10 Signs that Show a Person is Guilty

We live in a world where deceit has become a way of life. You never know whether the person in front of you is lying or not. But there is something that might help you to discover if you have been wronged or not. It is called the ‘Guilty Conscious‘, a behavior often suggestive of a persons integrity. In today’s age, this information might guide you in knowing if a person deserves your trust or not. Here are 10 signs that will help you know whether one can be accused of deception or not.

10) Offense is the best defence-

a Person is Guilty

In order to justify their mistake; a guilty person will often turn a confrontation into a big scene by blaming others for their behavior. This normally is the case with people who have bigger egos than brains and can’t accept that they are mortal beings just like others and mistakes can be made by them as well. People who generally show this kind of behavior are bosses, people in higher rank (achieved by pulling others down), and spoilt brats who never learned to respect anyone other than themselves. And in order to avoid the guilt trip, the above mentioned will leave no stone unturned to deny the mistake at any time possible, even saying that it would never have happened if so and so hadn’t done that.

9) They constantly avoid eye contact-

a Person is Guilty

The word guilty conscious is liberally used and rightly so. Every person has felt this emotion at least once in their life and probably behaved in the same way. The shame of having wronged someone and knowing that someone would be right in hating you is an extremely powerful emotion. And the first thing that a guilty will do is to try and avoid eye contact with the person whom he /she has wronged because eyes are the window to the soul and will reveal all.

8) Small talk-

a Person is Guilty

A guilty person would try and make effort to get others to talk to him even if no one is interested. Mind you the guilty never budge. They are so adamant to get the lost respect back that they will do anything to be in the same picture with people who are avoiding them, be it office parties or get together where the invitation might have (purposely) not reached them on time. It is also common that the guilty will laugh at everything you say and pass lame comments constantly. This is also popularly known as ‘desperate behavior’.

7) Social Media-

a Person is Guilty

A person wanting to get in your good books is also the person who will hit like on every post, picture of your on Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. He/she will also have a comment of the lamest of your posts or a picture that you tagged in and basically anything that has something to do with you on a social network. It is a way to be a part of your world and also helps to create the illusion that your pals. This behavior is the one that is completing annoying.

6) Red eyes and runny nose-

a Person is Guilty

If you see a person who frequents the bathroom and seems to be suffering from perpetual cold might be the one who is hurting from guilt. This person comes under the category of those who are sorry but don’t know how to ask for forgiveness and resolve to punishing themselves. One way to help them from their tragedy is if the person who has been wronged just offers a kind smile in their direction. A genuine greeting works wonders as well. This is a gesture that acts as an assurance that whatever happened is now water under the bridge.

5) Avoid you completely-

a Person is Guilty

A guilty person, in order to not be confronted, will try and avoid you completely. This is a very common behavior demonstrated by those who come under the category of the guilty conscious. These though may not be the worst kind of guilty but they sure are the weakest of them all. Instead of making any effort to extend the olive branch, they just keep running their whole life. Their greatest enemy is fear which causes this behavior. Instead of moving on in life and learning from their mistakes, they choose to live their lives in misery.

4) Anxiety-

a Person is Guilty

This is a step also guided by fear. When someone does something wrong and is feeling guilty about it, they tend to be either frustrated or scared and preoccupied about getting caught. This is the step that comes prior to avoiding you completely (see 5). The situation becomes so big in the head of the guilty that it is almost impossible for them to think clearly anymore. In their heads, they have already been convicted and if not tended to at the right time, this can lead to hazardous mental problems.

3) Liar-liar, Pants on fire-

a Person is Guilty

This is probably one of the most common traits which most of us have resorted to in order to save our own asses. This is the natural response that stems from anxiety. In a way step 3, step 4 and step 5 follow each other probably not in the same order. This is quite harmless in petty cases, but life-altering in some other cases. Friends lying to each other for small things like eating one another’s lunch box are a completely harmless lie which will make for happy memories later.  But a politician lying about funds which were meant to go towards a school lunch program for children is unforgivable and shouldn’t be overlooked. This is the simplest behavior that can be avoided by a guilty just by accepting and trying to make things right. If a guilty person overcomes lying, the above two life-altering consequences can be scrapped completely.

2) Make it right-

a Person is Guilty

A person who is truly sorry for what he/she has done, will try and do anything to make it right and ensure that there is no bad blood left. They will ask for forgiveness whenever they see you, accept their mistake graciously and try and assure you that nothing of the sort will ever happen again. These type of guilts are the best and should be awarded for their maturity by instant forgiveness. This will generally be followed by an apology after which the ball in the court of the one who was wronged as is the burden of forgiveness.

1) An apology-

a Person is Guilty

It is a truth universally acknowledged that sorry seems to be the hardest word! And saying this one word is enough to prove that a person accused is guilty and accepts the fact. This is the last resort that a person is left with when all the blame games have failed and one is desperate to undo the damage that has been caused. This works in some cases where the damage done can be restored, but in some cases…well…as they say ‘Sorry can’t make a dead man alive’.

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