10 Signs She Doesn’t Love You Anymore

No relationship is perfect. Two imperfect people fall in love, accepting each other’s flaws. Throughout the progression of a relationship, there are many cases wherein individuals fall in love and fall out of love. To maintain a relationship, love may not be enough. Lots of effort, time, commitment, heaps of good luck, and hardwork are necessary.

Netherless, there’s no way to get around to the fact that an individual’s love for each other falls out. When that happens, it will always hurt. You might not wish the kind of emotional trauma or pain as the worst enemy of yours. It’s a typical occurrence if it happens to you, the best thing you can do is to do your best in moving on into your life.

Once you figure out the problems inside your relationship on the early stage, it’ll be much easier to move forward from the circumstances you have. Below are the signs that your woman is no longer in love with you so you better be prepared from anything that will possibly happen.

1. It seems she doesn’t care for you anymore.

Signs She Doesn't Love You Anymore
You feel like the affection is gradually dying and you can’t see the effort. The interest of hers to life is lost, but the truth is, the interest is lost only for you. It seems like all the animation and vitality that she had before in her entire life suddenly disappear, you just don’t know the thing that you can do about it.

2. She gives no effort in making your relationship work.

Signs She Doesn't Love You Anymore
Though your relationship is now dying, she still doesn’t give her effort to make it work. She wouldn’t care less towards the fight you always have and there’s no patience in resolving any remaining arguments you both have.

3. Your looks are not complimented anymore.

Signs She Doesn't Love You Anymore
The thing that brought you together at first was physical attraction. On your first dates, she used to tell you how handsome you are. As time goes by, the compliments that you received from her fade away, now practically you’re left with nothing. The physical attraction towards you is gone.

4. Communication between the two of you is rare.

Signs She Doesn't Love You Anymore
As always, communication is the bedrock of every strong relationship. A couple who has open communication is more possible to survive compared to the couples who care less when it comes to communication. When your woman and you don’t have meaningful conversations anymore, it may somewhat mean the spark she has with you is dying or maybe lost interest towards you.

5. She does not express appreciation in your gestures.

Signs She Doesn't Love You Anymore
Your woman used to hurdle with joy every time you bought her flowers and gifts. She gets all the excitement and giddiness when you’re telling her the plans you have for your date. She used to give you a big smile when you arrived home with some treats and foods. Nevertheless, nowadays, the gestures you have means nothing.

6. She takes action on her own accord despite what you feel.

Signs She Doesn't Love You Anymore
To her, your feelings and thoughts are irrelevant. She will do anything she wants regardless of what you’ll feel. In the end,
if the action she has will just hurt you, then it’s not really an issue for her since the love she has for you is gone.

7. She does not make any effort to let you feel that your special.

Signs She Doesn't Love You Anymore
Before, she loved doing a lot of romantic and sweet things towards you, nevertheless, it changed. She does not care about making you feel special and giddy. She wouldn’t care less if your happy or not in your relationship since she’s not happy either.

8. You are the one who always initiates the conversation.

Signs She Doesn't Love You Anymore
If it seems like you’re always the one who makes an effort to start the conversation, then you must be worried. If your woman still loves you truly, she would also make the willingness to have a conversation with you about whatever. She has the willingness to share with you her thoughts and opinions about anything which interests her.

9. She stops paying you the attention and she stops asking for your attention too.

Signs She Doesn't Love You Anymore
Before, she used to ask for constant communication with you the whole day. She always wanted to be cherished and in exchange, she will always consider you as the epicenter of her own universe. Now, however, the acknowledgment towards your existence is bare. She also does not request attention anymore since she feels like the need for it is over.

10. The rarity of physical intimacy.

Signs She Doesn't Love You Anymore
Previously, hugs, nights, and kisses inside the bedroom are things of your past. Whenever the physical intimacy is starting to decrease, you may assume that the relationship is not in the proper place.


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  • She tells you she has had enough of your being unhappy with losing your job a month earlier, breaks your engagement and complains that now she has to find a replacement for you. A couple days later she has arranged for you to house-sit a family friend’s home while they are away for a month. The day after you leave she takes out a dating advertisement for a new mate and starts a new relationship after a few weekends of meeting men.
    Definite tip-offs! but maybe you dodged a bullet?

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