12 Awesome Simple Romantic Date Ideas

Who will not like to impress his girl and shower her with the most extravagant gifts available in the market, on their date? All that wooing and courting (be it ancient, but it happens even today, maybe in slightly different terms) surely causes a hole in your pocket and one which will not be forgotten till you undergo yet another event of the same kind. Did it ever occur to you that maybe she is not materialistic and will be impressed even by the simplest of your efforts? However, it is not to be said that you go easy on your efforts. Try and try hard, but this time using a little of your creative instincts. Trust that creative side of yours, put more brains into those efforts and that might just turn out to be your best romantic date idea ever. And even despite putting on your thinking caps if you are not able to come up with much, then you must not worry, for here are some easy on pocket yet romantic ideas that would leave her starry-eyed for sure.

Romantic Date Ideas

Say thanks to your culinary skills 

You basically have nothing left to worry about then. The culinary power rests in your hands. Do not forget to take care of the ambiance; lighted candles and the music of her choice playing in the background is all you need to spice up your romantic dinner date. And for the rest of you, say a yes to cookbooks.

Romantic Date Ideas

A ride together

Did you always enjoy that ride on your bicycle? There is absolutely no reason to not think of it as a nice way to pep up your outing and make it a romantic one. What could be better than taking a nice stride or let us say a bicycle ride on a nice tree covered lane or even a sanctuary? Please do not opt for the busy roads of your locality.

Romantic Date Ideas

Get her sketched

Very frequently you may come across artists who are ready to draw your sketch in no time and that too for very reasonable and pocket-friendly prices. But giving up your narcissistic tendencies you can opt for a sketch of the two of you together. It would a perfect souvenir and would be cherished by both of you equally.

Romantic Date Ideas

Light a paper lantern

If you look forward to ping in something that is a bit magnificent and different then this is your thing. Light a paper lantern together near a river side. Seeing it rise feel the tingle in your heart and listen to what it says. You saw it in movies and you loved it for sure. It’s time to do that in real.

Romantic Date Ideas

Roses are never out of fashion

Buy her a bouquet of roses of different colors like red, yellow as well as white on your initial dates.  This way she won’t be freaked out and intimidated by the daunting red but rather would be pleased seeing the various colors. Go for this option if and if you are aware of the significance of the three colors and their metaphorical meanings.

Romantic Date Ideas

Enjoy the rising sun

Spending the night together becomes a more romantic idea if you are to wake up to the rising sun, together. Get up before those rays kiss you. Witness the beautiful scenario and admire it with the love of your life. Start thinking about it.

Romantic Date Ideas

Good voice is a plus point

Compose a love song for her. Put in all your feelings in those lyrics and sing it out. This would become your most attractive factor and would be approved by your partner. Say what you always wanted to say, in a musical and magical way.

Romantic Date Ideas

Who doesn’t love ice-cream

You love ice-cream, she loves ice-cream. Why not take her out on an ice-cream date. Share a decent scoop on a wintry night. Where you take her to splurge in the creamy delight is entirely your choice. Suit your preferences.

Romantic Date Ideas

A long drive

Long drive on a winter day is just what you need to sooth and rejuvenate your relationship. No need to go anyplace fancy. Just drive around the outskirts and you will notice what a beehive you two were trapped in. That would be some serene quality time.

Romantic Date Ideas

Quotes from classics

If she is into Classic Literature, then this is your best and easiest shot to surprise as well as please her at your date. Make a well-researched collection of quotes from romantic classics of all times. However be aware of the stark tragic ones and go for the quotes that you really understand. They could totally mean something that you never intended to convey.

Romantic Date Ideas

Waltz a little

Open your heart and dance freely with your beloved to the soft tunes of music on the rooftop. Slow, soft, peaceful; it would be all about you two celebrating love and enjoying togetherness.

Romantic Date Ideas

Plant a sapling with her

Plant a tiny little sapling together while out on your date in a pot and take good care of it. There cannot be a sweeter gesture to show your love than to commit yourself to taking care of a budding life together.  If staying apart, you can even gift her a little-potted sapling. It would be a very thoughtful gesture on your behalf.

It all comes down to creating memories and that can be attained keeping in mind the simplest of ways.





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