10 Useful Tips to Overcome Sadness and Depression

Depression can be eviscerating. It’s more than just being unhappy which usually sprouts out from a reason while depression is a permeating feeling you can’t get away from. Hope vanishes and the things we once derived pleasure from becoming monotonous chores to us. It isn’t a good idea to tell someone in a similar situation to sort it out on their own. It isn’t that smooth either. Stuck in the same situation? Let’s have a look at some of the probable ways to allay some of the symptoms.


10. Practice circumspection.

Overcome Sadness

A depressed mind ponders over everything that is wrong and that might ever be in the future. Such a negative thought process bolsters gloom and makes it difficult to overcome depression. Focus on the present which is an art that needs to be mastered over time. It is very unnatural of our brain to covet on the present as it is full of thoughts so one needs to practice concentration so as to bring in the mind in line with present thoughts. This could be done with the help of meditation as well. It helps curtail brain’s feedback to the negative emotional stimuli. Begin with deep breathing exercises. Since times immortal, yoga and meditation have been believed to have immense healing powers.


9. Cry

Overcome Sadness

Confused?Studies suggest that crying has a soothing effect on the body as it releases endorphins which are the chemicals in the body responsible for the ‘feel good’ factor. It helps to disseminate pain and wins us support from others which gradually helps us make feel better. However, don’t force yourself to tears if you don’t feel like it. Once you do, don’t sink yourself in it. Know where to put a stop. Excessive cribbing and crying can make situations worse as they keep reminding you of the gloomy state.


8. Exercise.

Overcome Sadness

Exercising might sound to be the most unappealing thing in such days but studies show regular exercise works as an effective antidepressant by striking down the feelings of fatigue and boosting energy levels. Physical activity multiplies mood enhancing neurotransmitters in the body thereby minimizing stress and relieving tension.  It gives you a specific goal to focus on thus distracting you away from your sadness. Besides lifting your mood, exercise keeps you healthy as well.


7. Tune on your music player.

Overcome Sadness

Music is food for the soul. Being all ears to peppy and lively music alters brain chemistry and alleviates your mood. It creates an aura of positive atmosphere thus freeing your brain of negative vibes. It is not a good idea to use music to look back upon the past. It will make situations worse and getting out of the state will appear near to impossible. Avoid music with morose lyrics which remind you of the tragic tales. Listen to enlivening music that brightens up a new spark in you and evokes you to develop an outlook towards a much brighter life.


6. Seek out supportive relationships.

Overcome Sadness

The nature of depression makes you stay isolated however the same can make it arduous to beat depression. One might feel unwilling to communicate even with close friends and family but reaching out to them is the best way you can help yourself. True friends and family are always just a call away. They won’t neglect you for you have been keeping distance because of your worries so cut that feeling out and open your heart out to them. Try and share your feelings with the people you believe in. They might not be able to help you much but being all ears to you will make you feel more loved and cared about. This will keep your spirits high. It is always easy to run from situations and stay in your nutshell but being around people will make you feel less depressed.


5. Adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Overcome Sadness

Depression involves sleep difficulties. Both sleeping more or less affects your mood. Make a sleep schedule and stick to it no matter what. Make sure you expose yourself to adequate sunlight. Be close to Mother Nature. Take an early morning stroll in the garden, spend time in the gardens watching young children play, feel the cool breeze and the birds chirping. Adopt activities which give pleasure like caring for a pet. Indulge in relaxation techniques.


4. Consume a healthy diet.

Overcome Sadness

Aim for a balanced meal pattern which should be low in fat, complex carbohydrates while rich n fruits, vegetable and Omega 3 fatty acids. Avoid foods rich in caffeine, alcohol and chemical preservatives. Feed yourself small frequent meals and don’t try to splash frustration over food. Take chromium supplements as it eases mood swings.  Vitamin B deficiency arouses depression so take B complex vitamins adequately in the diet. Omega 3 fatty acids cause an average 50% decrease in anxiety, sadness and suicidal thoughts. Plan your meals after a considerable thought.


3. Catechize negative feelings.

Overcome Sadness

Let healthy thoughts stand in lieu of negative emotions. Do not bombard yourself with harsh statements and make yourself feel more low and guilty of your condition. Don’t try to aim for perfection. Setting too high standards and then failing to achieve the same crops frustration and mood swings. Try and adopt optimism. Stay connected with positive people. Avoid the people who bring out the stress in you.


2. Forgive others.

Overcome Sadness

Holding on to grudges aggravates anger. The person who we are angry with might be completely ignorant about your feelings and be doing pretty well in their life. Don’t let others rule your life. Someone might have given you trouble but do not let that grief carry on for forever. Forgive people and lighten your heart of past emotions. There is no better revenge than forgiving and moving on. Respond with a smile to those who give you pain. It is rightly said
“When life gives you pain, don’t say why me.. say try me!!”

1.Know when to get professional help.

Overcome Sadness

If your depression gets worse and worse and nothing seems to cheer you up, all efforts go in vain, then it’s the time to seek professional help. Even you receive additional help, keep trying your self-help tips. This will boost your confidence and help you recover faster.


Being pensive is not unhealthy; it is absolutely okay to be sad over things however tagging them along with you for long makes situations worse.  Nothing lasts forever so even the gloomy days shouldn’t. Just maintain an optimistic attitude and try to get over things or people who make you feel low as its consequences don’t affect them it affects you. As a matter of fact, you get to live life just once. Live it your way, don’t let others take hold of it.

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