10 Things that Husbands Want from their Wives

No wonder that sex is one of the things that men look forward to on their marriage. Aside from sexual and emotional needs, there are still other things that men want from their partners.

Men don’t often express what they really want or need, they usually keep it to themselves. In situations like they’re obliged to tend to their spouse’s financial needs though she makes more money or working with dual-income to contribute to the household. Pressure affects relationships through this kind of instances. So understanding your husband’s inner world will help you to open up a world of opportunity and understanding.

1. Trusting His Capabilities

Things that Husbands Want from their Wives
Providing and protecting the ones they love is what most men think is essential. Make him realize that you believe and trust his skills, his talents and that you’re there to support him. Encouraging him means more to him than anything.

One essential thing to do is never make him feel like a young boy, but instead, make him feel like a MAN. See what causes him to tick by allowing them to take control. For example, when you go out, let him decide for you, like the food that you will eat, let him be in charge. This small thing establishes trust between the two of you and allows him to be responsible in your relationship.

2. Affection

Things that Husbands Want from their Wives
Although sex is essential in most men, they still long for more affection. Hold his hands while walking outside, giving him a massage, or sending him love messages through his voicemail. It doesn’t matter what form of affection wives are showing their husbands because these actions really warm their heart.

Do something else to show him that you really care by being more affectionate. Saying the words “I love you”, comforting him when he feels uncertain, and apologizing when things don’t go right. A surprise kiss would be nice and some romantic advances, too! Make a move and try something new emotionally and romantically to discover what makes him feel complete. Here’s how to add romance to your relationship.

3. Understanding Him

Things that Husbands Want from their Wives
Men want to see that you understand them. They like to settle problems and they’re usually more logical. This has importance and sets harmony between women who are more emotional generally and abreast in what they feel.

Understanding each other can be manifested by constant communication. Make a regular 20 minutes conversation wherein both of you can ask positive questions to each other. Talking about things like the favorite date you ever had together, what draws you to each other, or knowing your spouse’s favorite quality.

4. Trust

Things that Husbands Want from their Wives
Trust is the fundamental basis for the success of your marriage. Communication, honesty, fair fighting is the foundation in building trust to have a healthy relationship. Trust is built through time. Throughout the years, both of you will discover how to be yourself, uphold your promises, demonstrate your love, and be appreciative of one another.

If you are in doubt of your husband and having difficulty in trusting him, ask for counseling and never get involved in spying or infidelity.

5. Acceptance

Things that Husbands Want from their Wives
Accepting who and what we are and not changing anything about us is what we all wanted. Husbands are often angered and offended whenever their spouses try to make them change. If it’s about their safety and health, it’s reasonable, but if it’s their outermost characteristic then, it is not imperative.

Show him that you accept him whatever he is now by:
Knowing his flaws but still loving him.
Learning how to accept who you are so that you can also accept your spouse.
Being at ease with how you differ from our spouses.
Undertake in agreeing to disagree during fights.
Let it go when different opinions, politics, or activities are brought up.

6. Affirmation and Appreciation

Things that Husbands Want from their Wives

They like being patted on their back. Complimenting your spouse time and again is one way of showing this. Instead of exaggerating it, be sure that it’s genuine and occasional throughout the weeks.

Carry out simple things just like:
Make them feel that you appreciate all his hardships.
Show gratitude for how he tends for the family.
Brush a kiss and say how much you admire him.

7. Small talks

Things that Husbands Want from their Wives
Don’t force them to have a chat, especially if they’re really not in the mood, or when he’s tired, or he’s taking part in a project. It’s in a woman’s nature to be chatty sometimes that’s why it is important to make time and have a talk with your partner. Consider other ways to express yourself to other members of the family, friends, or by means of other ways like online forums, art or journaling.

Nobody wants to have a relationship wherein the two of you never speaks. Communication is essential in a relationship especially if you’d want to express yourself, talk to him and even getting intimate, asking if he’s into it. If he’s occupied, you can always plan some other time so that the two of you can be back on the same track.

8. Respect

Things that Husbands Want from their Wives
Having a memorable and loving marriage begins with respect. Listening while he speaks without you interrupting him is among the finest ways that a wife can show her husband the love and respect that she has for him.

Other ways to show your respect:
Refrain from commenting on negative things about his opinions and thoughts.
Put into consideration his forthcoming plans.
Choose not to roll your eyes when you don’t agree with him.
Overall, just be positive, be considerate on his desires, his needs and be thankful.

9. Free Time

Things that Husbands Want from their Wives
Most of us want to spend quiet time all alone, to re-energize, reconnect and regroup with themselves.
Once your husband reaches home, let him be by himself to unwind, relax without asking questions or any chatting. During his rest day, be cautious of his itinerary by not arranging plenty of activities. If you’d like to spend a weekend with your spouse, give a thought on choosing a day during the weekend, or plan on alternate weekends.

10. Companionship

Things that Husbands Want from their Wives
Hopefully, you could speak to him not just as your lover but as your friend too. Keeping friendship and companionship the whole time requires you to find ways of making valuable time together and new experiences.

To tie the knot with your best friend means that both of you should also be cautious of how you speak with one another, pleasing each other by making little sacrifices, and never undervalue him. Use nice works, show him how grateful you are every day, and prefer watching his favorite sports game rather than your go-to show.

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