10 Surprising Facts About the Human Body that Make Absolutely No Sense

The human body is extremely powerful. It has the most clever brain that can keep five times more information than the Britannica Encyclopedia. Our bones are strong compared to steel and compared to animals, and humans are the greatest long-distance runners.

Even humans are extraordinary; there are parts of the body that make absolutely no sense. Example, what’s the use of the male nipples? They’re insanely unattractive and can also be painful.

How about the human appendix? Roughly, it’s a vestigial structure that is 10cm long and makes no sense at all, only causes pain. Below is the list of 12 surprising facts about the human body that make absolutely no sense.

1. Inefficient Sinuses

Human Body that Make Absolutely No Sense

Sinuses are air-filled cavities that assist in fluid and mucus drainage. However, the maxillary sinuses located on the cheekbone drain upward that lead to mucus and fluid build-up, that could possibly cause infection.

2. Genital’s proximity to the rectum

Human Body that Make Absolutely No Sense
This is unhygienic, not just anatomically and aesthetically awkward. The frequent bladder and urinary tract infection may occur due to short urethras.

3. In males, the prostate can only lead to problems

Human Body that Make Absolutely No Sense

In reality, the prostate has a minimal function, which helps secrete a prostatic fluid that increases sperm’s survival. Unfortunately, the prostate has a higher chance for cancer development and in the end, will be advised to remove.

The prostate contributes nothing in reproduction and survival. Most men will be happy with 1% less sperm rather than suffer 15 mins when urinating during their last 30 or 40 years of years

4. Birth Canal that is extremely narrow

Human Body that Make Absolutely No Sense
Women have a birth canal that’s unreasonably narrow which makes delivery painful and becomes risky to the child and mother.

5. Multifunctional Genitals

Human Body that Make Absolutely No Sense

Our genitals perform multiple functions however, it’s pretty unhygienic. Sexual intercourse for women may lead to UTIs since it further pushes the bacteria to the urethra. Men and women can get UTIs from mycoplasma and chlamydia. Additionally, babies also pass through the vagina, which is part of women’s genitals.

6. Narrow Pelvis

Human Body that Make Absolutely No Sense
Instead of easing the pain of giving birth, a narrow pelvis width makes the situation difficult. This hasn’t changed for over 200,000 years as per scientific estimations.

7. Men have nipples that are unnecessary

Human Body that Make Absolutely No Sense

Specifically, in utero, nipples only remind people that gender is clear cut. Everyone starts off as a woman in the womb, whatever your gender is. However, men worldwide won’t need these nipples for their entire lives.

8. Ectopic Pregnancy

Human Body that Make Absolutely No Sense
An ectopic pregnancy happens when egg fertilization occurs in the cervix, ovary, or fallopian tube instead in the uterus. Before modern surgery was made, an ectopic pregnancy is fetal to the child and mother. Nowadays, the baby needs to be aborted for the mother’s life to be saved.

9. Exposed Testicles

Human Body that Make Absolutely No Sense
Testicles are organs that are life-giving and located outside the men’s body. Since it’s located outside, it sometimes leads to a painful situation. The testicles need to have a cooler temperature compared to the temperature inside the man’s body to produce sperm. However, it would save men from painful situation if it’s located inside.

10. Appendix

Human Body that Make Absolutely No Sense
Even though you don’t know the list above, I’m sure you already heard about this useless organ. As of now, the vestigial organ, the appendix, doesn’t have any purpose even today. An appendix can rupture, get infected, and inflamed. An expensive thing to pay for nothing!

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