11 Simple Steps to Make your Marriage last Forever

Marriages are made in heaven, but working them out has to happen on earth. We scroll to find splitting stories of so many not just around the world but around us too. Guess the question about how complicated it is to work out a marriage will hit the most asked and most liked questioned. And yes, deep down so many hundreds are looking for an answer to this. Marriage is no cake walk even in the most buttered sense. It is a commitment that demands the presence and involvement of both at all times and this is probably what goes wrong after a while between couples. While the first few days are rich in romance and lovely moments together the latter ones lack them all. Somehow the passing days trespass the boundaries of just romance relationship and bring about some tough moments that test the real commitment and become the reason for the break. Here are 11 simple yet effective ways to carve the forever in your marriage.

Marriage last Forever


11. Complimenting each other

While patience and pain is an inevitable part marriage what we miss out in is the complimenting part. Through every stage of growth complimenting has to become an essential part and yes that can work out magic between you and your spouse. Even the slightest gestures can make a huge difference. Never take each other for granted at any circumstance. A marriage does not mean you own the person so hold a genuine and beautiful bond with your partner.  A word of compliment can dissolve unnecessary dramatics that are on their way for an outburst. It will also light up some cute romance, for compliments always make you feel special.

Marriage last Forever


10. Intimacy

Lack of intimacy sometimes gives out the wrong message that the person is not interested in the marriage or the partner anymore. The thick layer of romance at the beginning of your marriage will begin to thin down eventually. But don’t let the fire burn down. Light it up once in a while with some lovely moments with your partners. Take and give what both of you feel comfortable about and make sure the time is very special without any disturbance. This will tell your loved one how special they are in your life. Remember if there has been a drought for long it is very essential that you seek assistance.

Marriage last Forever

9. Some family time

Put your marriage and family first. It never means having to give up on goals. Small changes in your everyday behavior can change a lot. Apologize immediately when you realize it is your mistake. And make sure your apology is sincere and not just for the sake of it so you both can move on with your whole heart. Also making room for your family even in your busy schedule will make your spouse and family move close to you.


Marriage last Forever

8. Communicate

This is the simplest yet less followed method for working out a beautiful marriage. It is okay if it will lead to a fight but keeping things away from each other and lacking communication will have long term effects. Expressing your concerns will help the person look at the issue from your angle. Also have conversations once in a while about the times you did not know your spouse. Sometimes ask your spouse about their childhood dreams, etc,. which will help you know them more and better. Also, share things about you so your spouse will feel important in your life. There is no better way to express than words so handle them will.

Marriage last Forever

7. Fight Fair

Couples fight by bringing up things that happened too long back to even remember its happening. This will only take the fight to a bigger level. Also bringing up unnecessary and irrelevant things will fuel the fight in the wrong direction. Avoid using terms like ‘always’ or ‘never’ to accuse your partner because the conversation turns out completely irrational then. Fight Fair. Also, keep your conversation on track and move towards finding a solution rather than brooding over the mistakes over and over.

Marriage last Forever


6. Take out some couple time

Yes, a couple time irrespective of how old you grow will strengthen the bond beyond imagination. A date night once in a while will sure be magical for both of you. Make sure you make them feel special. Or frankly, even a simple evening walk on a holiday can make a huge difference. Cooking together can bring you both closer. It will establish and nice and healthy relationship and love between you both.

Marriage last Forever

5. Respect each other’s family and bond well

Blending well with your spouse`s family is like a huge gift to them. Many marriages have failed because of lack of respect and consideration for in-laws. Remember they are your family too. So take decisions and consider every aspect in the discussions related to them with care. There are cases where families have given a hard time during the wedding planning. But now that you have come past that stage forgive and move on. Giving a hard time to your spouse complaining about their family is not a good sign.

Marriage last Forever

4. Be financially credible and responsible

Money factors are the most practical face of a marriage. Managing the different money-related matter together will make sure things go fine. Make sure expenditures are necessary and bills are paid on time. But make sure you keep some money for recreational activities once in a while. Saving is important yet some money for yourself and your beloved ones is equally essential. And most importantly be financially honest with each other.

Marriage last Forever


3. Respecting your marriage

No matter how hard your marriage can get having an affair might seem like a solution but it isn`t. Think about your family- children and your lovely spouse once before you get into an affair. Decide whether you want to stay in or out of the marriage. Duplicity is insulting your marriage and your spouse so never walk into one.

Marriage last Forever

2. Give them their space

Marriage does mean you are a family but your spouse might encourage some personal time with their friends or for themselves. Respect that and offer them space. Forcing your Spouse to consider your family as the only soul place to resort to is not fair. You might bond well with their friends yet a single night out might have an invitation only for them and not you.

Marriage last Forever

1. Small gestures

Leave a small note in your spouse`s lunch bag.  Buy small gifts for them once in a while. It could just be a bouquet but remember it will mean a lot. Send a message in your free time. Saying I love you can break every barrier between you both and spouse. Also on a challenging day text once you have calmed down. It does not mean you have to take the blame. But simply say you want to get through this though phase together.remind them of the time you dated and bring back beautiful memories that you both can enjoy.


Remember the level of happiness cannot measure your marriage’s success. It is how well you can bond and get through as a family supporting each other that will determine the success. If you are reading this you sure love your marriage and want it to last. So make sure you take the steps to do so.

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  • What if you don’t have 10 of the 11 listed things in your marriage. Is it safe to pull out of it?
    I married a man who is inconsiderate,who feels he knows all and nobody not even his mother can talk to him for a change(I didn’t notice this b4 marriage,maybe I was blind). He oppresses me and feels without him I am nothing& cannot survive. He doesn’t compliment me(not my beauty) but like in chores,no matter how hard I complain of tiredness,whatever he wants at that time MUST be given to him else theywouldnt be peace.
    Please I don’t want a reply via email cause my account isn’t safe.

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