10 Simple Ways to Relieve Frustration

Frustration can be pretty tough to deal with and thats why we compiled 10 Simple Ways to Relieve Frustration, in hopes that it will help make your life more peaceful. Getting frustrated about any event doesn’t do anything but create a negative feeling in yourself. The negativity becomes unhealthy and induces stress. No one needs this in their hectic life and there are ways to combat frustration.

How many times have you found yourself sitting down and being angry and frustrated all while wishing you could do something about it? This tends to happen in situations where you want to help but can’t. The truth is everyone gets frustrated but nothing good ever comes from that and it’s best to try to deal with them in a safe and healthy manner. So check out our 10 Simple Ways to Relieve Frustration below and let us know if you have any personal methods.

10. Working Out to Relieve Frustration

This is one of the highly recommended methods of getting out your frustration. Running is very effective when it comes to clearing your mind because you are concentrating on the run and at times can even find clarity in your situation, whatever that might be. It’s safe and something you can do all year round.


9. Phone A Friend

Your friends can either be a source of frustration or a way to help relieve them. Sometimes expressing to them what your frustrated about can be a way for them to put things in a different perspective. They can often times be a source of clarity in a confusing and frustrating time.


8. Let the Family In

We all try to be a hero and keep whatever is bothering us inside but it leaves to frustration we don’t need. What if you can’t talk to a friend? Well then you turn to family. Like friends, family can also be a source of frustration but they can also be a place you can go to for help and guidance in dark frustrating times.


7. Get A Hobby

When you’re frustrated it’s best to keep yourself busy with activities you enjoy doing. If you enjoy working on cars, open up the garage and start looking for things to fix/install on your car. If you like to draw then pick up your pencil and sketchpad and create something because who knows what work of art can come from built up frustration.


6. Write It Down

There are a couple of levels to writing your frustrations away. You can keep a diary or journal and write about your frustrations in hopes that seeing it in ink or lead will help bring relief. You can also write down your frustrations then in a safe manner destroy the piece of paper. Whether it’s burning or simply cutting it up, it’s somewhat therapeutic to see these frustrations destroyed.


5. Music, Music, Music!

Pop in the headphones and get lost in music rather than letting your frustrations consume you and getting lost in anger. Music can cure almost any problem in the world. It’s a universal language and offers an escape in the lyrics or emotions of others.


4. Watch A Movie

Like music, movies can also be a nice way to escape your frustrations. Find a new film or one that you enjoy watching. It should distract you enough to make a great escape from the frustration you’re feeling. To make it more interesting you can enjoy films with company, just be sure to choose company that won’t add to your frustrations.


3. Videogames

Videogames can be a nice little escape from your frustration, especially if they are fighting games. Videogames provide an alternate world/reality where you can your immerse yourself in and forget about the real issues in your life. Just be sure to leave all of the moves in the game and snap back into reality at some point.


2. Cry Yours Eyes Out

Crying doesn’t normally solve much but crying out of frustration will help you get out some of the build up emotion you were bottling up.


1. Get A Punching Bag

Some of the best forms of therapy comes from taking your frustration out on a punching bag. If you don’t have a punching bag try attacking your pillow. Remember the point isn’t to hurt yourself or someone else. It’s to relieve your frustration with every strike. Also, don’t forget to breathe.


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