10 Ways to Deal with a Breakup for those With a Broken Heart

Yes, bidding adieu does hurt but sometimes we need to let it go. Had everything been in your favor things wouldn’t start to be worse. But giving your life a setback is the worst thing you could do to yourself because YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! Let’s find out how to cope up with heartbreak.

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10. Write down your feelings but don’t ever send it to your ex.

This write up is just for you. Pen down anything and everything that you feel you have gone through over the time you spent with the person, the things left unsaid and how the changing relationship hurt you. It isn’t bad to look back down the memory line and analyze how things have changed for the better. Talk to the paper as if it were your ex. Pour down your feelings without having to think whether what you write is correct or incorrect and what their response would be. Just because it didn’t work out don’t take it to be the worst phase of your life it indeed was important. You might have learned something which you otherwise would never have.

deal breakup

9. Let go of the negative emotions.

There’s no gain in holding on to heartaches, annoyance and bitterness towards the other person. Realize that although you guys couldn’t work it out but there have been some good times too which are absolutely unique to both of you and just because you couldn’t make it this time it doesn’t mean there will never be a next time. Don’t curse yourself or the other person for the split. The reasons for the same could be very reasonable to both of you so instead of putting blame on your shoulders just go free about it and let those negative emotions flee from your mind.

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8. Give everything a thorough thought without obsession.

Procrastinate as much as necessary. Think about all the reasons why you two separated. Sometimes you might not find a very elaborate reason but then there was something which didn’t make it work. You need to see the daylight, realize that you both might have enjoyed staying together for the initial period of time but then if you both didn’t want to save it for the lifetime it would have ended some or the other day in near future. Better sooner than later. It may even help you avoid the same mistakes in your future and make it a brighter one.

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7. Once you’re done, you’re done.

Don’t give your decision a second thought. If you decide to split apart then thinking about all the good times might make you forget the bad ones for which you broke apart. Accept the situation rather than brood upon ‘what if’ statements. Don’t try and analyze your decision for its appropriateness. Had it been incorrect it would have never been made. Just stick to it and keep reminding yourself of why it happened at all.

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6. Keep your distance.

Don’t try to reconnect. Staying friends immediately after the breakup is just not the way to move on. Cut off every single way of contact. No calls, no mails, no messages, no seeing each other’s friends and family. Maintain your space and let go off of everything that would get you two together at least for the initial time. You won’t see each other over time and this will aid you in getting over the person faster because once you meet you go down your memory line and you may altogether forget the reasons of breaking up. Memories can do miracles so just avoid being in touch with the person.  It will be hard to let go again once you get caught in this viscous circle again. If necessary, just limit your meetings to being formal and only ones that are unavoidable.

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5. Confront yourself appropriately.

It’s okay to feel as if in the pits. Accept the shortcomings on your part bravely while on the other hand, it is equally important to discern the fact that you gave your best shot and it’s not just you who made mistakes solely. Do not indulge in activities like alcohol, smoking, intake of antidepressants. They will give you a momentary relief but they can’t heal wounds for an entire lifetime. If not now, then never. Be optimistic and refrain from such activities in order to move on from the grief that you obviously won’t want to tag with you throughout your life.

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4. Talk your heart out with your friends.

Everyone loves to be in the company of those who love them. Talk to your friends and family about it, seek their support, go out with them and see how it makes you happy to be with those who really want you to be. There’s no big healer than love itself. Speak to them about how everything just happened but you two couldn’t stand by each other’s side. Anything you keep to yourself will haunt you forever. Once you speak out what’s inside you, you feel lighter. And that’s what we want.

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3. Avoid the spark of memory.

There can be a heap of things that remind you of your ex may it be a song, a particular show, the smell of his perfume, his favorite brand, some place and the list goes endless. Take a box and pack up all that reminds you of him and you two being together and just let go of those things. Don’t pitch a tent in painful memories. Just let these things be out of sight at least for the time being. You can return back to them, if necessary, once you have completely moved on in life and are over the person you were with. Forget and smile.

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2. Find happiness in other spheres of life.

Keep in mind that a relationship is just one part of life. There are other turn-on’s in life as well. Spend time with family, friends and indulge in activities that you enjoy wholeheartedly, join in hobby classes. Stay busy and do what you love. An end of a relationship doesn’t seize the pleasures of your life.

deal breakup

1. Exercise.

It helps alleviate your mood and it will keep your mind distracted from the situation. Go to the gym or maybe for just a small walk with a friend and try releasing your frustration and anger with every step that you take. Try it out in the early morning if possible. The fresh breeze, the birds chirping and the serenity of that time in itself is an upliftment for your mood.

  1. Farewells are important but their grief must not be kept deep inside your heart for too long. Just get over those memories as fast as you can. What’s gone is gone it won’t come back, however, hard you may try because some things are just not meant to be. Even if the reason was small it did exist.
  2. Keep your dignity instead of feeling pity for yourself. Self-love is the best love. All you need to do is free your mind of all evil and destiny always has something better in store for us.

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