11 Best Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags

Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags

Ladies have this common problem: Eye bags! If you don’t know how to eliminate those dark, puffy area around your eyes, now is the best time to do something to vanish them. Below are the 11 best ways to eliminate eye bags:

1. Limit Salt Intake

Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags: Limit Salt Intake

Go easy on the salt shaker! The water always finds its path towards the parts of the body that is deficient in sodium than those with the most. Eye area is usually a primary example, which is why the outcome of a dinner that has loads of salt can be observed in the morning as having puffy eyes.

2. Consider an Eye Cream Regimen

Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags: Consider an eye cream regimen

You can see a lot of creams and lotions in most beauty stores. Give it a try and check if there’s one that’s compatible for you. Avoid this product: Never use an outdated hemorrhoid cream. It may cause skin irritation around the eyes. You might consider using a retinol cream for the eye.

3. Take Charge of Your Allergies

Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags: Take charge of your allergies

Puffy, watery eyes and allergy season are closely associated, but here’s the wonderful news: Those non-prescription drugs that you usually take for colds, sinus infections, or allergies can subside your puffy eyes – as well as your runny nose.

4. Make Use of Neti Pot

Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags: Make use of a neti pot

Neti pot which is similar to a teapot can be used to pour saline water or salt water in the nostril and it drains out the other. It’s odd, but this might aid in flushing out all the excess moisture in the sinuses from colds, infections, or seasonal allergies.

5. Take it easy on Alcoholic Drinks

Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags: Take it  easy on Alcoholic Drinks

Don’t consume too much wine; one glass is enough. Why? Liquor can pull water out from your skin. The delicate area surrounding your eyes probably would sink into pouch-like once weakened. If you happen to get drunk, apply moisturizer around the eye area and drink water too before going to bed.

6. Do Not Smoke

Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags: Do not smoke

Like to have another reason to give up your smoking habit? Smoking makes your facial skin weak and dry. Don’t smoke to prevent yourself from having a droopy, wrinkled eye.

7. Change Your Sleep Posture

Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags: Change your sleep posture

Do you sleep on your side or on your stomach? Those pesky bags might be the result of the accumulation of fluids under the eye area due to gravity. So, try lying on your back and add another pillow beneath your head when you sleep.

8. Remove Makeup Before Going to Bed

Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags: Remove makeup before going to bed

Don’t go to bed while you still have eye makeup. This can cause watery eyes which results in puffiness. Wash face with water and soap to remove gunk or apply a remover night after night.

9. Use Eye Protection for UV Rays

Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags:Use Eye Protection for UV Rays

Protecting our body from sunlight is a must. Do you do the same to your face? Excessive sunlight can cause the skin around the eyes to wrinkle or sag. Cover your face from harmful sun rays by using hats, sunglasses and apply sunscreen. Check out these 10 Tips to Protect Yourself from Extreme Heat.

10. Cooldown Those Eyes

Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags: Cooldown Those Eyes

Are your eyes swollen? Chill those eyes! To ease puffiness, apply a cold pack. Try using chilled tea bags, spoons, or cucumber slices. Whatever it is doesn’t matter – low temperature will do the work.

11. Conceal It

Ways to Eliminate Eye Bags: Conceal it

Are dark circle around the eyes a problem? You may hide them by covering it with a concealer. Pick one that will match your complexion. Don’t rub it, just lightly pat it when you apply.

Have you tried some of these tips before? If you have other ways to vanish those eye bags, feel free to share it with us in the comment section.

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