10 Simple Romantic Second Date Ideas

The girl you really like has finally agreed to go out with you. After many nervous nights, you have gotten past the ‘dreaded’ first date. After days of preparation to make it perfect you think it might have gone well but it still isn’t the clincher for your relationship. So now you are looking at the second date and believe it or not you find this is even trickier and even a little challenging to plan for. Don’t fret, here you will find 10 great ideas for the perfect second date. So now you don’t have to be on tenterhooks, all you will have to do is sit back and choose your pick.

Romantic Second Date Ideas

10.Take a class together

Now before you give me an ‘are you serious?’ look hear me out. During your first date, you might have learned you actually have something in common with your date. Well, when else to use this information than on your very second outing with her. Have you both always wanted to learn to horse-ride, then that’s the class for you? Or trying out something new is the thing for you? Then enroll in a pottery class or an art class. What better way to bond with someone than while learning something new and something fun.

Romantic Second Date Ideas

9.A local charity

Are you someone who follows kindness as a religion? How do you let your girl see this tender side of yours? I might have the solution. Take her to the local charity or orphanage. Or if you are a person with a soft spot for animals go volunteer at the local shelter, nothing like a cute puppy to charm your girl. Though make sure she is into animals as well before dragging her to the shelter. Volunteer for a day and you will come off a better human being while also impressing your sweetheart with your benevolent, warm-hearted nature.

Romantic Second Date Ideas

8.Choose a theater and just go for a random movie

You want to go out on a whim for your second date? For your first date, you must have gone to great pains to make it the perfect night but now you want to get loose and just let it play out naturally. Well, then just pick a random theater and show up for a random movie. If the movie is good then yay for you, everything will go smoothly. If the movie sucks no worries, studies say that people bond more quickly when they share a common dislike. You could have fun ridiculing and giggling over the junk being played on the big screen. So it’s a win either way.

Romantic Second Date Ideas

7.Cook for her/cook together

If you would rather stay home, then show off your culinary skills and dish up an appetizing meal. Let your food speak for you. The mouth-watering aroma and some delectable music will sweep her right off her feet. Also, go the extra mile to deck the table with fresh delightful roses so that it’s a feast for all the senses. Or even better why don’t you cook up a storm together. You could laugh over the mess you’ve made while you tuck in.

Romantic Second Date Ideas


This is the oldest and most popular idea for a date and why wouldn’t it be? Fresh air, green grass, bright blue skies, far away from the entire racket of the cities, birds chirping, you get the picture right? You could share a lazy conversation over great food and drinks, and take the time to really get to know each other. After the tense first date, you want to let your hair down and relax while you bond and a picnic is probably the best idea.

Romantic Second Date Ideas

5.Attend a sporting event

Are you a sports aficionado? Do you both share a common love for a good game? Then why not hit the stadium. With sports like cricket, football, hockey and even kabaddi gaining popularity through professional leagues in our country like IPL, HIL, PKL etc there is no dearth of sports to choose from. The atmosphere will be electric, the food in the stadium yummy and as you sit rooting for your favorite team you will have the ideal setting for your blossoming love. You will get to take home the excitement of the nail-biting finish, the joy of a match well fought and some great memories.

Romantic Second Date Ideas

4.The mall

Do you think that your relationship is the kind that needs time to take off? How do you get over the initial awkwardness?  The best option is to keep yourself occupied. If your time and attention are taken up with some activity you will soon get comfortable even before you remember to feel awkward. And the mall is the best place for this. With a variety of stores selling myriad things, the games arcade, ghost houses and countless other things to amuse you there are an ample number of things to absorb your time and energy.

Romantic Second Date Ideas

3.Trekking/bike ride

Are you the outdoorsy kind? Have you found to your delight that she shares a love for the outdoors with you? Then throw on your most comfortable clothes and hit the trekking tracks. A trek through the woods could be a breath of fresh air from your hectic schedule both for you and your date. And guess what it is also eco-friendly. If not a trek, then why not grab a bike and hit the streets? You could go biking through the park or take her through familiar routes in the city. Showing your favorite haunts to the person you hope to spend more time with in the future would be a wonderful way to get intimate.

Romantic Second Date Ideas


The beach is another place abuzz with activity. You have tons of things to choose from. There are usually arcade games, roller coaster rides, delicious and not very healthy food and if you are lucky, even a concert. If this is not your thing you could always just play Frisbee, a classic beach game which no one fails to enjoy! Again if you are someone who prefers a walk why not take a hike? Many beaches offer hiking trails and throw in the cool breeze and the sand under your feet it could make the perfect second date. Another simple activity that the beach offers for the people who hang out there is collecting shells! That’s something everyone has done during their childhood and something which they will continue to enjoy however old they may have grown. Or if you are spending the night out then go to a bonfire party. These parties are loads of fun and might present you with the best opportunity to introduce your date to your friends.

Romantic Second Date Ideas

1.Visit a fair

The local fair will be buzzing with activity and could prove to be really exciting. Since they come to town only once in a while it wouldn’t be a bad idea to spend a day there. Cheap and economic but without discounting on fun it could add the excitement that your relationship needs. What’s not to love about taking a whirl on the Ferris wheel, stuffing yourself with cotton candy and chaats and competing at the game booths with your date? You’ll take away fantastic memories with you from the fair and you can almost always rest assured that your significant half felt the same way.

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