10 Things Every 90’s Child would Relate to

90’s have been the time for all those kids who have been very adamant about their television habits, their eating habits and their partying habits. Oh yes, it was one hell of a journey back then. It was a beautiful phase for most of them and for the rest of them was a struggle to run away from parents and watch the next episode of their favorite serial. So here are 10 things that only a 90’s kid would understand:



90s Child

Please go and open your computer. Computer, not laptop and I’m not even kidding, you will find this game you would definitely want to open and once you do, you’ll be clueless for the rest of your life. You will have no idea how to play that game. And no, let it be like that. Its a ritual, if you’re a 90’s kid. And if you haven’t ever explored that game, god knows what to do with you.

PS – Its never too late. Relive those moments.


90s Child

We have done the most ridiculous things in classrooms. Thanks to some teachers making our lectures too boring for us, only US, could come up with ideas like these. Tipy-tipy-tap oh god. You have no idea how amazing it feels to be able to win these godforsaken games. And, name place animal thing. It’s a forever kind of thing.
Wait, did you forget Chinese whisper? Don’t. Because that’s how we kids have learned bad words.


90s Child

Oh, they used to be high-tech music players for us. Irrespective of the quality, we always danced to the music that came out of those cassettes. Oh, it was a beautiful feeling to own them. Yes, those times when there were music players that had a radio and cassette player. It was amazing to own one of those too. Your friends would come over a praise you for owning such an amazing piece of technology. You were the boss then.


90s Child

It’s true, kids watch the same cartoons these days. But the difference is in the stories.Nowadays, it’s mostly new stories and they’re all repeated. There isn’t that enthusiasm to watch these cartoons anymore than for the ones we had when we were kids. Oh yes, Johnny Bravo was Johnny Bravo for the 90’s kids. He was a beauty and so were the power puff girls. Please don’t forget how we used to run back to our homes to sit down and watch Noddy and Pinguu. Oh those days were amazing. Pinguu doesn’t come anymore, oh how much we all used to enjoy it. It didn’t have any language. We understood Penguin language too. Nor does Kitty. Those were good days!


90s Child

We still see those fancy multi-ink pens and go all gaga over them. Yes, all 90s kids have gone through that phase of decorating everything. Multi-colored notebooks and pens, pencils and erasers of different shapes and sizes were beautiful. All of us have experienced that one phase in life. Oh and remember those thick pens which had so many different colors on them? It was such a great feeling to write with those. And draw. Everywhere.


90s Child

We’ve all grown up watching a few movies. And we’ve all been used to these movies to levels where we started believing that this is what life is about. Let’s get into Bollywood first. Oh yes, you got me right. DDLJ was a hit in our lives. We’ve grown up hearing about Raj and Simran and it still hasn’t changed. It was a beautiful twist in our lives. Everyone in the 90’s would know that if their friend’s name was Simran or Raj, they were made for some other Simran and Raj. Oh, how we’ve done some couple-bonding back then.


90s Child

How can you forget these? Those pink colored fancy candies that tasted like cotton candy. They were the best ones back then. Kids used to die for that one piece of pink candy. The girls used to run away from their places to buy that candy. And yes they used to get it to school also the next day, of course, they did. They used to flaunt that candy and make other people jealous. Never liked them. Never.
Ps – they were really cheap. And so were the girls sometimes. They literally used to put it on their lips to see how they would look.


90s Child

Every Indian parent has done this one great thing for their kids on their birthdays. DESIGNED A KHOYA BAG.
For all those who don’t know what that is, khoya bag is a bag full of things which kids would kill each other for. Things like pencils and pens and sharpeners and all sorts of stationary. And well, therm-a-col balls. They used to swallow that too. No, not exaggerating here.
So these bags used to be on top of the cake mostly and the parents used to make the kids stand right under it with all that they could get to just grab those things inside that. There were beautiful candies, including the lipstick ones and there were things that would help us in our daily lives. Like bubble gum. Hey, it did help us.


90s Child

This is what defines a typical INDIAN 90S KID. Yes, that’s written in all caps. Even the number, of course, you can’t see it. This serial was one hell of an ‘hour long magic show.’ Everything bad that ever happened to you that day, this serial was the solution to it. This girl named Frooti and her magic diamond ball, the gang and the entire fairyland. She used to rub the ring and woosh came the two magicians (the angels of the show) and made her life amazing. I bet you remember the magic spell ( ittu bittu jhim patuta! ) No that’s never happening again. The show got so popular among the kids that that is what they watched all the time.
Ps – this show was one show that would help children finish their food. 90’s kids, and their parents would surely get this.


90s Child

This was one song all the girls have danced to. Be it in school functions, weddings, pre-weddings, classrooms, gardens, parties, etc. This song has been with us since forever and this song is still danced on by all the girls of today’s generation too. But oh what a feeling it was to have danced on this song. It actually felt like these kids were in the 90’s. And then we watched the video on YouTube….

Ahh, the life we lived!

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