10 Usual Things that make Women Cry

Blame it on the hormones, but this is a fact widely accepted and observed. Women burst into tears easily as compared to men if looked upon the majority. It is easy to dismiss them as the emotionally weak ones as and when they shed those tears. Not many understand what a woman goes through in her life, be it as a daughter, a sister, a career woman or a wife. She suffers indiscriminately and it is only when the bounds of suffering break that she succumbs to tears. Her tears speak not about her weakness but about her prolonged battle with some dire situation. Here comes a shout to all. It needs to be understood that it is okay to cry and there is nothing defeating about weeping. Here are 10 usual things that can make women cry. Read the following points keeping in mind everything mentioned above.

Women Cry

  1. Sappy movies

Titanic has been the greatest cause of the wells of tears for women who love romantic flicks. Even if you refrain from watching such flicks, try the one mentioned here and see your reaction. Do not forget to carry a box of tissue with you. This is just one clichéd example for there is a vast plethora of such examples. Be it tears welling up in eyes or the uncontrolled wails after seeing a disheartening and sad movie, she is bound to cry. Make no efforts to ease her. That would just be useless.

Women Cry

  1. Weddings

Weddings are happy occasions. The only tragedy is that it turns too happy for the women folk. Seeing the bride walk down the stairs and towards the aisle is enough for the women around to brim with tears. They are simply happy tears or so they say. There might be a whole story behind those tears. Taking the not so popular explanation (you never know) they might be just too jealous of the beautiful bride and cannot suppress that emotion and hence it outpours in tears. There might be other noble reasons too which of course we all are familiar with; the same thinking about their wedding days.

Women Cry

  1. Holding new-born babies

This is certainly one of the most emotionally astounding experiences. Holding a newly born child in your arms would elicit all your tender emotions no matter whether you are a man or a woman. Being a woman it becomes natural to experience motherly feelings on holding a baby even if that baby isn’t yours. So strong are those inherent motherly emotions that it gives rise to a surge of unstoppable tears. How can something so miraculous and angelic not evoke a tearful joy?

Women Cry

  1. Being heartbroken

Sad enough but the fact cannot be escaped that we all undergo heartbreaks in our life. Believing in someone and thinking of a future with them is something that most of the women do in one or the other phase of their life. Seeing those unspoken and precious dreams shattered ceases the existence of something deep within the heart. In worst situations, it leads to the creation of a void that seems unable to be filled ever again. It is in the frustration of filling up that void once again where the source of the sadness lies. Some women manage to put on a brave smile and pretend like nothing ever happened while others openly moan the loss or the heartbreak. Either way, there are tears shed, some noticed and some oblivious to others. Those are tears of remorse of being unable to move on in life while the other person clearly has.

Women Cry

  1. When pampered endlessly

Yes, these evoke the very famous, ‘happy tears’ again. If she is made to feel continually special and pampered, then it is very likely that she would burst into tears. Firstly you would raise a step higher in the list of her favorite persons. She is bound to become emotional on being taken care of very nicely if she is the one having doing that for others since ages. Try taking care of your mother by cooking her meals three times a day, massaging her temples and allowing her to rest. It is not a probability but a surety that she would get all miffed by tears. This might be the only time you hear this. It would be good to make your mother cry but only for the right reasons.

Women Cry

  1. Seeing their best girl cry

Sisterhood is a very precious and adored gift that every girl likes to cherish be it in her early teens or mid-forties. There is always one of those 3 a.m. friends in every girl’s life whom she can revert to in times of emotional crisis and need. Seeing those special girlfriends in crisis is a crisis in itself. It can be one of the most challenging experiences a girl could deal with. Here she has to soothe and take care of that one friend who has been doing so for her since ever. Seeing that best person in tears is enough to leave her in a pool of tears too.

Women Cry

  1. Social messages

Thoughtful social messages being circulated on social networking sites tends to make women emotional too. Often they come across some extraordinary real life story via these platforms that leave them awestruck and overwhelmed. It is a mixed feeling of wonder and often sorrow on reflecting on such stories that make their eyes moist with tears.

Women Cry

  1. Parting with a loved one

Bidding farewell to a loved one can be an emotionally crippling experience. Women might succeed in hiding those tear drops from sliding down their cheeks in public. It is only in solitude that they give in to tears with nobody around to comfort and stop them. It is the fear of leading a life without that special person or not knowing how to carry forward without being dependent on that one individual. Basically, it is the sudden uncertainty that takes a toll on them and leaves them crumbled in tears.

Women Cry

  1. Anger

Women succeed in managing their anger pretty well. It is seldom that they are not able to hold back their fury. The only way then left seems to be is tears. It is good to not hold back your tears if you are feeling a surge of negative emotions swelling up within you. Let go of that anger, be it this way.

Women Cry

  1. Memories

Reflecting upon the sweet sour memories of life so far tends to leave the women folk with dewy eyes. They are good at remembering the utter happiness or the extreme despondency of the moments passed by. It may lead to a sunshine smile on their face or leave a trail of tears running down the cheeks.


Every tear that cascades down her eyes has its own story to tell.



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