10 Things that Used to be Taboo but not so much today

When the feeble minds of a society can no longer accept a change, idea or a revolution, they ban it. They make it a taboo and frown upon anyone caught practicing it. As per the web, taboo is a religious or societal act of prohibiting some practice that they think is not appropriate. But change is inevitable. That is why these taboos are melting away like a lump of sugar thus, making the world a better place to live in. We are headed to a brave new world where we shed our thick skins, judgmental minds and hypocrisy. Here is a list of 10 things that used to be a taboo but are not so much today.  For many younger people, you may not even believe that these things used to be taboo.


Lesbian-Gays-Transgender-Bisexual: four lifestyle changes that were once considered a taboo in the society. People are slowly realizing that everyone has a right to love whoever they want. Coming out of closet is no more a shameful act. It took many years of struggle from the LGTB community to organize gay pride rallies and garner the love and support of people. Many countries have legalized it. The common misconceptions revolving around gays have changed. From being the comical and effeminate characters on TV we have progressed towards showing them in a proper light- Orange is the New Black, Modern Family, Scandal, Greys anatomy- they have the best LGTB characters on TV screen. Need I say more?

things that used to be taboo


Menstruation is a monthly-bleeding cycle every woman goes through till she hits menopause.
But, it is considered an unclean and a disgusting cycle and during this week the woman is considered an outcast. Women in the early years were shy to talk about this process with any male, let alone their fathers. The process although being natural, is still considered religiously unacceptable, unclean and the woman is restricted entry from religious places during her menstrual cycle. Even the advertisements are so socially awkward in telecasting blood stains that they prefer using a blue colored liquid to show the absorption limit of sanitary napkin. With adequate sex education and a broader mindset, this taboo is finally seeing an end and people are accepting it as a natural process and without any embarrassment and side lining.

things that used to be taboo

8.Visible bra straps

Your Beautiful expensive Bra straps couldn’t have played peek-a-boo, had you belonged to the past eras. Back then, they were just UNDERWEAR, some things that are better kept off as a secret. But today it is a fashion statement. Girls roam around showing off their colorful bra straps gracefully and I double dare you to mock at the revelation. Back then, the woman’s skin, her body, everything was preserved for her man and all the exposure was allowed just till the walls of their bedroom. Today, even lingerie, swimsuit, crop tops are quite an acceptable thing for dressing to the comfort and personal satisfaction is the mantra. So people who judge, can keep judging, the women will have it their way.

things that used to be taboo


Love getting inked? Ah then you are better off to live in the present world, a modern creative, appreciating world of this art form. People get themselves inked with the things they want to hold on forever. Err; the society wouldn’t want you to be linked to any such thing, at least by getting inked. Tattoos were widely known to be flaunted by the lewd lot of the society, the rowdy, the prisoners, the harlots to be specific. But now it is known as a mark of individuality, a way of publicly as well as privately expressing one’s ideology about life or his interests or beliefs.

things that used to be taboo

6.Women keeping their Maiden name

When a girl gets married, she has to move physically and mentally, accepted. The title changes from Miss to Mrs., accepted. One thing which she can now choose to reject is changing her surname. She won’t have to go through the trouble of changing names on all the official documents. Women have started to realize, marriage is not just about the society’s norms and practices, it is about her new life. If she today has the right to choose her partner, she can also choose to keep her maiden name. A name that she identifies to, something that had given her individuality all her life, if she chooses to stick to it, The society should make peace with it.

things that used to be taboo

4.Inter Racial Marriage

What is race? Race is humanity but in general it is overshadowed by the skin color, cultures, cuisines, demography and what not. And this makes us racist. We used to live our lives with the taboo of racism. We chose to love particularly the people of our race to conform to the pressures of society and to play it safe. In present times, things have changed for good. Love has no color, no race. Mingling with people differing in colors is no longer frowned upon. You choose for your own self, if it is the person you want or their skin color. Interracial marriages are no longer a taboo, in the reel as well as real world. Equality and unconditional love is celebrated worldwide and also, a perfect blend of two cultures would always be a blessing to the society.

things that used to be taboo

4.Women dressing in men’s clothes

Things weren’t this same always. There were changes and then there were tremendous changes. Women were considered the delicate, weaker section made to dress beautifully, and to be covered to avoid the lust of the man. The comfort of the women was something that wasn’t on the top of the list back then. To walk smooth, to talk low, and to dress gracefully- these were the stereotypical image of the women. And then came the time to change- to dress more comfortably, to be careless and to travel with the wind, to dance around in happiness and to laugh out loud for the world to hear. Woman took a big leap from skirts, frocks, dresses, to jeans, tops, and shirts to modernize themselves at along with the comfort. Oppositions were faced confidently and today’s dressing style is the result.

things that used to be taboo


Everything has its fair share pros and cons, so does a marriage. There would be ups and downs and the partners will have to solve it in order to get back to their happy fairytale marriage. But, what if their match was a mere mistake, a mistake which took so long to be identified and their marriage was self destructing. Today, we have a privilege to leave the partner, physically, mentally and even legally and to start a new life, be it alone or with someone worth all our love and efforts. But alas, this privilege is new to this marriage industry. Back then, the marriages were for life, and divorces were considered a sin. The partners had to live a disgraceful life thereafter, waking up daily to the disgust and disappointment of the society and to feel pity for the decision.

things that used to be taboo

2.Premarital sex

Premarital sex means the sexual activity a person is involved in before he/she is married. It can be with the person he/she is getting married or with any other person. It was a taboo once, for it brought a great level of disgrace, shame to the person’s moral values. In many parts of the world it is considered a religious sin to be physically active before marriage and in many a places people look exclusively for virgin partners for they want their better half to be morally upright. But with education stepping into every doorstep and making and showing people a broader perspective to everything, this taboo has finally been eradicated to a considerate extent. To love is no sin, and to love physically or emotionally or both is a choice no one should have a say over.

things that used to be taboo

1.Being a Single Parent

In the past people followed a pattern – Be born-go to work-get married-have a child-die. Child never preceded a marriage. But now look at Sushmita Sen. She decided to be a single mother and adopted beautiful kids. Why does society put pressure on people to get married? Is she not living a wholesome life? Not just the case of adoption. If a woman get pregnant and the man refuses to marry her, why cant she live her life as a single parent? Society has slowly begun to embrace the single parents. Even government passed a law which states that a mother can become the guardian of a child if the father has left them.

things that used to be taboo


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