10 Ways to Make your Date Fun, Romantic and Special

“HE WHO HAS THE LOVE HAS THE POWER TO ATTAIN WHATEVER THE HEART DESIRES.” Don’t you feel like having someone whom you can call randomly just to talk whatever you feel like, with whom you can stay silent and still feel satisfied? If yes then just let the love brew up, let the heart demand what it wants, try meeting your loved ones often, try and understand their choices and respect the differences you have, plan surprise dates for them, wait are you thinking of planning one?

I CAN HELP, and if it’s your first then here is a list to make it special.


Make your Date Fun
Not only active but sometimes passive things can be romantic. Holding hands and walking with the chit chat session going in between you guys will act like catalyst for the brewing love. Make these walks memorable. It may be a garden or a beach, your walk can be on grass or on sand but the thing that holds prime importance is the quality time that you guys will get to understand each-other to the deeper level of hearts. After all, dates are all about understanding each other. Oh am I making it boring for you? If yes, then you don’t seem to be a “GIRLY GIRL” or a “ROMANTIC HERO” follower. Why don’t you think about trying cycling together or maybe some beach game it might also help you in kicking off your boredom after your chit-chat session is over.


Make your Date Fun

Unleash the kid in you. Take out the collections of MARIO FOREVER or any other video game you love and just hit it. Set up a table with drinks and food. Be a little competitive and playful. Have bets on the games or maybe the series of games and celebrate the winnings and losings by gulping or slurping something and refresh all those memories you had with your childhood friends. You can even visit each other’s schools and have teasing conversations to end your day on a perfect note.


Make your Date Fun

Plan outdoor trips like short road trips or long drives and make them a session of understanding each other. Ask a lot of questions. Stop at different food joints. Enjoy the local food, get to know about each other’s choice and taste. Have “gol-gappa”(INDIAN SNACK) eating, ice cream eating or maybe a doughnut eating competition or try sharing stuff. Enjoy sunsets with one glass and two straws or maybe a piece of the pie. Enjoy the fresh air and the rains together. You know what, rain dance would be a fabulous idea, according to me, better than clubs! It would even be amazing if one of you acts like a tourist and the other one as “FRIEND, PHILOSOPHER AND GUIDE.”


Make your Date Fun
If your date is an adventure junkie then don’t waste time on planning in-house meet-ups or movies. Try the ultimate adrenaline rush, go bungee-jumping. Ask for an extra harness and just jump, this is the most exciting and energizing date idea. Trust me it will really blow your mind off, and yeah don’t shout too much in your partner’s ear, okay? I hope you don’t want a red cheek immediately after having a flying session, right?


Make your Date Fun

A golden tip for the ladies “THE WAY TO A MAN’S HEART IS THROUGH HIS STOMACH.” But guys that don’t mean that only girls have to cook all the time. Cook for her or even better cook with her. Your special date can be about cooking and baking food together. Kitchens aren’t that boring, guys. Try it with her. Both of you will surely enjoy the time not only in preparations but also in having that “MADE WITH LOVE” food. If you still get bored, be a kid and let the tomatoes, potatoes and onions be that ball and bottle-gourd be the bat and set your field on fire. Bake cakes and cookies together, prepare a feast and celebrate the moments of goodness.


Make your Date Fun

Want to fly, somewhere near the sky, without the wings, so high? Visit a theme park and hit up a ride. Theme parks are not only for kids or teenagers but can be a great place for planning dates too. If you are adventurous, you will surely like this idea. Such places energize us and are good for spending quality time. Water rides offer you a great fun time together and this date would certainly be different from the regular ones.


Make your Date Fun
Be a “knight-in-shining-armour” and don’t let her heart be drowned. Make your girl feel special, place a beautifully decorated table and a floral couch on your rooftop. Have a romantic candle-light dinner along with a comforting conversation. Capture the moments. Click photographs or make short movies. Stargazing lying on the couch with a hot chocolate cup can be like a beautiful dream realized. You can even add on some soothing music to “put a cherry on the cake”.


Make your Date Fun
When it comes to spending time together, there is nothing like being isolated from the world with your loved ones. Want to spend such quality time, without burning a hole in your pocket? Then just transform your home into a theatre.  Switch the lights off, close the theatre curtains, put the projector or television on, grab a packet of popcorn and get some snacks and just enjoy the home matinee. You can even prepare a short movie of your preserved memories and play them on the right time. You can even play the movie after muting it. But make sure that the movie is without subtitles and now try predicting the dialogues or you can make it more interesting by dubbing it according to your wish.


Make your Date Fun
On a chilly evening, sitting near the hearth, singing songs for each other, telling them the heartfelt desires or maybe playing games like truth and dare, is awesome. Maybe it sounds old but it’s not boring old, it’s vintage! You can even play different musical instruments for each other if you know how to play any. Some wine, snowfall, and the fireplace along with barbeque food and some good music is a perfect romantic combination to enjoy your hearth nights together.


Make your Date Fun
Your special date isn’t always about talking or having food together. Sometimes you can just allow the ambiance of the place to do the miracle for you. Go clubbing together, enjoy the ambiance, have beautiful dances together and forget the world, make some everlasting memories. If both of you don’t know how to dance you can even learn it together, pick up something fresh, something new. Add on a talent to your list. These things really boost up your chemistry and if they didn’t work here, you’ll have future help!

If these ideas work, do thank me and give the credits to me, after all they are my ideas (kidding!). All the best. Go ahead and make beautiful romantic memories.

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  • Half of these are completely useless. No girl in her right mind would jump in a car for a road trip with a complete stranger, are you serious? Or coming straight over to play video games, hearth night, or a home theater.

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