10 Things about Narendra Modi’s life we know

A year has passed, but the NaMo storm still persists. In 2014, a small town boy, Narendra Damodar Modi, took the land of 1.2 billion Indians by storm while courageously fighting to make his way towards the Prime Minister’s crown. That storm hasn’t come to a halt yet.

Modi ignited the candle of hope and aspiration in the heart of the hopeless citizens. Every Indian saw assurance in his determined eyes. They believed he would bring the long pending changes and development that the country deserves. A year ago, NaMo promised the citizens that he would make India shine on the world map. The route towards this promise has been tough. But his dedication and sincerity has not let the flame of hope die.

Without a break, Modi has drained sweat of hard work to fuel the country towards success and achievements. In 13 month’s time, Narendra Modi has visited 18 countries across the globe to make tie-ups and deals that would benefit India. Even inside the country he initiated Make In India, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, Jaan Dhaan Yojana and other such schemes to eradicate the difficulties of common men.



Modi is a common face in the media due to his success stories and incredible work. In his interviews, he has repeatedly dedicated his achievements and knowledge to his life experiences. The story of a chaiwala to Prime Minister was jammed with hurdles and burdens; however, it is a huge inspiration for every individual in this country and abroad.

Here are some glimpses from NaMo’s life, that you should know–

10. Patriot from the heart.

Narendra Modi

Modi was born with noble intentions to serve people. Way before his entry into politics, in 1965, during Indo-Pak war, the 15-year-old Modi served the soldiers going for the war at the railway stations. Two years later, in 1967, he also participated in distributing food to the sufferers after the devastating Gujarat Flood.

9. Always in Fashion.

Narendra Modi

Modi admits he has good eyes for fashion. He is pitch-perfect during all public appearances with trimmed facial hair and perfectly set attires. His favorite clothing brand is Jade Blue of Ahmadabad. His style also reflects in his voice. Modi displays strength and motivation in all his public speaking. Modi spent 3 months in a course at United States of America on public relationship and image management, which has helped improve his persona. People have credited this as a reason behind his immense success in the field of politics.

8. Workaholism.

Narendra Modi

Modi is completely obsessed with his work. He doesn’t mind spending his entire days working in the office. Three to five hours of sleep is all he requires to charge up. In interviews, NaMo has mentioned that he wakes up at 5.30 in the morning, no matter when he hits the bed.

7. Hobbies: Poetry and Photography.

Narendra Modi

NaMo loves poetry and has published around 2 Gujrati books. He is hugely influenced by Hindutva icons, which can be seen from his writings. Modi is a great fan of Swami Vivekanada, and has incorporated many of Swami Ji’s teachings into his life.

Photography is also one of his passions. NaMo held an exhibition for the same few years back.

6. Childhood venture at Himalaya.

Narendra Modi

In his young ages, Modi wanted to be a saint as he was fascinated by Sadhus and their lifestyles. He ran away from home to adopt such a lifestyle when he was a teen. Initially, he roamed around many places including West Bengal, but later settled in Himalayas. Modi stayed at Himalayas for 2 years with Yogi Sadhu before returning to his hometown. Today, he still remains a sadhu by heart which is reflected by his living style. Modi is a vegetarian and stays away from drinking and smoking. His determination of dedicating an entire day for Yoga in the form of International Yoga Day, restates his inclination towards this form.

5. Tea Seller.

Narendra Modi

After returning from Himalayas, Modi worked as a chaiwala or tea seller with his brother at the railway station for two years. Modi has mentioned it in many of his interviews, dedicating his determination and wisdom to the tough experiences and hardship that he went through during these years.

4. Mother’s boy.

Narendra Modi

After being declared as the Prime Minister, Modi immediately visited his mother for blessing. Modi shares the closest relationship with his mother. Before any other big endeavors in life, he always seeks for her blessings. Modi is not a people’s person in his personal life. He works with a small team of personal staffs comprising of 3-4 members and none of his family members are in politics.

3. Technology Freak.

Narendra Modi

Keeping up with the new generation’s trend, NaMo has adapted the craze of selfies and tweets. He has made a place in the hearts of the young Indians with the overwhelming figure of 13 million followers on twitter. Modi bags the prestige of being the most popular politician of the country on all social media platforms. Technology is his way of connecting with the citizens. Every morning he wakes up to tweets in order to get informed about the negatives and positives relating to the governance.

In the past, as the chief minister of Gujarat, in his visit to Japan he took a ride on bullet train. During his journey, Modi sportingly spent 15-20 minutes playing video games with a little girl who greeted him on the train.

2. Marriage.

Narendra Modi

Modi has never talked openly about his relationship status. His status remained a huge mystery until the time he declared in his election affidavit. Modi’s wife Jashodaven is a retired school teacher. They got married in their teenhood at the age of 18. In few years, Modi got busy in his political life and they separated. After that Modi lived as a bachelor, dedicating his entire time and concentration on work. Jashodaven also remained single for her life.

1. Modi-fying Gujarat.

Narendra Modi

NaMo was elected as the Chief Minister of Gujarat for 3 times in a row. Through his passion, dedication, honesty and sincerity, Modi transformed the state, making it shine on the world map. Here is a list of some magnifying changes that Gujarat experienced under the reign of NaMo:

  • Gandhinagar was named has the Greenest Capital City in Asia.
  • Surat became the fastest growing city in the world, grabbing the attention of many foreign investors for their business investments.
  • In 2010, Gujarat bagged the “second best state government in the world” award by United Nations (UN).
  • Before Modi took over Gujarat, the state was under the debt of 50,000 crore from World Bank. Due to the immense development in his leadership period, Gujarat has successfully deposited 1 lakh crore in the bank.
  • Security of women increased drastically in Gujarat, making it the “2nd least crime against women” state of the nation.

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