10 Signs that tell you to Dump your Girlfriend Immediately

Love is a cruel thing they say, but only if it happens with the wrong one. How to identify the wrong one then? There are no sign boards to guide your way, or maybe there are but you are too oblivious to notice. Girls can be complicated and hence decoding their signs can get difficult.  So to make things easier for you, here are a few signs that tell you that you should dump your girlfriend immediately, so that you don’t end up watching her favourite chick flicks seated on the couch of your living room with a tub of ice cream, missing the feel of her head on your shoulders. (That’s a lot of calories and no exercise, plus the mental trauma to make it miserable!).

to Dump your Girlfriend Immediately

10. If she sends you mixed signals

One moment she acts like your lover, and the other moment you are like a stranger to her. It’s like she likes you but not enough to commit to you. Just killing time until she finds someone better. Know that, indecision is a decision. There is no doubt in love, either it is or it isn’t. If she isn’t ready to commit to you today then probably she will never be. So don’t fool yourself and wait around for her to realize your worth. It is better to leave before you are left stranded.

to Dump your Girlfriend Immediately


9. If she is changing you

Don’t be a fool in love, let her love you as you are or not at all. If you lose yourself for a girl then you would have no place to be when she is gone. ‘Baby please don’t wear that shirt again!’, ‘Baby I don’t like it when you style your hair like that.’ ‘ Baby grow up and stop watching cartoons’. If these dialogues are familiar to you then you know the pain of not wearing your favorite shirt again or cutting those beloved spikes of your hair. But what you need to know is that you can never be happy living by somebody’s idea of you. If as a girl I decide to change you then I didn’t fall for ‘YOU’ in the first place. So gather some courage to save your own self.

to Dump your Girlfriend Immediately

8. If she is cheating on you

Now, you have to be blind to not notice this one. I do know that some of us are die hard romantics and we believe in giving chances. After all,  she is from a breed known to commit mistakes- a human. But how many chances are you willing to give? Cheating on you once can be a mistake, but if that’s a regular occurrence then it’s a choice she has made or is making. And if she is not guilty of her actions even after your confrontation with her then break that little fantasy bubble and do yourself some good- wave her goodbye or even better good riddance! Believe me faithfulness and loyalty is not that hard to find as one thinks.

to Dump your Girlfriend Immediately

7. If she does not introduce you to her friends

Okay! This one is real simple. For guys who are complaining about why she hasn’t introduced you to her family yet are not counted because that is too big a step for both of you so hold your horses for that one. The problem is if you haven’t met her friends. There are some girls who like to keep things private but not from friends. So it’s time to confront her. Oh and if she gives you reasons like,” They have been busy” or “she wants to keep it private (This one is acceptable if you are hated by her friends)” then there is a huge possibility that she is lying and she does not want you to meet her friends because she thinks that you are not good enough. For girls and I may be generalizing here but I am from the clan and so I know, making their best friends meet their boyfriend is like validating his existence in their life. Those silent nods and winks that are shared on the dinner table decides your market value sir!

to Dump your Girlfriend Immediately

6. If she wants commitment and you don’t or vice-versa

If she starts over indulging in your life and still acts like it’s no big deal, know that it is. She probably thinks more of you than you think she does and if that creeps you out then she should know that before it’s too late for her. It can’t be that she has reached the doorway to heaven and you haven’t even climbed the first step. If you are not looking for commitment break it before it gets serious because you don’t want to be a douche bag in her life and she does not want to be a sorry girl in yours. And if it is the other way round then know that it’s time to walk away before you hurt yourself, you wouldn’t want to be bitter about girls throughout your life just because one of them could not settle with you.

to Dump your Girlfriend Immediately

5. If she does not trust you

Trust is the main ingredient of any healthy and successful relationship. One cannot have that missing, and act like it’s no big deal. If she does not trust you then your relationship is headed nowhere. Lack of trust curbs the possibility of growth in a relationship and one is always in doubt of the other. If you have to explain your every action then you will get tired after sometime and eventually give up. If she has you on leash and that suffocates you, then tell her just that. You don’t have to put up with her detective instincts when she checks your phone and/or your social networking accounts or calls you 15 times a day just to ask you where you are and with whom.

to Dump your Girlfriend Immediately

4. If she does not share her life with you

Oh you know that annoying guy best friend of hers who she tells everything to. Well if that is not you then it’s time to wake up. Because a relationship is more than just roses and chocolates, it is the willingness of the two of you to share your experiences, thoughts and feelings. And if she is not comfortable doing just that then I am sorry buddy you are just wasting time. Like does she want to tell you about the best thing to happen to her today or what made her want to cry or how today was the worst day of her life, no? If not then you should know that even strangers can have small talks.

to Dump your Girlfriend Immediately

3. If she treats you like her chauffer

That my friend is more than objectifying or stereotyping boyfriends. That is a sign that she does not respect you as a person. Every girl loves a guy who does things for her but not at the cost of his dignity. If that is the case then she is just using you which means it’s time for you to find another job a more dignified one though. No girl who loves you will ever let you do anything at the cost of your dignity. Do not be the stand to her purse if you don’t want to. Getting groceries for her is fine but not when the door is shut on your face without so much as a ‘thank you’. Don’t ever let a girl belittle your existence. You deserve better.


to Dump your Girlfriend Immediately

2. If she does not return your calls or messages

If she does not make an attempt to hold a conversation with you then probably she doesn’t want to. That should explain her physical absence in your life, as she cuts you off virtually. She cannot be involved with you and disinterested all at once. She is ignoring you because she does not want you in her life. It is like a signal to stop bothering her. This sign does not count if you did something to piss her off, because then it is just a phase wherein she is upset, and things are likely to change.

to Dump your Girlfriend Immediately

 1.  If she is a compulsive liar

That is when she needs no reason to lie, and it is more out of habit than an intention to hide something. Whatever may be the reason you would not want to live with that. It’s like you feel the need to cross question her just to make sure she is speaking the truth, and one cannot do that all the time. You should respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that does not make you feel secure.

Hope this made understanding our breed a little easier. So when you see your girl displaying signs like these know that it’s your time to confront her and decide where you stand with her. The most important thing in a relationship is to cherish one another. If you don’t have a partner who does just that then you need to move on. Because you deserve nothing less than someone who appreciates you just the way you are.


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  • There’s only one reason guys need to know on when to dump a girl: The answer is NOW, and the girl is ALL OF THEM. The best way to dump her is to not start a relationship in the first place. Go ahead and have fun if she wants to, but the second she wants to be your girlfriend tell her ABSOLUTELY NOT and then never see her or contact her again.

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