name is Melanocetus johnsonii. They are called the bony fish and are also named after their characteristic mode of predation. From the image, you can observe that these creatures are so angry looking. And these angry looking creatures are also very creepy and scary in real. Not just scary but also very clunky. There are more than 200 species of Anglerfish and are mostly found in the regions of Antarctic and Atlantic oceans, up to a mile below the surface since these are deep sea creatures which live in tropical environments.

horrifying deep sea creatures6. Horrifying Deep Sea Creatures: Fringehead

This Fringehead fish is actually known as the Sarcastic Fringehead. The scientific name of this fish is Neoclinus blanchardi. This creature is small but very ferocious deep sea creature. This fish has a large mouth, which makes it look like a predator. Yes, you heard it right. Predator!! The image explains all about this. It has a very aggressive and terrific bbehavior because of which this got its name as sarcastic Fringehead. And it makes this fish more scary and stingy. These are found in the Pacific, off the coast of North America.

horrifying deep sea creatures5. Horrifying Deep Sea Creatures: Viperfish

This Viperfish is also known as the deep sea predator. Its scientific name is Chauliodus Sloani and this viperfish belongs to family called genera Chauliodus. These slender fish have a large, fang-like teeth. Though the viperfish appears to have scales but they are actually  a very thick, transparent coating. This is a deep sea creature which looks like a predator with massive teeth. This apart from being a scary creature it is also a ferocious hunter. Due to its teeth, this has got a distinct deep sea monster appearance. The viperfish is expected to have a lifespan of 30 to 40 years.

horrifying deep sea creatures4. Horrifying Deep Sea Creatures: Marine Hatchetfish

Marine hatchetfishes are small a deep sea mesopelagic ray finned fish. These are also called as deep sea hatchet fish. This belong to a family called Sternoptychinae. Do not be confused with the fresh water hatchets, they are different to these marine hatchets. These terribly horrifying and scary fishes are very very monsterous and dangerous creatures. These are named hatches after their hatchet like body shape. The images shows why these are in the list of scary deep sea creatures. These hatchets fishes are about only 3 to 12 centimeters. There are about 40 to 45 species which also vary in sizes.

horrifying deep sea creatures

Image source: planetsave.com

3. Horrifying Deep Sea Creatures: Black Dragon Fish

This Black dragon fish is the most scariest and weirdest creature which is deep sea habitat. This black dragon fish belongs to a family called  Idiacanthus atlanticus.  This is a very strange looking and also a very long creature. As the name suggests, the creature is a black colored dragon fish.  This slender fish lives in a mesopelagic and bathypelagic waters of the world’s oceans.  Its distinct looking long fang-like teeth is a bizarre method of hunting.  And the above picture shows us how stingy, dangerous and also scary the deep sea black dragon fish is.

horrifying deep sea creatures2. Horrifying Deep Sea Creatures: Goblin Shark

The Goblin Shark is a deep sea  shrak. It is  a very rare and also a slow swimming species. The scientific name of Goblin Shark is Mitsukurina owstoni. It is also sometimes called as the Living Fossil. This  is a pink-skinned animal that has a distinctive profile with an elongated, flattened snout, and highly protrusible jaws which makes it unusual.  These  jaws contain a prominent nail like teeth. And this deep sea creature is between 3m and 4 m long It can also grow considerably larger. Its distinct feature make it look more scary. This is an image of dead Goblin Shark.

horrifying deep sea creatures1. Horrifying Deep Sea Creatures: Stargazer

These deep sea creatures called as the Stargazer belongs to a family known as Uranoscopidae. These have their eyes on top of their heads which makes them unique from other creatures. Not just the top-mounted eyes, but in addition to that a stargazer also has a large, upward-facing mouth in a large head. These stargazers bury themselves inside the surface of the sea and lead upwards to ambush prey. These stargazers eat the fishes alive and are also known as the monsters of the sea. And also the scariest of all and the Image definitely proves that.

These are some of the scariest and unseen creatures that are found in the deep sea.



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