10 Tips to Woo your Girlfriend on your First Date

You are through with the difficult part. She has accepted your proposal and now you two are together. But the story does not end here. It is from here that your actual grilling really begins. With your actual grilling comes the very first task that is to impress her even more and that too on the first official date that you two would be going to. It is good if you are sensible enough to understand that something special needs to be done. And it is totally understandable if you are at a complete loss of ideas to implement on the same. Under stressful situations as these even the smartest of your lot might tend to lose his cool and out of the box ideas. You need not fret more over that. Here are top 10 tips to woo and swipe her feet from the floor on your first date.

First Date

  1. A nice walk on a beach

A windy weather and a nice walk on the beach with your girlfriend can be a picture perfect idea. It is in open, yet very romantic, in short ideal place for a first date. Coconut water for you and the lady would be a cherry on top of the cake. Just sit on the rocks and enjoy the awe beautiful waves from the shores, with her. If you are blessed by getting to live in a coastal city, then make considerable use of it. Not all are as lucky as you.

First Date

  1. Know about her favorite cuisine

If she loves Chinese food, take her to a nice Chinese restaurant and order her favorite dish. In order to do so, you need to be well aware of her taste and likings.  Often boys like to take their newly made girlfriends to a fancy restaurant hoping to impress her with all the money that they are capable of spending on her. Please, be over cautious in doing so as this trick tends to backfires often. The girl you have started dating might not be dumb so as not to be able to distinguish genuine from pretentious. Don’t go over the top in selecting a place to dine together.

First Date

  1. Bring her a little gift

You need not shower her with a diamond pendant or something equally extravagant. Remember it is your first date and could, by all means, turn into the last one as well. You need to be thoughtful and not showy. You cannot purchase somebody’s affections and emotions with money. Therefore, you ought to be creative on this one.  If you are successful at discovering her favorite cuisine, you must have discovered a whole lot of other favorites too. A simple and good advice would be to make a little list of it. By the process of elimination arrive at what could be the best gift for her after having a good look at the list. If she is a huge fan of animated movies, gift her the best-animated movie that you can think about. And if you fail to think about even one, then resort to Google. The child-like glee in her eyes would tell you that you have done a good job.

First Date

  1. Compliment her on her dress

Well, this is basic courtesy as well as something which would make you earn brownie points in her eyes. If you have been preparing, not leaving any stone unturned in the pursuit of impressing her the best way you can, she has been trying her best too. The cute dress, the killer stilettos, the glossy hair and the flawless look; she certainly has played close attention to impress you. Go ahead and compliment her with the most beautiful words that you have learned all your life. It would make her feel special and that is what your goal should be.

First Date

  1. Be a gentleman

No age is too young or too old to be a gentleman. It is not like you have to attend classes for it. There are some simple yet imperative rules in the book that you need to follow and pay close attention to. If you manage doing so, you would be good to go. Be warm and comforting to her. Try and maintain a direct eye contact while she is making a conversation with you and be wary of your questions.  Do not invade too much into her privacy making weird questions, trying to sound all caring, for that would be anything but caring.

First Date

  1. Flowers

As clichéd as it may sound, but a decent bouquet of flowers holds a charm even today. Be sure to gift her a nice bouquet of lilies or any flower on your first date. It need not be bleeding red rose every time. Make a change and gift her something different. She might be expecting the usual, but here you have a chance to surprise her. This surprise would surely be cherished by your girlfriend. It would imply that you took considerable care to think of something new and refreshing.

First Date

  1. Make a conversation

By making a conversation it does not mean that you have to intrude in her life. This is after all your first date together and she would definitely take time to open up about her life to you. There is no flight that you have to catch, so give yourself and her enough time. Make it not just about the two of you; ask her about her family and friends. If you find her circling around a certain topic with pleasure, inquire about that.  You have to make a conversation and not an interrogation. Your interest in her life would be really pleasing to her.

First Date

  1. Dress nicely

This can be one of your powerful methods to impress her. There is nothing more appealing than a guy being perfectly dressed in the right shirt and the right pants. Adding a little cologne would make you picture perfect. Do not forget to clean your shoes. Of course, you have to choose your clothing keeping in mind the place you would be going to. You cannot put on your formals for a stride on the beach with her.

First Date

  1. Offer to drop her home

It is okay if you could not pick her up from her home, but be sure to drop her back.  No matter what may happen, be sure to insist at least on dropping her.  She might not express it, but she would really be appreciating your initiative. If you do not have a car, you may walk with her. That would give the two of you some solitary moments together.

First Date

  1. Make her laugh

You are not expected to be a good comedian. All you have to do is to make her feel comfortable and keep the situation as light as possible. In order to do so, you may make a funny remark or so during your conversation. Avoid your date from turning into one of those awkward meetings between two strangers. Keep things as cordial as possible.

You never know, very soon you might be taking her out on a second date too!

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