10 Simple Activities to Keep Your Toddler Active And Busy

Being a housewife and tending to a toddler is no cake walk. You are expected to excel in both the domains, enjoying the best of both worlds. While attending to your duties and responsibilities of a housewife, your infant is always under the danger of hurting himself in the absence of adequate surveillance. That causes you to be worried and hyper-cautious all the time without getting a moment of relaxation at all. Most of you then succumb to the ultimate option of hiring a nanny to take care of your child, in a better way. On the other hand, as an alternative, you can keep your toddler right in front of your eyes by keeping him actively engrossed in some activity. Meanwhile, you can continue doing your chore knowing that your toddler is engaged in some activity right in front of your eyes or across the next room. Here are ten ways to keep your toddler active and busy so that he does not land himself in any trouble and save you from unnecessary troubles.

Toddler Active And Busy

  1. Separating colored candies

Place several colored candies on a plate. Ask your two-three year old to separate the candies according to their colors and place them in separate bowls. For example, the green colored candies should be in one, while the yellow ones should be in another. Be sure that the candies are not of larger size so that if and when swallowed causes no trouble to the child. This activity is not only a very fun based work to do but also ensure the enhancement of the motor skills of the child.

Toddler Active And Busy

  1. Playing with toy-car

While this might come across as a fairly typical plaything, but there is a little newness to it. Take a thin tape and tape it in a square across one of the tiles of the floor in the room. Ask your child to play with his toy car or so along those lines. Make it very clear to him that he must not diverge from the pasted track even by a little and in case of doing so, should start the ‘journey’ with his car all over again. That will help him in understanding rules of a game and add to his motor skills.

Toddler Active And Busy

  1. Non-toxic modeling clay

Put chunks of non-toxic modeling clay of various colors in front of your kid. Ask him to try and make objects or animals from that clay. Besides that, ask him to weave a little story about all the things and characters separately or include them in one single story. By weaving a story the child would learn comprehension skills. This would be one creative way to keep your toddler active and busy while you can look after your work.

Toddler Active And Busy

  1. Coloring

Give your three-year-old plastic crayons and huge white sheets with large simple figures already drawn on them. Ask him to fill in the colors. Teachers at schools use this method widely, though the purpose there is more to teach them the art of coloring. Apart from trying to impart a sense of colors that go with various things, it also ensures enhancement of the motor skills of the child. Ask him to stick within the boundaries of the figure while coloring.

Toddler Active And Busy

  1. Puzzle

Children love puzzles. Adults love puzzles. Everybody loves puzzles. The bigger and time consuming your work is, the bigger the puzzle should be. The pieces must not be too small as children often tend to put things in their mouth. Keep the floor absolutely clean where your kid would spread all the pieces of the puzzle and then solve the mystery.

Toddler Active And Busy

  1. Blocks

Blocks have been looked forward to as the best plaything for toddlers. They can be made into as a building, as an animal or an ice cream. Children enjoy playing with blocks. Leave them with it and they won’t bother or pester you with their frequent demands and complaints.  They are easy to get and play with. So next time, when you would be looking to engage your child with something that would be fun and not cause you worry, get hold on the plastic blocks.

Toddler Active And Busy

  1. Cleaning project

Toys everywhere and no time to clean! Well, ask your little one to assist you in that. Get big cartons and ask him to put the soft toys in one of them while the plastic ones in another. That would not only reduce your workload but also inculcate in your child the practice of keeping his things in order if followed on a regular basis.

Toddler Active And Busy

  1. Alphabet chain

Make an alphabet chain on the floor. Ask your toddler to go on a scavenging hunt and look up for goods whose name starts with each of those alphabets. For example, he should fetch an apple for alphabet A and so on and so forth. This would be just like homeschooling your toddler and that too without the clichéd method of sticking to the pictorial description in a book. Though this does involve a little of your involvement. Your kid might go off limits in trying to be excellent in his performance and digging up goods for every alphabet while that may not be in his reach.

Toddler Active And Busy

  1. Masking tape

This works well with the one-year-olds for they are still very little and incapable to be indulging themselves in activities which a two or a three-year can do. Get a masking tape and leave a small edge of its open so that your child is able to grab hold of it. Just show him a couple of times as to how to pull it out. That would keep him busy and soaked in the work. It is a non-messy activity and will cause no harm to your child or the objects around. But once he is done with his task and all the tape is out, you will have to help him a bit in getting it off himself. Or you could also stick portions of the tape on a table accessible to your kid and ask him to take it off.

Toddler Active And Busy

  1. Craft

This method can be alternated with the coloring technique. Place colorful, square and little origami papers on a board. Show him how to stick the green ones in a ladyfinger or the yellow ones in a banana which would be already sketched on the paper. Use Fevistick for it is a safe adhesive. Explain the procedure to your kid and then he is good to go. This might call for some work on your behalf but once you are done with your bit, you would be able to carry on with other chores of the house in a better way.

Implement and share these simple yet effective ways to keep your little ones busy without constantly attending to them.

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