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Wearing spectacles nowadays is trendy but wearing lenses is famous ever since our generation has known what spectacles are. The obvious reason behind wearing these lenses is to hide your flaw along with a bonus of beautiful eyes due availability of color options. Contact lens nowadays is the most convenient way to correct your vision and look glamorous but most of its users are vigilant about the safety of theirs eyes. Eyes are a beautiful gift to us that play a very important role in our lives so checking the usefulness and effectiveness of these eyes time and again is important. With the advancement of technology that has both advantages and disadvantages, we all are blessed to be on the benefited side at least in terms of contact lenses and the uses. All the gorgeous women reading the article would surely agree with me if I say we women are never satisfied with the same look every day we surely need a change not only in the style but also in the way we look. Here are the ways to ensure that you are wearing the right type of lenses and in a right way-


Wear contact lenses after consulting a qualified eye doctor. Always get a contact lens prescription before leaving the clinic to ensure that you buy the right type of lenses. Also maintaining the hygiene, keeping the lenses and the lens cases clean is a good measure to protect your eyes from any damage. Regular check-ups from the doctors will also help you. Our body is our temple so being careless about it is surely not good. Don’t be reluctant to see your doctor regularly.

Contact Lens 9. NO SALIVA PLEASE.

I can really understand that we all are born talented but a Hindi saying says “JISKA KAAM USI KO SAAJE, OR KARE TOH DANKA BAAJE”. Which means one should do only that work we are sure about, incomplete knowledge of anything can be dangerous. So don’t be a “NEEM HAKEEM KHTRA E JAAN” (self-proclaimed DOCTOR) and don’t use saliva as a wetting agent. By using saliva bacterial action going in the mouth is transferred to the lens and then to the eye which is not good indeed. Use the doctors prescribed solutions please. Use the product only if it suits you.

Contact Lens


For all the beautiful ladies, who love wearing eye makeup and use lenses should wear contact lenses before applying the makeup. In case of any problem in wearing lenses, Tears may spoil everything. Change your eye makeup products after every 3 months as the bacteria may get coagulated over the lens and using these lenses might cause problems for you. Don’t choose Money over eyes.

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After a long and a tiring day, all we want is a peaceful sleep and in that situation, no place seems more comfortable than the bed but all the contact lens wearers should remove them before going to bed. Wearing lenses while sleeping is strict “NO-NO”. Whenever we close our eyes wearing the contact lenses Cornea of our Eye is more prone to get caught by the germs. Also while closing our eyes we reduce the amount of oxygen reaching our eyes due to the lens which surely will harm our eyes.

Contact Lens


Attention! There is a new thing on the TO-DO list. A new contact lens case. Yes, again a must do thing if you love wearing contacts. The main challenge that we face is protecting our eyes from getting infected. Proper hygiene is the key to it. So are you changing your contact lens case often? A dirty case can lead to fungal infections even if you diligent about cleaning your contacts. So to all the men with contacts, there is one task in your list and to all the “SHOPOHOLICS” you have got one more reason to roam in the market. Maintain your hygiene start by replacing your old lens cases today!

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Water from Seas, Rivers, Lakes, Oceans and even the tap water can give rise to an organism called ACANTHAMOEBA. This organism can causes various dreadful infections in eyes so wearing contact lenses while swimming or bathing or while doing other water related activities can cause many ANTHAMOEBA eye problems and even if you are lucky enough to be saved by the disease you can lose the lenses in the water as the holding capacity is completely lost due to water.

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While buying the contact lenses one must be careful. Hold it on the tip of your finger to ensure that it forms a cup. Place it close your eyes and look carefully on the inner side of it. If it forms a “U” shape it is correct but if it forms a “U” shape with its edges flared out then buy another one. Wearing a defective lens is a tough job and even if you successfully wear it might bother you badly and can even cause various infections. Prefer branded lenses over local, your eyes are precious. Also be careful while selecting the brand “ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD”.

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Just like there is a right way of doing everything there is a right way of holding the lenses too. Before touching the lens one must ensure that our hands are clean and germs free. We can prefer washing hands to avoid the risk of infections. Also, we should be careful while holding the lens. Don’t touch the inner side of the lens. Place it on your finger in such a way that the outer bulge touches your finger tip. Touching the inner side is unhygienic and can make the contact lens dry which may cause friction leading to irritation.

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Take only that amount of solution in your case which is sufficient for one use and if you are a rookie to the activity give yourself 2-3 days. After wasting the solution for 2-3 days you will get to know the quantity required for one use “after all we learn from our mistakes only!” The reason behind avoiding the usage of the solution that you leave in the lens case is that it loses its disinfectant properties very soon and can itself cause many infections in your eyes. You may think that you are saving money but actually, you are giving rise to many problems for yourself, in turn, wasting your money on something which you could have avoided easily.

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In the fast pace age we all want to look glamourous and that too instantly as we all always lack time, but we forget about the permanent damage that these temporary things are causing. Don’t let these temporary things damage your eyes. If the contacts irritate you remove them as soon as possible. They may cause friction in your eyes. Also, it might be a sign of some infection so don’t avoid it even if you are very busy. Don’t Buy cheap products to save a little amount of money. Buy contacts only from the authorized seller, buying it from any local market would not guarantee the product. Be a perfect buyer to keep your eyes safe.

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  • It was an eye-opener when you said that the contact lens case can actually encourage the growth of fungi, so it is best to have it replaced regularly to avoid the possibility of fungal infection. I already have sensitive eyes as it is, I cannot afford to expose myself in any more danger. It was good that I came across this article since I plan on getting a pair of contact lenses soon. At least now I know what I can do to protect my eyes while wearing them.

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