11 Most Common Mistakes that Travelers do

Knowing the common mistakes when it comes to traveling gives you many advantages, such as giving you lesser expenses and making your trip a lot better than ever! If you want to experience the best trip ever, then check out this list.

1. Not respecting the people’s culture

Mistakes that Travellers do

We can’t escape cultural differences when traveling. Still, you can prevent the hassle and problems you might encounter—looking straight in a stranger’s eyes when talking can be what’s appropriate for you but disrespectful for them. Having enough knowledge about their culture and being respectful and humble can save you from misunderstandings as well as little mess.

2. Travel plan is too big

Mistakes that Travellers do

Planning is essential even in terms of traveling. Preparation and plans for an entire trip are beneficial to allocate the possible costs in your trip. However, this could also be a bad thing for it can limit you from enjoying your trip. There are chances when you see something interesting you want to experience but just can’t because you already have something booked for that time. To have a better trip, plan what you need to plan but give some space for the spontaneous thing you might want to try.

3. Disregarding your surroundings

Mistakes that Travellers do

Traveling usually means going to places you’ve never been, thus being a stranger to a foreign land. When you go to a place, it’s not just the place you’re unfamiliar with, but also the culture and people living in there. Look at your surroundings to know whether what you’ll do is appropriate or not. Having fun is important on a trip, but laughing too loud and cursing with your friends might make the people around you uncomfortable, especially if done in a sacred place. Conducting some research about the place and their culture will prevent you from doing disrespectful and embarrassing things during your trip with a humiliating memory, right?

4. Asking the price beforehand

Mistakes that Travellers do

When it terms to taking a cab, this is a must. Asking a cab to take you to a certain place could cost a lot, especially if you’re not familiar with the place. There’s a great possibility of being demanded to pay a ridiculous amount of fare if they know you’re a traveler. Asking the fare before jumping in a cab can save you from this situation, as well as searching these things first and not acting too much like you’re new in the place.

5. Haggling for a lower price

Mistakes that Travellers do

You might be experienced when it comes to buying, especially when negotiating for a lower price. Even in other countries, numerous markets usually don’t have a fixed price, thus allowing you to save money for other things. However, you should keep in mind that people who sell also have a family to feed and might be struggling to earn income for a living. If you’re not tight on a budget and can actually afford it, you might consider being generous and just negotiating if really needed.

6. Not knowing the language of your travel destination

Mistakes that Travellers do

Prevention is better than cure and so is preparation. When traveling, you must consider all the possible problems that you might encounter, such as getting lost. Yes, you might have enough knowledge and English skills, but not all people can communicate in that language. You can’t also expect people to adjust for your convenience. The only solution for that is to study and learn even just the basic phrases of your travel destination’s language.

7. Packing way too much

Mistakes that Travellers do

This is one of the most common mistakes people still do in terms of traveling. You might get excited, especially when going to your dream place or having your trip for the first time, causing you to pack your favorite clothes or even your entire closet for OOTD. However, packing too much can be burdensome, especially if you don’t have someone to help you with your things. To prevent this mistake, consider the days of your trip as well as its background and climate so you can pack just enough to make your trip a light yet enjoyable one.

8. Not having the right travel insurance

Mistakes that Travelers do

Whether you are young, old, single or have a family already, having travel insurance is still a must. Aside from the cancellation fees it covers, it also allows you to save thousands of dollars due to emergency bills.

9. Not securing or keeping your valuables safe

Mistakes that Travelers do

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when traveling. Keeping your stuff in a safer place is a must, especially since pickpockets are in every country. You wouldn’t want to deal with your wallet, phone or passport being stolen while you are on a trip. That will really kill the mood and the excitement. So make sure to secure your valuables to avoid these things from happening.

10. Not researching about restaurant or hotels

Mistakes that Travellers do

Another smart move most people forget to do is to do some research about the place they will stay at during their trip. It is not just a wise move but also a good investment. It saves you from getting any unpleasant experiences with sickness and insects. You wouldn’t want to stay in a place you are uncomfortable with.

11. Exchanging money

Mistakes that Travellers do

One of the things people are unaware of is when they exchange their cash for foreign currency. The fee for doing this varies in every country. If you are considering making an exchange in the airport, you should know first that they charge a little bit higher than any other place–you might want to think about it and look for some place where you can save money for your trip.

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