10 Ways to Reach out to an Old Friend

Like old books, old wine and precious antiques, old friends are valuable. No matter how many new friends you are currently surrounded with, your old friends will always have an irreplaceable place in your heart. They are the ones who can truly reflect how much you have changed with the course of time. However, some circumstances in our life compel us to leave our treasured friends, it may be because of the distance or the sour events. But it is never too late to reconnect with your old friends. So you have made up your mind about regaining your lost friendship but if you are wondering how to approach them avoiding all the awkwardness, here are some ways by which you can reach out to your old friends non-awkwardly.

1. Ping them.


Ways to Reach out

Social media is taking over the world like a spider’s web. Today, there is rarely anyone who isn’t aware of the concept unless they are living in the Stone Age. You can reach out a person anywhere on the globe with few clicks. Using social media is the easiest way by which you can connect to your old friends. You can message them asking about how they are doing and soon you will be making plans to meet up with them. It is the perfect way to say a simple “hello” and it won’t seem an out-of-place move. Send them a red notification in their Facebook inbox today!

2. Call them for advice.


Ways to Reach out

If your friend used to be your go-to person, then you need not think much about how to approach them. You can simply call them and ask for some advice concerning your present problems. It will make them feel valued and who will give you better advice than your old pal who knows the most about you. You will be surprised to see that there will be no awkwardness and it will feel same as good old times and voila you have your old life-saver back in your life.

3. “Accidentally” run into them.


Ways to Reach out

So you used to hang around with your friend in the library but life happened and you are no longer in touch with them? If you watch them frequently visiting your old hangout spot, you can pretend to run into them. You can go over to them and act surprised to find them there. Start a conversation about how unexpected it was to find them there and indulge yourself by walking down the memory lane with them. It will save you from the awkwardness of randomly going over to them without a reason.

4. Apologize.


Ways to Reach out

Every relationship goes through trials and often it leads to bitterness which acts as a poison that slowly dissolves great friendships. If you had a major dispute with your friend and that led you both to split ways, you should not look for any auspicious season to apologize to them. It may have been months or years since you last talked to them, but it is never too late to apologize. Chances are that they might themselves be looking for a possibility to mend the bond with you. It is only mature and wise to approach them first and apologize for your mistake and ask them if they can be friends with you again. The burden of guilt that you may have been carrying will lift off your shoulders and you will find peace and revive an old friendship as well.

5. Make plans to go for a walk.


Ways to Reach out

If don’t have any reason to advance towards them, you can simply ask them to go for a walk with you, for old time’s sake. Walking with them will keep you from the awkwardness when you fall short of words. You can cover the gap by simply enjoying the surrounding and walking along with them. It will give you something to do.

6. Invite them to a social gathering.


Ways to Reach out

Parties are a great excuse to rekindle old friendships and revitalize the new ones. If you are invited to a party and are allowed to bring guests with you, don’t think any longer. Call them up and invite them to the gathering. You can introduce them to your new friends and tell your new friends tales from the past. You will end up having a great time and the lively aura of a party will reunite you with your old friend smoothly.

7. It’s your birthday.


Ways to Reach out

Birthdays are great excuses to call an old friend and catching up with each other. If your friend’s birthday is in near future, don’t hesitate to call and remind them that you still think about them. You can later show up at their doorstep and make up for the lost time. It will not seem random and out of the blue.

8. Visit them.


Ways to Reach out

Sometimes, phone calls and texts don’t do justice to the friendship you had with your friend. To revive your friendship, sometimes it takes a gesture big enough to make them realize that they still hold importance for you. Simply go over to their place and tell them that you had some business in the area and thought of coming over and say Hi. It may seem a little out of the place, so you might want to keep an excuse ready in case they ask you further about your “business”.

9. Send them old pictures.


Ways to Reach out

What is the use of those old photographs that you took years ago, if they can’t be used to rekindle old friendships? Dig for the old pictures of you with your friend and send them with a postcard or a letter. In the era where our world revolves around technology and internet, a handwritten letter with your old pictures will give an intimate touch to your gesture and you are sure to receive a call later, telling you how much they appreciated your efforts.

10. Mutual friend.


Ways to Reach out

If any of the above ways do not work for you then you may try reaching out to your friend through a mutual friend. Not all of us are comfortable at approaching people directly and may need assistance from others for the purpose. If you are lucky and you have a mutual friend with whom you are in touch with, you can ask them to help you reach out to your old friend. They can arrange a meetup or they can mention you to them, which may eliminate the possibility of any awkwardness and discomfort.

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