10 Strange Facts Relating to Valentine’s Day

Every 14th of February, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by millions of individuals. But up to what extent you are familiar with this celebration and just how it began?

Here are the 10 intriguing or fascinating facts that would clarify things that you are not aware of with regards to Valentine’s day.

1. Valentine’s Day began as a way of rebellion

Facts Relating to Valentines Day

The origin of Valentine’s day most famous theory is the opposition of Emperor Claudius II to the matrimony of Roman men at the time of war.

Saint Valentine disobeyed the Emperor’s order, so he officiated secret weddings, meaning that the love day was originally founded during the uprising.

2. Way back the Ancient Rome, red roses and love were linked together

Facts Relating to Valentines Day

Everyone knows that it is common to buy red roses during Valentine’s Day – and why is that? In particular, red rose becomes a representation of love, which then was greatly associated in that day. This tradition originates as far as Ancient Rome, wherein red roses are the preferred flowers of Venus, who is the Goddes of love.

3. Henry VIII determined the celebration of Valentine’s Day

Facts Relating to Valentines Day

Married to six women in his lifetime, no wonder he is a huge fan of ladies and perhaps notably a big romance. On the other hand, did you realize that he is the one accountable for this Valentine’s Day celebration?

In 1537, by Royal Charter, he declared that February 14 is the official Valentine’s day celebration.

4. Inscribing kiss in your message is not something new

Facts Relating to Valentines Day

Typing lots of kisses following your message is something that plenty of people do, however, associating it with the new ”text” era, that symbol has far more history.

Some associate the ”x” symbol synonymous with a kiss during medieval times, wherein only a few people can write and would seal each letter embossed with an ”x” symbolize a kiss. And that’s when it all began ( not sure though who add the ‘o’ to symbolize hugs, but it happened a bit later.

5. Not quite all valentines are selected on purpose

Facts Relating to Valentines Day

Today, it is a sign that there is someone who has a crush on you secretly if you’ve received a Valentine. It was then different during the Medieval period.

During those times, young women and men wrote their names in a bowl to know their valentine. The single women’s names would be included in an urn, while the town’s single men would pick a name and place it on their sleeves for a whole week. Everyone in town would be able to view who exactly their valentine is, and this perhaps where this term originates ”wearing your heart on your sleeve.”

6. Juliet still receives love letters on Valentine’s Day

Facts Relating to Valentines Day

This enthralled the hearts for many years, William Shakespeare’s well-known romance ”Romeo and Juliet” that in every year, love letters are still sent to her in Verona, Italy, wherein the play took place. There are almost 1,000 letters written to Juliet. Pretty good for someone that has passed away for more than hundreds of years already.

7. You need not be lovers in celebrating Valentine’s day

Facts Relating to Valentines Day

Usually, this day is celebrated by couples and lovers, but it is not that singles can’t celebrate. This country converts the celebration to ”Friends day.”

In Finland, they celebrate Ystavanpaiva on February 14, which is also called “Friend’s day”. Gifts are received and given not to their lovers but to their friends, which is much better because it includes everyone.

8. Teachers obtain most Valentine’s cards

Facts Relating to Valentines Day

These cards are a big scoop for the school-age but for the teachers and not the pupils who favored the most. Teachers receive the most Valentine’s card with the children, mothers, wives, and pets comprising the five top recipient’s list.

9. On Valentine’s Day, approximately three-quarters of male would buy flowers

Facts Relating to Valentines Day

It is not much of a surprise that plenty of men buy flowers on this occasion than women. You will be amazed just how many of them come by to take a bouquet. Approximately 73% of them would buy flowers, but there are also 27% of women who bought flowers too.

10. Women purchased most of the gifts on Valentine’s – including for themselves

Facts Relating to Valentines Day

Want to ensure you will have what you like this Valentine’s? In that case, purchase it yourself! A huge 85% on ALL Valentine’s day gift are purchased by women, meaning most of us picks out own’s treat. Well, it overcomes the burden of receiving an ornament we never liked!

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